Creep – Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

When you were here before Couldn’t look you in the eye You’re just like an angel Your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish I was special You’re so very special But I’m a creep I am a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? I […]

Ellen Gives Blake Shelton a Pre-Engagement Gift

We’re back with the former Sexiest Man Alive, Blake Shelton. That’s from UglyDolls. Now which– I couldn’t recognize your voice. Which one were you? [LAUGHS] I swear, so we went to the premiere of the movie, which was last– this– last weekend, and that was I think actually my first scene. And Gwen turned to […]

Ben Platt And Kelly Clarkson Sing An Original Arrangement Of Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’

– With an original arrangement of Bob Dylan’s classic “Make you Feel My Love”, here’s Ben Platt and Miss Kelly Clarkson. (audience cheering) (piano and guitar music) ♪ When the rain is blowing in your face ♪ ♪ And the whole world is on your case ♪ ♪ I could offer you a warm embrace […]

Mike Colter Bonds With Multiracial Family Over Biased Stigmas | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You’ve had mixed reactions from people about Princeton, right? – Yes. – How is that? How do you deal with that? – Well, you know, we get a lot of stares. It’s rare where we’re from to see African American families with Caucasian babies. – Bye. – [Female Guest] (laughs) He’s gone again. And […]

Former Butler To The Royal Family Schools Kelly On Tea Time | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– My next guest knows all too well what it’s like to work for the Royal household. He’s the former royal butler to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. Please welcome Mr. Grant Harold, y’all. (applause) – [Kelly] I mean, what was it like when you first met Prince Charles […]

Biological Father Surprises Family To Thank Them For Adopting His Son | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– I wanna introduce you to a family that went viral for a photoshoot celebrating their youngest son’s adoption. What struck a chord with a lot of people was how multicultural the family is. Here to tell us about it is the Jones-Baldwin family. Y’all, give it up for ’em! (audience cheering) Alright, well, welcome […]

Reba McEntire And Kelly Look Back On Old Family Photos | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– As promised, I found some old photos of you. Are you ready to go through them? – Oh boy. – I’m excited, all right! – All right, let’s see what you got. – Here is the first one. Yes! (audience laughing) Oh my gosh, how old are you there? – I think second grade. […]

The Voice 2017 Chloe Kohanski and Billy Idol – Finale: “White Wedding”

[ Cheers and applause ] [ Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” plays ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ -♪ Hey, little sister, what have you done? ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Hey, little sister, who’s your only one? ♪ ♪♪ -♪ Hey, little sister, who’s your Superman? ♪ ♪ Hey, little sister, who’s the one you want? ♪ -♪ Hey, […]

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Super Private Wedding Details | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You hadn’t actually planned on being here. Your baby brother, Kevin Hart was, ’cause that’s what you call him, your baby brother. – I do. He was supposed to be here, but he was in a car accident weeks ago. So, everything’s good with him now, though, right? – Everything is good. – He’s […]


ela é uma idosa a dúvida é uma idosa da mota já percebeu que era uma velhinha da móoca não parece mas é você falar a turminha quando meus amigos ela fala turminha bem hoje ela me chama ae você viu mocinha ela fala assim comigo agora o valor vai catar coquinho e mais se […]