Just Married v/s Just After Just Married | S01E25 | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

Those were the days and these are the days Today’s someone else where I was some day I am going through my wedding album Girls make use of it so much, right? Few days after marriage everything is so good but after those few days…. it’s like you are the boss I am the servant […]

Just Married Things – S01E01 | The House Husband – Part 1

It’s quite tasty! Hmm.. Why are you smelling it? I find South Indian spices quite fascinating. Since when? – So how was your day? It was usual. Same old. This guy Ahuja, he is really getting on my nerves. He is saying that I can’t take any leave for a month now. I think it’s […]

Marry Your Friend, Not Your Lover – You Let Me Down

– I think it’s fair to say most people want to get married one day. I do. And by that I mean if I ever do get married, I want it to last 24 hours, that’s it. Commitment scares the living shit out of me. It scares everybody. Why do I get shit for not […]

When Sister Wants to Marry a Firangi | Couple of More Mistakes | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

What are you doing? Baby I have found an awesome app called Nostra Pro If your sports knowledge is good Just answer few sports questions Then the results are amazing! You can earn a lot of Money So, in the recent series you think Kohli will play well? What do you say? Will he perform? […]

That Married Friend In Every Gang | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates, do hit the bell icon.’ Shall we go to the movies this weekend? – We always go to the movies! Instead, we’ll go to a pub and booze. What say? – Why always go to the movies or to pubs? Let’s go on a long drive. What say, […]

Reunion Party – It’s a Honey Trap | S01E47 | Couple of Mistakes | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

Baby Imagine Bangalore again lost the match! Please check the location on Google Like last time we shouldn’t miss the place. Yes Yes! You’ll wear this and go? Ya! Smart Casuals is the theme right? Ya I mean… Can you please open the door? You forgot something? Open fast What happened? Baby everytime we get […]

Office Romance – Part 1 | Arranged Marriage Tales

What are you saying? – Yes, bro! Hahahahaha!!! Hahahahaha!!! You also make fun of me! – Bro, are you serious? But I put my foot down, bro! This is not happening bro, who gets married at the age of 26? Hmmmm, Momma’s baniya boy, hmm!! – What the fu– Don’t abuse Mr. Abhay Gupta, Abusing […]

“The” Series – The Marriage Consultant | Avatar 4 | VIVA

*Confidential Conversation on phone* See, I can’t look for matches to Salman Khan until the mystery behind his ‘Yes’ for marriage in the evening… And ‘No’ in the morning is solved.. Understand? From now on his business his business, our business is our business. It is none of my business. Ha *Thundering thunders* Woah!! Who […]

Love After Marriage | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates, do hit the bell icon.’ This here is our home. Shall I get you anything to drink? Water will do. These two are the bedrooms, with attached bathrooms. – You’ve kept this place very neat. I think I have everything needed right here. Here is the remote to […]

After Marriage – Wife and Husband | ( Chumbak ) | Latest Telugu Short Film | Prabhakar Pant