JianHao's Office Tour 2019

Getting Married | Naomi Neo's Wedding Solemnization

hi guys I am finally back with a new video after two months and I am really sorry for my absence I was trying to take some time off to deal and cope with some personal issues so I hope you guys understand that path and from the title of this video I'm sure you […]

JianHao Tan and Debbie's Wedding

you are my queen my world and forever my everything you and only you let's go I've got my best result you gave the file say thunderstorm and I've been to dark places and I know you have to there's something real going I love you I feel like the luckiest woman then you right […]

11 Types of Students During The Holidays

excuse me you know as everyone it's the holidays go go home holidays what holidays why holidays we shouldn't be having a holidays you know it's four months for exams we should be studying just go home girl go home no it's not your school nobody's gonna cure me it's the holidays okay I've been […]

8 Types of Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong

yeah no Munna no Sarang yeah Caressa nanokarrin a cannot man I told you already I need to go back to the Vietnam Anna I need to help my father do the farming no time for love okay don't wear my family dudes are running for so many yet no more yeah not your pace […]