Taking Down Christmas Decor || How I take down Christmas

Come on in. Welcome to my home. I know it’s sad to see it come down but it’s finally time to take down our Christmas decorations and I am NOT going to lie to you this took place over several days. So if you don’t get your Christmas decorations down all in one day It’s […]


It’s july 8 our three years strong anniversary three years and we are in Bora, Bora Time to eat time to eat a baby got chicken corn. It smells so good y’all You smell good, and I got this nice good pepperoni pizza, but this is a no average pepperoni pizzas that real-deal pepperoni pizza […]

CREEPY DOLL HEAD! Halloween Props & Decorations Walmart

this is very Trembley creepy doll head hi we’re at Walmart and we’re gonna check out all their Halloween stuff come on hey where’s Jillian she’s at home she hurt her leg I said you’re gonna probably noticed by now so what else what’s this oogie-boogie and the hanging clown does he do something yeah […]

Christmas tree decorations Sweden 🇸🇪

I’m sorry I’m sorry I know I haven’t posted in our while I know but it’s December you guys get it it’s December it’s Christmas time and then I’ve been busy working and everything so I’m sorry but here comes at least one video I don’t know I don’t know if I’m going to post […]

Halloween Props & Decorations at Home Depot

I’m a skeleton Jillian likes them we’re here at Home Depot to look at the housing decoration so we’re going to look at let’s go whoa there’s lots of good stuff up there but what we like pressing buttons right what does this guy do Miska would not like that That one’s not working her […]

Pepperkakebaking med eMMa! 🎄 🎁 🎅🏼

Hi guys! Welcome back to my youtube channel! So for today’s video I’m going to be decorating a gingerbread. Or gingerbreads. Yeah, because we have baked some gingerbread and now it’s time for decorations and I really love to do it so let’s go! Okay, so the first thing I think is this Christmas tree […]

Vadlovak – Török Zoltánnal forgattam

Good Morning Good Morning! 80,000 cranes are staying overnight on this lake now. We didn’t really come here for them, but to try to film a fox, rumour has it that it comes out to the cranes. Nature filmmakers need luck in addition to patience. For a good moment you have to be in the […]

Pennywise Jumps! Halloween City Props & Decorations

ooh his hand came out I wasn’t expecting that yeah I just thought it was staying there cuz it what okay Addie’s gonna try it on you can’t see yeah hey do you see that building over there that’s Halloween city let’s go we want to see some things that actually work you’re like staying […]

Indian Weddings – SINGLE vs MARRIED | #Fun #Comedy #Sketch #RolePlay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnad

Today will eat food for free Aren’t you Puttan’s Daughter? have similar face you didn’t got married sit here.. will make you eat food Munna look at her eat well my child Say Namaste to her… she’s Jinda Bhoot’s daughter how will you give birth to young ones if you haven’t eat well Greetings.. plz […]