After Ugly Split With Hubby, Omar’s Extended Criminal Record Exposed; Turns Out She Has A Rap Shee

Last week, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) left her husband and moved into a luxury downtown penthouse. And with the rumor mill swirling over multiple reports that Omar married her brother in an apparent case of immigration fraud, the last thing the embattled Congresswoman wants is more public scrutiny on her personal life. But here […]

Top 10 Worst Wedding Dresses That Will Shatter Your Faith In Marriage

Wedding day holds a lot of importance in a woman’s life, anybody doubting this? If you love your life, then don’t! okay jokes apart, everything about the day has to be perfect and the couple leaves no stone unturned to make it the best day of their life. From the décor to food and from […]

Snog Marry Avoid Pierced Goth couple Full episode s01e02 part 1 of 2

One Two three Have You ever Seen Those Girls Who Wear too much Makeup Too Much Bells Tan They Carry Extenders and Daffy Long Nails and Think how Great They look Without it all This is the show for you the Girls of the uk are drowning in Bakery and They Really don’t need it […]


hi guys this city you know the girl who were is basically the same shirt in every video but it's fine anyways today I have some good stuff to share with you that makes me sound like I'm addicted to drugs I'm not talking about drugs I'm talking about prom dresses obviously I saw a […]


hey guys it's Eugenia it's getting its to purpose right now to the holidays and Christmas and all that stuff though I thought today in the spirit of the holidays I would do kind of like a holiday themed video that was kind of some outfits that I think would be cool to wear around […]

10 Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

one thing we all love with wedding dresses whether we're preparing to get married or just like Santa seeing over future plans or one but these wedding dresses will make you cringe with how bad they look so here are the 10 ugliest wedding dresses people actually wore before we begin be sure to leave […]

Bride Wants to Look Like Kate Middleton! | Say Yes to the Dress UK

A BRITISH PROM *grwm + vlog*

Friend Tell's the Bride She Looks Like a Stripper! | Say Yes to the Dress UK