Injured in Sri Lanka – Local Family Look After Me. 🇱🇰

Yes, yes. This for? Temple, temple, temple. You going to the big temple? Ah, big temple. The very big one? Oh. The Buddha’s Tooth? This one? Yes, yes. Ah, very nice. You go to make merit? Huh? Make merit? You a Buddhist? Oh. Yes, yes. Ah, okay. Good. Today you have school or no school? […]

How Triathletes Can Please Their Spouses

– The NTK has been working on a little bit of a present. (whooshing) – That’s how I ended up getting in touch with Mel. (whooshing) – Thank our supportive triathlon spouses. (whooshing) Morning, trainiacs, little change of pace today. Actually in the south end of Winnipeg, and this is like literally 300 meters from […]

Easy HAIRSTYLE Hacks For WEDDING Season | #Bridal #Party #Anaysa

we have made this video keeping all those problems regarding wedding but we did so hard work to shoot it its not hard to make hairstyles but its shooting need a lot of effort and if you seen that hard work in our videos so get this video to 70,000 LIKES and if they truly […]

Marriage Monday E03 | Expectations vs Reality

Welcome to marriage mondays where we spend Monday is talking about marriage. My name is Qamara. My name is Ameer. Today’s topic is expectations versus reality One thing that people expect before getting married is that the first year is going to be a breeze. They expect it to be like this easy peasy lemon […]


– Hey guys, it’s me Coleen, and I’m pregnant still. I was gonna post a different video today but a lot of you have been begging me to post the full reaction of my family and friends ever since I did my pregnancy announcement. But for those of you who are not interested in the […]


Can I get your name, please? Yes, my name is Maria Chanita Graciela Carolina Isaviela Charnanda Vouera… (sorry for mistakes) *singing* – Is that you? – No. *farting* *phone ringing* *pooping* *singing & beatboxing* *you tried* *sound of dog, gun and police* *ice cream truck melody* Please gentlemen, please return to your seats, so you […]

EXTREME HIDE and SEEK Fun Family Game Challenge!

– Welcome home everybody, you’re here on the Carl and Jinger family channel. And, today you guys we’re just out and about. Luke and Kyle are inside getting their drinks. We got some chips and some lunch, we’re just gonna have a little picnic here and plan out our day, and we’re just gonna bring […]

Wedding Present for the Guy Who Has Everything!

BRO vs SIS FORT WARS!!! / That YouTub3 Family

(fun music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to: – [All] The YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re building forts, boys versus girls! – Yeah! – [Mom] Okay, so there’s 20 minutes on the clock. Boys are upstairs, girls are downstairs, let’s go! – We’ve got first place, boys! – [Mom] Seriously, you’ve only got 20 […]

YouTubers That Cheated On Their Spouses

Hi there Many people will tell you that I am a cheater That once or twice upon a time, I betrayed my wife But to quickly summarize Three-way relationship plus manipulative language Equals myself cuddling and full body massaging third-party Second incident Three-way relationship plus communication that the relationship would be a perfect trinity And […]