Lord of The Rings: 60th Year Anniversary Edition | Harper Collins – Book Presentation

Hello and welcome to the third episode of Pontus presents stuff. In this episode I will show you the 60th year anniversary edition of lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, so yeah let’s get going so yeah this is the 60th-year anniversary edition by Harper Collins. It was published in 2014 so yeah you […]

CHRiSTMAS MORNiNG!!!! Our Family Routine for Santa, Stockings, Tree, The Presents then Playing!!

▶ Rolex DEEPSEA 44mm vs SEA-DWELLER 50th Anniversary 43mm COMPARISON

Jaztime.com, and today we’re gonna be doing a comparison between the Rolex Deepsea here on my left, reference number 116660, and we’ll be comparing against the newly released Rolex Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary Edition from the Basel World 2017 show. Reference number 126600. We’ll be going over the price, the dials, bezel, case, crowns, bracelets, clasp, […]

CHRiSTMAS EVE NiGHT!! Family Routine getting ready for Santa in Morning! cookie & tree decorating!

How To Make A Fake Dead Body | HALLOWEEN DECORATION! 📍 How To With Kristin

hey guys it’s Kristin so today I’m going to show you how to make this really creepy body bag for just a few dollars this is an awesome way to decorate your yard and for a really cheap price you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations you can make this just […]

How To Make A Spider Web | CHEAP & EASY HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS 📍 How To With Kristin

hey guys is Kristin so today i want to show you a really cheap and fast way to make this awesome spiderweb there’s no reason why you have to spend a ton of money on halloween decorations this only cost probably about three bucks to make and it took about 15 minutes and not only […]

How To Make A Spider Egg Sac | HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS 📍 How To With Kristin

hey guys it’s kristin so today I’m gonna show you how to make this spider sack for halloween for just a few dollars to begin you’re going to cut the legs off of a pair of white pantyhose then you’re going to find something circular so either newspaper a rock or maybe even a foam […]

Unboxing: Factory Sealed Hotwheels 50th Anniversary Master Set

Hey everyone, Keith here and today we are going to be opening this 50th anniversary Hot Wheels collection. You might be wondering, how did we get this 50th anniversary Hot Wheels collection? There are probably over 300 Hot Wheels in here, well we have a bit of a partnership going on with Hot Wheels where […]

Kids Try Their Parents’ Anniversary Dinner | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– You know what like a song you listen to on your anniversary. – [Parents] It’s our anniversary. Ay, – [Parents] Anniversary. (upbeat guitar music) – [Family] Hello! – Well, we could start with… – Yeah. – These two? – These two? – Yes. – Okay break it up. – Do you know how long […]