hey guys it's Patrick Starr welcome back to my channel I present to you my fifth and final collection sleigh-ride [Applause] [Applause] oh my god I can't believe it is here I feel like I just shot this just yesterday we had shot all the imagery and the collection back in January so it is […]

a much-needed ROOM MAKEOVER (and TOUR)

what's up you guys it's Hannah welcome back to with my channel I guess this is the official start to my room we recreation vlog I was going to make this video just the vlog and then do the room tour in a separate video but I decided to put them both in the same […]

Transforming A Cheap Grocery Store Cake Into A Wedding Cake!

hello everybody and welcome to totally trendy my name is Sam and we actually I just want to show you guys like the office cuz there's been a lot of change at the studio so we're finally getting there here's my desk and then this is gonna be my little craft table and then we […]

Destination Running Episode 5

[Música] [Música] [Música] visitante bien ah [Música] y mucho más d [Aplausos] [Aplausos] por qué [Aplausos] [Aplausos] [Aplausos] normal y yo no no los horrores [Aplausos] [Música] bueno [Música] igual [Música] por esto [Música] [Aplausos] no ah sí [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] o d [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Aplausos] [Música] arriba [Aplausos] [Música] que venga […]

Shocking Punk Rocker Turned Into Stunner | Snog Marry Avoid

PROM PREPARATIONS – £1000 transformation

we are talking about why did to prepare for problem yeah I feel really weird right now like I feel a bit of Fame so I'm really sorry about it I need to film this video um so yeah my prom was a bit ago and I didn't look to prepare for it and life […]

Baby Shower In The Garage?!? | Beautiful DIY decor Transformation | Little Pumpkin Themed

hi everybody welcome back to my channel I am so excited to share this next vlog with you guys I did a baby shower in my garage yes I did and it came out beautiful clam B was to do it inside of my front room like I normally do but I didn't have to […]

prom transformation + vlog 2019

let's describe surprise parties hi guys today is the first step of my prom transformation I'm so so my voice sounds like this I had a party last night and obviously I'm slightly hungover this morning so yeah I sound a bit rough but I'm getting my eyelashes done today and yeah I will possibly […]

Bride Of Chucky – Tiffany Transformation Makeup Tutorial

Oh Oh down the treatise on the girl hey guys so before we start here's the photo of her makeup being shown in the movie this will be our reference guide for our look today the first thing you will need of course is your hair I just bought a blonde wig with black roots […]

We Style Each Other For Under $50 • Ladylike

you are literally just checking yourself out hi everybody hi hi so our friends Chantel Devin and Freddie are actually shooting a huge video this weekend next week so Jen and I were sitting around being like what should we shoot and we talked about it on Twitter and someone sent us a suggestion that […]