10 Things You Should NEVER Do As A Wedding Guest

10 Things To NEVER Do As A Wedding Guest As you sit down to write RSVPs to all the invites scattered in your living room, do you also question yourself if this is apparently the year everybody wants to get married? It’s gonna be hectic for you, going around shopping for gifts and stacking your […]

Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Guest Etiquette [Let Them Eat Cake with Cat & Jove]

– [Cameraman] Who’s gonna start? – That would be you. – Ladies first. – You, what? Hey, I’m Cat Greenleaf, joined by my friend Jove Meyer, wedding planner extraordinaire. – Oh, stop. – Okay, then I’ll talk about myself. I am concerned today about Guest Etiquette. – Why? – I think that a lot of […]

What to Wear to a Wedding As A Guest – DO’s & DON’Ts for Proper Attire + Outfit Suggestions For Men

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette and our wedding series. We discuss everything a gentleman should know about attending a wedding or being part of one. In today’s installment, we discuss what to wear as a wedding guest. Basically, your goal is on the one hand, to make the wedding couple shine and on the […]

Wedding Guest Etiquette – DO’s & DON’Ts of Behavior & Manners at Weddings

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette and our wedding series. Today, we discuss wedding etiquette and the thirteen do’s and don’ts of guests at weddings. Chances are, you’ve seen a guest behave poorly at a wedding where that’s being totally wasted or just telling dirty jokes, or just being a jerk. It’s just that kind […]

Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Amber: Hey, it’s Amber. Are you considering a destination wedding? Today we are in Mexico at the Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit, with some of the best destination wedding experts in the world to help you come up with a few ideas to make planning a little easier. Aimee: The first thing is research. Every country […]

Wedding Etiquette : How to Give Advice at a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a great time to share laughs and friends, with friends and family. It’s also the perfect time to give that extra advice about married life. Hi, I’m Hazely Lopez director of Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling. And I’m here to talk to you about how to give that special advice […]

BRIDAL SHOWER 101! Everything You Need To Know!| BiancaReneeToday

hey anyone I'm Bianca nein you ought to be on foreign aid today and today we're talking about everything bridal shower now if you guys didn't know I am engaged I'm actually going to get married one month from today so it's almost here and I just had my bridal shower so I wanted to […]

Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks with The Bride – To – Be | featuring My Daughter

welcome everyone thank you for joining me today we are going to be talking about wedding planning specifically a very special wedding that will be taking place in our family this is my oldest daughter Kirsten she is engaged to be married next May to Tim and today we are just gonna really be talking […]

What to wear to a summer wedding: 26 outfits

The Drunkest Person at the Wedding – Alternatino

♪ ♪ – Hi, it's Sydney.– And Carissa. – Nina, I've known youfor almost a decade now, and I couldn't imagine a moreperfect guy for you than David. – And I will never forgetyour guys' first date. Nina came home that night.– Mm-hmm. – And she was skippingand she said, "I just met the one." […]