Top 10 Celebrity Gay Couples Married

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Gay Couples Married Designer Michael Kors wed his longtime partner, Lance, in a private ceremony on Dune Beach in 2011 (they got engaged after New York legalized same sex marriage). His statement on the union? Basically the cutest thing ever: “To marry someone as wonderful and special to me as Lance […]

One bride, two makeup looks (plus vitiligo)! East meets West makeup tutorial

as if weddings aren't stressful enough for the bride imagine if you had two weddings within a couple of weeks of each other well that's what's happening to my model today Gemma she wrote to me and asked for some advice about covering vitiligo which she's suffering from and every time she's stressed the vitiligo […]

Natural Holiday Make-Up Look In France | Red Lip Love Paris Edition | Sanne Vloet

hey guys welcome back to new video today I'm going to share my natural holiday makeup look and maybe you know I don't normally wear that much makeup so this holiday makeup look might be slightly different than other looks you have seen on YouTube before so let's get started I like to start off […]