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Revisit Ellen & Portia’s Wedding Day on Their 10th Anniversary

[MUSIC PLAYING] God. You look beautiful. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. [MUSIC – JOSHUA RADIN, “TODAY”] Shoelaces untied. You can dry your eyes. Way your hair lies. Sometimes unrecognized. All the way from Nice today, on a train. Nothing to say but there’s still time. And you are the one I’ve been waiting for […]

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Waiting For Spring (春待つ僕ら) (2018) – Anniversary

The cold winter has passed Today is anniversary Sad things too, I will remember them That’s why today I want to laugh and laugh Multicolored colorful flower Holding it while entering the party Humming song happily ulala Let’s enjoy this day, c’mon What should we say it in a word? There is a perfect word […]

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FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL – 10 KG Full Meals Real Eating Challenge | அறுசுவை உணவோடு ஒரு ஜமாய் |

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman Today we are going to eat 5 Kg mutton bone marrow. Today i’m going to eat mutton ghee roast. Today i placed 40 poori for challenge today i’m feeling satisfied of this much dish. Today we are going to eat mutton biryani. For 2.5 kg and for dad 2.5 […]

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Ontario Honours Bravery of Canadian Heroes

Premier Ford>>It’s an honor to be here today. I salute all the veterans, active service members and cadets with us today. Canadians and Ontarians have proven that our commitment to one another and to our fundamental freedoms is unbreakable. From Cambrai in World War I to Kabul in our recent memory, Canadians have stood fast […]

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