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Homekeepers – Dr. David Clarke, Christian Relationship Counselor

How to Catch a Liar (Assuming We Want To)

There’s no question from public opinion polls that people care a lot about the honesty of the person they’re dealing with, whether that’s their doctor or their political leader.  And yet it’s more complex than that.  Often we don’t want to know the truth.

Do you want to find out that your spouse is cheating on […]

My Dad Has Three Wives But He Wants Five

When I was born my dad decided to make me hope. He told me that my birth was a blessing and he gave me a name to reflect that. But hope was something that was missing in my life. In fact I spent most of my childhood feeling unhappy and alone. And the reason for […]

Next Level Engagement in Higher Education

So one of the problems at a large institute like ours is you have a lot of individual players who have the need for data who want to query the community. What you get after a while is survey fatigue. In the past, we probably would have had a town hall meeting or very small […]

Last Day in Delhi: Grace Arranged This Satsang

[Music plays] Last Day in Delhi with Sri Mooji Following the season of Satsangs in Rishikesh, the Delhi Sangha expressed their wish to have one final encounter with Guruji. In short time and with little preparation, a beautiful meeting took place on a hotel rooftop in the midst of bustling ‘Paharganj’. [Music continues playing] [Music […]

The Arrangement 2×09 Promo “Truth” (HD)

(gentle music) – [Kyle] Megan, what is it? – [Megan] I choose you. I choose you. When you said that to me, it was like everything I wanted to hear. I choose you. Did you ever choose me? – [Kyle] Of course. – [Megan] Or were you just playing me all along? – [Kyle] Will […]

Is Remarriage After Divorce a Continual State of Adultery?

Let’s go back the phone lines, talk to Kase in Bowling Green, Missouri listening on the web. Hi Kase. Hey how’s it going. It’s honor to talk to you. Nice to talk to you. I just had a quick question. Sure. Jesus said the only grounds for divorce is adultery in Luke 16:8. He says […]

The Truth About The Ace Family

What do you get when you pair up a college basketball player and an Instagram influencer? A love story for the ages, some adorable kids, and a wildly entertaining social media sensation. Enter The Ace Family, one of the hottest channels on YouTube. Here’s what you probably don’t know about them. “I remember saying, ‘Either […]

Is Masturbation Always a Sin?

We’ll go right back the phone calls. Next up is Jay in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hi Jay! Hello, hello Mr. Hanegraaff, I appreciate your time sir. God bless you. God bless you. Um, my question is– maybe it’s a little uncomfortable but I know that you’ll be good to the Word and you know, find […]