Bridal Beauty Tips for a Great Wedding Smile

Hi, I’m Katrina Szish for Howdini. Today we’re going to talk about how to get a beautiful smile for your wedding. To do that, I’m joined by cosmetic dentist Doctor Brian Cantor. Nice to see you. Nice to see you. So as the big day approaches, a lot of brides worry about their pictures, especially […]

Why We Should Expect Less Of Love

It can feel very weird, and a bit threatening, to talk about taking the pressure off a relationship. Our collective, inherited Romantic culture likes to imagine functioning couples doing more or less everything together and being the centre of each other’s lives. The good couple is, we are told, one in which two people mean […]

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

[GUNFIRE] SUROOSH ALVI: We’re here in Lahore, Pakistan, in the old city. I’m here visiting family. It’s been about three years since I was in the country. And in that time, the country has gone through insane amounts of change– truly full of deep contradictions. On the one hand, you’ve got this progressive side of […]

Try this WEIRD Trick to Look SLIM Instantly – How To Wear Border Saree Perfectly | Anaysa

let me share something personal I’ve one sister she loves to wear border saree but she feels like she looks little fatty in sarees So she asked me for some tricks to look slimmer in saree I’ve done so many Saree videos but today you’ll get surprised to know that using only this thing you […]

What True Love Really Is

The world is sick for a surprisingly modest-sounding reason: we don’t understand love – and yet we are rather convinced that we do. We talk a lot of love of course, but generally in terms of a dizzying rapture lasting a few months focused on someone’s beauty, intelligence and strength. The most convincing discussion of […]

How to Have a Good Conversation

“Old Boy… is it a guy trapped in a room?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah… basically. It has a twist– just wait for the end of it.” It can be painfully rare to end up in a satisfying conversation. A lot of the time, we talk and we listen, but sincere, deep connection eludes us. “Oil, the […]

What our Wedding Vows should Say

We know that we’ve got some slightly… unworkable attitudes to marriage– the divorce rate says it all, and that the problem lies around many of our excessive expectations. To try to counter these, there could be no better place to start than with our marriage vows: moments when we first declare before an audience the […]

Corinne’s Wedding Dress How To!

Hey, Thread Heads. Well, I’m officially a married woman, woo, and I wanted to share with you how I made my DIY wedding dress, just in case you were interested in making your own version of it. It could work for a prom dress. It could work for a wedding dress. It could work for […]

How To Simplify Your Life

It is well understood by good parents that life should only ever get so exciting for a baby: after friends have come around and brought presents and made animated faces, after there has been some cake and some cuddles, after there have been a lot of bright lights and perhaps some songs too, enough is […]