jess ♥ life: 5 minimalist decoration tips

Hey Youtube, today I’m gonna do a little lifestyle decoration video because I can. I hope not too many of you will get really bored by this. The point that I wanna make is how to decorate your apartment by using functional minimalist things. I mean, a little bit of it is decoration, but at […]

How to make Tomato Rose – Salad Decoration in Hindi – vegetable carving – Monikazz Kitchen /Recipe 2

Hello Friends. Welcome to Monikazz Fassion. I Monika today will help you learn how to make Tomato Rose. With this you can decorate your salad. See how the Tomato is peeled. Put the Peel as shown to make Tomato Rose. If you like the Video then plz LIKE ….. SHARE….. …..SUBCRIBE MONIKAZZ FASHION.

Princess Elsa and Anna College Dorm Decoration

Princess Elsa and Anna College Dorm Decoration

The Best Halloween Decoration is Totally Free!

You’re watching the Halloween News Network. This is the Frightly Grieving News with Justing Grave. Welcome to the Frightly Evening News–I’m Justin Grave, and I’m thrilled to report that there’s one totally free no-cost, stupendous Halloween decoration that everyone should have, and very few do. Dead Tree branches! Use small ones inside to add to […]

12 DIY Barbie Hacks and Crafts – Barbie Christmas Decorations Ideas

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How to Make GRAVITY DEFYING DECORATIONS | Yeners Cake Tips by Serdar Yener from Yeners Way

hi everybody welcome back to Yeners Cake Tips and thank you for joining me again one way or another we need to use some sort of holders to dry sugar pieces on it in the shape of what we want and some of these holders are already available to buy and if you cannot buy […]


Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates. In this video I’m going to show you a beautiful home tour as well as some really easy Christmas decorating ideas so stay tuned. So I’m going to take you on a tour in one of my very favorite client’s homes and I’m going to point out some really […]

How to Make Decorative Headpins

How to Make Easy Baby Shower Decorations | Parents

Instead of a typical themed baby shower, try taking a more sophisticated approach and just let color be your inspiration. For these projects, you’ll need 3 colors of crepe paper, scissors, string, clear glass vases and votives, small beads, skewers and a hot glue gun. Alright. We’re gonna start with our paper garland. Just cut […]

Interior Decoration – Trend 2018 – Ghar kaise sajaye

Rich and vibrant colors such as orange and dark blue interiors or in the kitchen Concrete cement and different stone made sink. no more traditional ceramic or steel sink Vintage lighting with Edison bulbs or exposed bulbs Lavender and lilac for interior and upholstery Soothing and relaxing Green color for sofa, paintings or decorative items […]