She is LATE to the WEDDING!

(computer typing) (upbeat music) – It is go time. We are in San Diego right now for one of our best friend’s weddings, Kenzi and Hanz. Lincoln and I were right over here about 15 minutes ago playing cornhole. Hans, who’s the groom, he comes walking by with all of his people and there’s Lincoln […]

Santorini Elopement | Dana Villas | Gabrielle & Richard

my loves my home you are more than I ever imagined you with me you're better than any dream man I've thought of in the past I was wondering Oh where I belong No and I am so grateful he gave me the greatest man I've ever known to be my husband I'm gonna buy […]

What It Takes To Make A Wedding Cake

in culinary school they did a section of pastry and it was the first time where like the butter and the sugar it just felt like home where is everything else I was doing in school it was like not as natural or easy so in the end I guess it found me I didn't […]

This Doughnut Shop Doubles as a Wedding Chapel | BRIDES