Queer Celebs Reveal Their Awkward Prom Stories

my problem was kind of hilarious I went with a very good guy friend of mine and another couple on a double-date and I actually made out with the other guys prom date so technically my prom is pretty great I never got to have a problem this is my first crime I went with […]

Marriage & Incompatibility – Archbishop Fulton Sheen

friends it is evident for the Knights title that it has something to do with marriage and before speaking of incompatibility some very nice compatibles President Harding was once asked at what age he thought that a woman was most beautiful his answer was the age of my wife and I think that the most […]

Apostle Gino Jennings – Dating and School proms

if you want to get it right this is your program that's it if you don't want to get it right you don't want to watch this no believe me you don't want to watch this if you want to stay ignorant you don't want to watch this what's this but if you want to […]

After 21 Years Of Marriage, Candace Cameron Bure Has Finally Revealed The Truth About Her Husband

after 21 years of marriage Candace Cameron Bure has finally revealed the truth about her husband Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure and NHL player Valeri Bure have been married since 1996 that's over two decades spent in holy matrimony what's more on the surface their marriage seems absolutely idyllic with no Affairs no fights […]

Bishop Barron on Marriage and Relationships

Już grecki filozof Arystoteles mówił o "transcendentym trzecim". Oto co miał na myśli: "Przyjaźń będzie trwała tylko wtedy, gdy dwóch przyjaciół zakochają się nie tyle w sobie nawzajem co raczej w trzeciej transcendentnej osobie. W jakimś dobru, które leży poza nimi." Pomyśl o dwóch przyjaciołach, którzy razem kochają swój kraj, którzy razem miłują prawdę, albo […]

Truth or Drink Bridesmaids | Shelbey, Claire & Tiffanie | Truth or Drink | Cut

have you ever been attracted to my fiancee no never I am kick knee and I've known Shelby since we were 10 years old we both go to eat up together and live together I'm Claire and I know these guys just in school I'm the bride 21 September 10 this year so coming up […]

Roommates Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

have you ever heard me have sex or masturbate definitely not sex cuz you don't bring any one of them died like that we live together as platonic roommates great we're roommates I met Kelsey on Craigslist we're born on the same day we have the same amount of letters in our first and last […]

Best Friends Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

would this be over if I threw up on the table I'm Mallory and I'm Jessica we became best friends the day we met because none of us had neither of us let up any friends we have been like really close best friends for the past 15 years I don't believe I've ever taken […]


it's important that as we live out our days we grow in knowledge it's always a mistake to partaking customs and celebrations that we do not know the history of embracing traditions that we do not know the history of can often lead us in celebrating false deities and make us out to be hypocrites […]