👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 gay couple kissing in front of koreans | social experiment

المعذرة ، هل يمكنك التقاط صورة منا؟ اوه شكرا لك مرحبا بالجميع ، انا جاي. اليوم لدينا ضيفان خاصان. تعرض قناتنا رجلاً مثليًا كوريًا ، أنا! وحبيبي جانغهو سون نقوم بإنشاء مقاطع فيديو مثل Vlogs والمقابلات و أشياء أخرى مختلفة اليوم ، بمساعدة هذا الزوجين ، سوف نطلب من الناس في شوارع محطة هيهوا لالتقاط […]

( On Demand )Reaksi Keluarga saya(Family Reaction on my marriage😀)

jadi itu sebabnya keluarga saya tidak terlalu senang saya datang ke indonesia Mereka khawatir Suami saya berdiri disini dan recording saya Karena dia pemalu Datang dalam video Itu sebabnya saya tertawa Karena ayah ku Meninggal Jadi Ibu saya sangat Khawatir tentang saya karena Dia tidak pernah mengizinkan Saya atau saudara saya untuk pergi sejuah ini, […]

I GOT MARRIED | Youtubers Life #7

(High five) TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Youtuber’s life! I am so.. cool lookin’ right now. Look at that outfit! That’s the best outfit the world has ever seen also, you guys got a plant shaped like my hair 🙂 aww that’s adorable um so […]

Types of MARRIAGE Proposals .. | #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

feel like they have come Namaste… you have come alone No… just with some of my closed relatives touch the feet don’t be shy.. go & touch their feet but from where should I start!!! have it happens like this!!! yeah this happens and even more than this thats we gonna to show you After […]

Ingredients for Happy Marriage | Mufti Menk | Blessed Home Series | Subtitled

And this is verse number 21 of Surah Ar-Rum “And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.” – Surah Ar-Rum [30:21] From the signs […]


I need to get my way to Im chilling with sommer ses whipping right now see this dog I’m about to scare him DOGGY, how are you good boy? Good morning? You’re up I know I’m just really bored How’d you get all these new clothes watch your gene drinking? Yeah? Do you think I […]


morning guys we just wrapped up a really quick shoot with my sunglasses to let my blouse it's a very UK one and these gorgeous polka dot pants now we are going to new mums out then we're gonna go to Morgan Park and do Go Ape who knows go eight we're gonna do Kuwait […]


it is sixty degrees out in February so gotta let that fresh air come on in good morning guys welcome to another vlog sorry it's been a little bit so it is about one no 12:30 Saturday February and then I woke up like less like yesterday and today I've had a really sore throat […]


you that need to be smashing and whatnot and oranges put on go to Pandora station so how else are the parents to be I also doubles hey children let me make a triple STUFT – say hi to your mommy key you own video yes say hi oh you reek a baby honey was […]

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