How To Save Money On Your Wedding!!! | Wedding Budget Tips

what’s up legacy builders I’m Rob I’m Reshawn and this is learn hustle grow learn hustle grow is about creating a legacy we’re sharing our passions for money marriage and travel with other legacy builders like you according to 2018 studies the average cost of a wedding is $38,000 both brides a calm and the […]

Anti-Gay Wedding Planner (Parody) | We the Internet TV

When it comes to planning your most special day, you want to hire the best wedding planner in town. But what happens when the best wedding planner in town disagrees with your homosexual lifestyle? This happens to be a daily challenge for outspoken anti-gay wedding planner Phil Lamont. I’m a religious man and I think […]

Wedding Video By Amman Famous

Amman Famous Wedding Planner

Tiffany & Co Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Tiffany & Co Box | Bridal Shower Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I have a special request to make a Tiffany themed wedding setup and here we go okay guys this setup is going to consist of a couple of arrangement a mainland which is going to be a tall vase and then a couple of smaller ones and […]

Booking Your Wedding Ceremony And Venue Space – Episode 02

Have you started planning your way but are overwhelmed at the amount of things you need to arrange? Stay tuned for what to book first! [Intro Music] Hi everyone and welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about why booking your wedding ceremony and reception space first is so important. Sso you’re planning your wedding […]

Best Flash Mob Wedding Proposal – Bruno Mars – Marry You

Hi guys, so tomorrow is the day.. I’ve been planning and working on this from more than a month now.. From finding the dance troupe… Getting the camera crew.. Finding the right venue and getting the permissions.. And most importantly trying to learn how to dance… Because i’m not such a good dancer.. & I’ve […]

How to Plan a Wedding: Help! I’m Having Second Thoughts about My Wedding Dress!

Welcome to Wed-U: Planning your wedding, your way! Today’s question comes from Kate in Newcastle, Australia. And Kate asks: Q: I purchased my wedding dress last month but can’t help but wonder if I chose the right one. It’s still MONTHS until it arrives; should I consider cancelling my order and looking for something I […]

EP01 – Planning a winery wedding; a chat with Gavin & Chad

Hi, I’m Camille from Unbridely. Today we’re having a chat with Chad and Gavin about their wedding. How to do it your own way when it’s values-driven. How to plan with your heart and not so much your head. This is Unbridely TV. Here’s to you guys. Cheers. The engagement story. So I proposed to […]

Evelyn Clark Weddings – Calgary Wedding Planners | Meet the Vendors

Welcome to Meet the Vendors, a video series highlighting the best of the best of the Calgary wedding industry. Today I’m here with Evelyn of Evelyn Clark Weddings. Hi! *laughter* Evelyn Clark Weddings is a Calgary-based wedding planning and design company that builds a relationship of trust with couples so that they can treat their […]