It’s july 8 our three years strong anniversary three years and we are in Bora, Bora Time to eat time to eat a baby got chicken corn. It smells so good y’all You smell good, and I got this nice good pepperoni pizza, but this is a no average pepperoni pizzas that real-deal pepperoni pizza […]

Australia Said Yes! Vienna invites first honeymooners

Dear friends from Australia! We’re happy to hear that you took a big step towards marriage equality today. In Austria we’re still working on that. Nevertheless, Vienna supports Australia’s forwardness and would like to invite the first same-sex couple which ties the knot in Australia and sends their marriage certificate to to spend an unforgettable […]

Super Gay Anniversary Trip in New Zealand 👭 | Riley and Fiona

♪ Upbeat Music ♪ These are Pāua shells, and when I was a kid in New Zealand, and I lived here, I was like obsessed with Pāua shells. ♪ Upbeat Music ♪ So, we are gonna be in New Zealand for a week, so I wanted to do a little vlog. We have one night […]

[Korea Vlog Ep.2 + Giveaway] the worst surprise, cute cafe, wedding in Seoul

Day 1- Seoul taking KTX from Suncheon to Seou (we took a morning train, so everyone was resting.) Aaron: “I don’t know if they can hear us.” We are going to our Airbnb by metro. hi guys, so we just arrived in Seoul and we got to our Airbnb in Hongdae, and we want to […]

Jenny Suggests The Family Go On Vacation | Season 1 Ep. 7 | BLESS THE HARTS

Family Trip to Dehradun | #Travel #DIML #Camping #Vlog #MyMissAnand #CookWithNisha

To escape from Delhi’s pollution We are going towards Dehradun And there will have lots of fun As the plan was all of a sudden And Anantya’s school got off…So we thought of to move towards nature So, join me and see what fun we are going to have So, do like and subscribe the […]

NiKO in DiSNEYLAND!! Minnie Mouse meets the kids and family for an Ultimate BEST DAY EVER!

NiKO WATER SLIDE! Family Vacation Pool Day Swimming with Kids and… Time Travel??

Packing Hacks & Tips | How to Pack for a Family Vacation | | Cate Trunnell

Packing Hacks, Packing tips, how to pack for vacation if you’re new to my channel then welcome today’s video is a little bit different it’s not a makeup tutorial or beauty related it’s all about how to pack like an adult when my husband & I first started travelling & flying years ago I used […]

Courteney Cox’s Relationship Is Stronger After Ending Engagement

Hi Courteney. Hi, how are you? I’m good. I’m good. So you haven’t been here in four years. Four? I know. Although, we see each other often in different scenarios. I saw you– I went to your house to watch, oh my god, the most incredible comedy special, which you’ve all seen, I’m sure. Yes, […]