Win a dream wedding competition: The winners!

DIVA: So the first thing to ask is can you please just tell us again your own words your gorgeous love story and why you guys should win this competition? Carly: You go. You tell it better than me. Emma: It was a really bleak sad time for me. I was married previously and my […]

Father Shocks Bride on Wedding Day with Epic Speech

It’s my great pleasure, to introduce the father of the bride, to get things started Damn, to be honest, i’ve absolutely lost it today, it’ve just been glassy eyed All gooey eyed, looking at our Laura and walking her down the aisle, it’s been amazing you know. And obviously Lewis’ probationary period is over now. […]

‘Life’s First Evers with Jeannie,’ Ep 3: Wedding Dress Surprise for Military Bride-to-Be

I just got married two years ago. Can we put a picture of my cute husband right here? See? Look how cute he is. So I know firsthand how special it is to go wedding dress shopping with the people that you love the most. So when I got a letter from a bride-to-be named […]

Surprise Wedding Ceremony Entrance Muppets “Somebody’s Getting Married” “He Makes Me Happy”

[Instrumental] Extra! Extra! Somebody’s getting married! Somebody’s getting married? Hey, somebody’s getting married! Whoa, somebody’s getting married! Somebody’s getting married??? [pause] Somebody’s getting marrrrieeeed! Somebody’s getting marrrrieeeed! Somebody’s getting maaa- Somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting -rrrrieeed! somebody somebody somebody somebody, somebody somebody somebody somebodyyyy… Somebody get some flowers! Somebody get a ring! […]

Wedding Flash Mob in Church – by Team JiYo

SURPRISE Zimbabwean Wedding for Sonia – Brian Nhira

what's up everybody so something cool is about to happen we're here in Zimbabwe and one of Sun is foremost wishes was that we would have the opportunity to celebrate our wedding with our family here in Zimbabwe and so at first I didn't think it's gonna happen but I talked with my mom and […]

Bride Surprised With Her Dream Dress After Losing Her Original | BRIDES

hi everyone I'm Daniel founder of lace liberty I'm here in our studio packing for a trip to New York City tomorrow morning we're going to be able to surprise a bride with a wedding dress unfortunately this bride has just lost her wedding dress from the recent closure of Alfre Angelo their sudden bankruptcy […]

'Life’s First Evers with Jeannie,' Ep 3: Wedding Dress Surprise for Military Bride-to-Be