Prom Dress Shopping! – Vlog March 26, 2016

10 Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

one thing we all love with wedding dresses whether we're preparing to get married or just like Santa seeing over future plans or one but these wedding dresses will make you cringe with how bad they look so here are the 10 ugliest wedding dresses people actually wore before we begin be sure to leave […]


you started hey guys its Dee hey Keith and we're here with another video but the next week we'll be told you guys would do a video every week and we're doing on every week so this week we're gonna do the twerking challenge don't work cute I'm going to teach my white Beyonce how […]

'Gigil kid' Carlo visits It's Showtime hosts | It's Showitme BidaMan

Colleen's Side of the Surprise Wedding (Day 1594 – 08.15.11)

my name is Gavin Michael Putin and how many days is my mission you meet the people who've inspired my filmmaking career the most every day I'll post the video and it's up to you combined with the power of the worldwide web to help me catch their attention yeah and that that's Maurice for […]

GoPro: Tour de France 2017 – Stage 7 Highlight

PROM 2019 – GRWM & VLOG💗💓💞💘💖

exposed right ignore how awful I look right now because yes I look this bad I just thought when you're having prom I was literally so nervous and that is me right now actually feeling quite nervous I'm just anxious person but like I'm about to go get my hair done I think I'm just […]

Rapinoe, Morgan speak on White House visit upon return to U.S. after World Cup win

yeah I don't want to like necessarily speak for the entire team obviously we all have our own opinions and I'm sure that they'll get shared eventually I've said my piece I don't feel necessarily welcome there and so I don't believe that I will be individually attending I think you know in the past […]