Microsoft HoloLens | Anniversary Update

Welcome to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for HoloLens, our fastest and most reliable version yet. With the Anniversary Update, I’m also happy to announce the Microsoft HoloLens Commercial Suite. Keep all the amazing feedback coming. Keep the Holographic apps coming to our store—the team and I are having a blast playing with them. Thank […]

The Art of Co-Creation: A Storytelling Model for Impact and Engagement | SkollWF 2018

– Good morning everybody. Good morning everyone and welcome to the art of co-creation. I am very excited about this session, not just because of who we have coming to speak, but also the whole concept of co-creation. Storytelling is all about getting proximate and of course proximity is the theme this year, but not […]

3E @ VRX San Francisco 2018 – Tyrone Rubin, SenseVirtual | Th3rdEyeXR

[Music] My name is Tyrone Rubin. I’m the founder of SenseVirtual. We are Africa’s largest virtual reality and augmented reality solutions and experience-creating company. So what makes us unique is we’ve capitalized on South Africa’s unique talent because we were the first to identify people who were exploring Unity and animation, and people who were […]

Couples Try To Defuse A Virtual Reality Bomb

(orchestra music) – There’s a little poison symbol and now there’s like a little timer that’s getting… – I’m looking for wires – redder and redder – in general. That was the only page – Getting it back together. – about wires, only page about wires. – It’s redder and redder, do I go up, […]

Marriage Proposal in Zero Latency Virtual Reality

Kelly is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met she’s kind she’s humble she’s nurturing and loving If there were more people like Kelly the world it would be a better place. I knew that I wanted to marry her as soon as I met her She’s Kelly. So I had an idea […]

Tour England In Beautiful Virtual Reality! 🇬🇧 (360 Video)

Tour Creator- Show people your world

SPEAKER 1: I was born andraised here in Lancaster. SPEAKER 2: It is definitelya big farming community. SPEAKER 3: You see familyfarms everywhere you go. SPEAKER 1: And Ithink it's really cool that we have this opportunityto share our way of life SPEAKER 4: How we'regoing to do this is using a new toolcalled "Tour […]