EDGE Chat: Scarlett Harrod, Director, Customer Engagement, ABB FIA Formula E Championship, ABB

– The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is really such a ground breaking endeavor and race series. So, it’s the world’s first fully electric street car racing series. It’s been around and completed five seasons. ABB became the title sponsor in January of 2018 and it’s really been such an exciting opportunity for us to […]


hey guys what's going on your boy mr here from hillier another tire review on the rack okay so today I got a nice set here Firestone destination le 2p to 2560 17 okay now they used to have a Firestone destination L II prior to this le he had a very basic monopod tread […]

Lower cost Destination Travel Trailer RV! Like a house inside!

so hey guys I am still out here at Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids Michigan they have such a big assortment of RVs it's absolutely a candy shop for someone like me who loves to film these things they have so many models that I filmed before like this Sandpiper as you recall I recently […]

HUGE 38' TRAVEL TRAILER RV! Can Sleep 9 plus a huge perk!

what's going on guys I am still out here at Tarrytown RV Supercenter in Grand Rapids Michigan in their indoor facility which is super awesome taking a look at this huge huge Salem travel trailer guys you're not going to want to miss this one be right back so we got to take a look […]

Smallest 18ft TOY HAULER Travel Trailer RV! MUST SEE!

what's going on guys so I am still out here at Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids Michigan and I want to take a look at this really cool and interesting toy hauler so hang tight you're not going to want to miss this one so this is the Rockwood geo pro G 16 th which […]

Testing the Firestone Destination MT2 Tires While Offroading Jeep Rubicons

hi I'm Scott Huntington you might recognize me from now for some reason Firestone decided to fly me down to Virginia to stay at a five-star resort and off-road some jeep rubicon while testing out their new and destination mt two tires now honestly I almost didn't even go I mean I have no experience […]

2 Story Travel Trailer RV! This thing is amazing! Salem Destination Trailer!

what's going on guys I'm still out here at Tarrytown RV and Grand Rapids Michigan I'm in this really nice covered and enclosed warehouse where I can just take all the time I need to look at RVs and travel trailers and even motorhomes so guys we're gonna take a look at some of these […]

Airstream Killers? Tiny Compact Travel Trailer RVs will impress you!

so guys I have been let loose at Tarrytown RV Supercenter here in Grand Rapids Michigan they basically said film anything you want look at anything we have they have a huge assortment of RVs in this warehouse and it's really nice to be out of the Sun and really being able to look at […]