Saat Mulaqatein | Episode 04 – Permission | Noman Ijaz | Web Series | Drama Serial | Nashpati Prime

Sanu. Noman! What are you doing here in Islamabad? It’s sister Ishrat’s daughter’s wedding. Oh, alright, alright. Did the children come with you? They also don’t have much interest in my family, like you. I asked them but they made such bad faces. Anyway, what are you doing here? Oh, I was here for the […]

Energy-Saving Tip: Employee Engagement

Our employees are a crucial piece of meeting our 2020 targets. Without their engagement and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be unlocking the true potential of sustainability to make a positive impact on our business. We use a 2014 baseline and our goal is to reduce the energy intensity of our products by 25 percent by 2020 […]

My ‘Arranged’ Marriage Story | Web Series | S01E02 – “Kundli Milan”

So, Shefali ji, you like Akshay Kumar? Even I like him a lot. Ask why? Why? Because he is Rajesh Khanna’s daughter’s husband That’s why So? I’m a big fan of Rajesh Khanna So, I’d obviously like his family Raghav, have you ever had a girlfriend? Yes, I have had one. But there’s no problem. […]

Office Romance – Part 2 | Arranged Marriage Tales

Bro, why? I wanted to be friends, that’s it! What is your stand? What? What’s your stand? Love! Tolerance! Independence. Are you fighting for an election? I am asking you about your stand in your dating life? Getting married to someone you are compatible with! So there isn’t any consistency in your actions. It seems […]

Arranged Joint | EP 05 – Green | Smoked up comedy | Rom Com Web Series | Originals | Feel Good Story

Here we are.. Talk carefully. My name shouldn’t come. Where is he going. Inspector. Inspector sir. I respect Mumbai Police alot. But currently its matter of my heart. That sir will go.. But Inspector sir, I beg of you. Sir and ma’am will go. I haven’t done such thing for myself. Sometimes you should do […]

Arranged Joint | EP02 – The Pub | Smoked up Comedy Web series | Originals ( Sanki webseries out now)

Green So you have arrived Why don’t you buy one more packet Raj? I have one stuff remaining And I’ll go chill at my place Cool Buddy you look kind of upset today what is the scene you look in hurry too And what kind of hair cut is this Buddy time was not working […]

Arranged Joint | EP01 Arranged Marriage Meeting | Refreshing colorful webseries | Rom Com High Story

Have something kid. Why are you not eating anything? No uncle, its fine. Hey kiddo, start practicing to call me papa Gulati, what do you say? Absolutely. And kid you, you too start calling me pops. Yes kids, from now on you have two dads Ohhooo… You people start joking, Let the kids talk to […]

Arranged Joint | EP 04 – DiLogic | Rom Com Web Series Originals | Smoke up ( New webseries out now)

Hi mom, you didn’t sleep till now. No, I am not feeling sleepy. Your dad is in Delhi and I am alone at home. Even his phone is off. And Mr. Gulati’s phone is also off. All network signals vanish when they meet. What are you doing son. You too didn’t sleep Mom I was […]

My ‘Arranged’ Marriage Story | Web Series | S01E01 – “Love at First Sight”

I work for RT Technologies Android App Development I see. So, you’re an engineer? Yes. But, I don’t have any problem with commerce stream. In any case, amongst us Baniyas We really respect you So, have you had any girlfriends? Yes Both of us were meant to be together What happened then? Then, she left […]

Arranged Joint | EP03 – ‘Takrar’ | Smoked up Rom Com Web Series Originals | Sanki webseries out now

Hey buddy, You grew up to be devilish dad. Your one daughter ran and other informs you from US about her lover. In short your daughters are like Indian film heroines. They eloped with the heros of their film.