How to Plan a Wedding: The First 4 Steps

– Hey, guys. I’m Morgan. I’ve made a career in the wedding industry, first as an editor at Brides magazine, and now at WeddingWire. So I love planning things, like literally everything. I’m talking weekend brunches, vacations, apartment moves. Don’t judge me. But especially weddings. And I loved planning my own. I got married in […]

10 Important Wedding Tips That Everyone Must Know

Oh, Hey there! It’s that time of year again, no not the holidays, it’s wedding season! There’s so much advice out there for the perfect wedding that we thought we would weigh in and give you the Bestie Dos and Don’ts list when it comes to your big day. We hope that you’ll say YES […]

Wedding Planning Checklist. Step-by-step Wedding Planning Guide and Tips

DIY BRIDESMAID PROPOSAL BOX & GIFTS! How I Asked My Bridal Party! || Wedding Series 👰💍

something dumb to do I think I wanna marry you hey guys it's Sierra and welcome to the first real episode of my wedding series so one of the things that I have been most excited for with planning our wedding is choosing our bridal party I feel like every girl grows up like thinking […]