Wedding Series | Pre-Engagement Cinipaan Family Meet & How To Make DIY Thaals / Taals ideas | VLOG

hey guys my name is Anyeka Jamal and welcome to my channel so this will be the final pre-engagement preperations vlog which means the next vlog will be the actual cine fun day so make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss that one in this vlog we are heading to Guildford […]

Överraskade! Följ familjen från morgon till kväll VLOGG

– Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning, buddy. It’s incredible that Harry is already awake. We usually have to drag him out of bed at 6:30 AM. There is a first time for everything. I’m making sandwiches to eat in the car. This is our morning routine, we are all tired in the mornings. […]

Equator Crossing Ceremony – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 36 – Video

Previously on Delos The crew sets sail across the Halmahera Sea, we leave our beloved Raja Ampat in our wake, and have an amazing sail with dolphins! “It’s pretty exciting! Are you ready?” “Yeah, there’s wine glasses out!” “Are you ready for the ceremony?” “Yes” “Are you ready to be a shellback?” “I don’t even […]

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How User Engagement Affects Your Rankings On Google

hey guys welcome back to CNG talks! I’m Eric, I’m Zoe, I’m Savannah, I’m Jason we’re gonna be talking about SEO in 2019 and how engagement affects rankings the topics we’re gonna cover today what AI has to do with rankings clip through rates and other way to measure an engagement why video is crucial […]