HUGE DONUT vs NiKO BEAR!! Ultimate Family Vacation routine with Dinosaurs, Play Park, and Swimming!


♪ I’m vlogging, it’s boring, I’m Colleen ♪ (audience screaming) – Hey, special reminder that today is the day my lipstick comes out. So make sure to go get it. Go watch the Miranda Sings channel. Why am I talking like Miranda on my vlog channel? Ew, I hate myself. I’m very tired; it’s late. […]

Local History and Genealogy Branch Tour

I’m standing outside Local History & Genealogy which is located on Government Street in downtown Mobile. It’s just East of Broad a couple doors west of the Ben May Main Library. The entrance to LH&G is at the back of the building. That’s also where you park. To get to the parking lot turn on […]

How can I find a job and settle down in New Zealand?

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Challenges & Benefits of Tiny House Living – Couple Shares Experience

Probably about five years ago We became just interested in tiny houses. There wasn’t that much of a movement so much back then or a trend. We just always lived simply so we were looking for how we might live simply in Our next iteration of doing that. And about three years ago We got […]

VAN LIFE TOUR ft. Max & Lee // surfer couple lives in DIY sprinter van conversion

hi guys i’m Lee, I’m from canada and I’m Max and I’m from Australia hello everyone happy Saturday we’re doing a bonus video because the one and only Lee from Max and Lee and Occy is here… she lives in a self converted Sprinter van as well with her partner and their dog and we […]

Breatharian couple, parents of a breatharian child – Akahi & Camila

you so hello Camilla and like a hey how are you doing hello little a pleasure you are really great happy glorious to be here one more day alive in this divine planet ahaha I’m excited to interview and this is a very unusual I would say very out-there topic but it’s very I think […]

Laneway House Tour in Vancouver! | My First House In My Married Life | Love Story

Hi guys! So I just finished like moving all our things to my new house I would love to show you guys this house before we actually leave this house for good so without further ado, let’s have a house tour Come on in! So usually this is the pathway that we will be using […]

OUR APARTMENT TOUR! ✨ First home as a married couple!

Hello it’s Allison! I hope you’re having a super happy day so far I am so excited to finally be filling in our little home a perfect tour I have lived here for over a month now so if you’re new here my name is Austin and I live in Orlando with my husband and […]