Weird Lesbian Wedding Questions

Hi lovely people! So we are driving to Bristol right now Because we are having a special weekend of wedding planning Walter is in the back and he is specially exited because our wedding venue is next to my old house

“Walter’s Wisdom: The joys of marriage” | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM

– Getting married’s kinda like buying a new car. – A new car? – You know when you see that car in the showroom floor, just before you take it home? – [Jeff] Yeah. – That’s as good as it’s ever gonna look. (audience laughing) Pretty soon, it’ll have dents and scratches, parts start to […]

Achmed The Dead Terrorist deals w/ a marriage proposal in Ireland | All Over the Map | JEFF DUNHAM

Victor a very important question Victor is this legitimate okie-dokie it's what you really want to do this okay holy heat from Victor it says dear Ahmed would you help me propose to my girlfriend No next question I'm just kidding Victor can we turn on house lights please how's life okay the guys working […]

"Walter's holiday cheer" | Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special | JEFF DUNHAM

so Walter you look very festive happy holidays you're really gonna try this aren't you happy holidays I am NOT doing any Christmas crap it'll be fun you are so gay just pretend what fake it does your wife do that too [Applause] well you know you used to hurt my feelings now I realize […]

EBR-I Tour

welcome to EB r1 or experimental breeder reactor 1 this was the first reactor built at what was in the nineteen forty nine time frame known as the National reactor testing station today it's the idaho national laboratory EBR one was the first of 52 reactors built at the lab it was the first to […]

The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Melissa Ethridge Argue Over Gay Marriage

I'm a I'm a LESBIAN I didn't know sometimes yes and it was wonderful to see our country and our world move ahead in this affirmative move towards towards sort of breaking down barriers and not being afraid of the other not being afraid because somebody's oh he's mixed race or he it's a she […]

"Walter's Wisdom: The joys of marriage" | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM