Wedding String Quartet [LIVE] Classical & Pop Music For Marriage

Wedding String Quartet [LIVE] Classical & Pop Music For Marriage


I organized so we got the keys a bit early If you think that I’ve been a bit weird the last few days That’s because… I want to ask you something They say it’s better late than never – Yes, haha Thanks for being so patient with me Will you marry me? Of course I […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Dishes On Her Wedding + Best Advice From Her Mom, Blythe Danner

(audience applause) ♪ You got married. ♪ I got married. How was it, oh my god, how was it? (Gwyneth laughs) [Gwyneth) Oh. Was it casual? It looks so casual and just fun. (Gwyneth laughs) It was the best day, it was so special. (audience sighs) Isn’t that pretty? It just looks so simple and […]


Good morning guys. Today is the morning of our wedding. We’re renewing our vows today after 10 years of marriage. And we’re in Turks and Caicos on holiday. So I thought I would blog our day. We’re not actually getting married until 4:00 PM but I’ll show you what we get up to? For me? […]

Minecon 2015 marriage proposal – 720p

Ööh… Se on… Noh… Kun sain viettää sen… …rakkaan tyttöystäväni kanssa… …josta puheenollen… Emma, tuletko vaimokseni? – Kyllä! – Et varmaankaan halua nyt sanoa sitä, minkä vuoksi alunperin nostit kätesi… Mutta miltä nyt tuntuu, Emma? Tuntuu hieman hämmentävältä. Mutta tunnen itseni samaan aikaan hyvin rakastetuksi

Alright! | Couples During Honeymoon | Ft. Nikhil Vijay, Kritika Avasthi

Priyanka, do you know what is the most important event in a woman’s life When there are fantasies in your relationship and intimacy with your partner Which event are you talking about, mother? When a woman gives birth to a child When you return from your honeymoon You better give us some good news Hello! […]

Best marriage advice ever – Ritz Abu Dhabi Wedding Speech

I was told I have to do this, I have to give some words of wisdom from my 0.6 years of marriage. 0.5. So I’m gonna give you three points. They’re very radical. The first point is, I think I’ll say be naive. Everyone is looking at me, naïve is not a good word. I […]

పెళ్ళైన సంవత్సరం వరకు యాత్రలకు వెళ్లొద్దంటారు ఎందుకు ? | Rules For Newly Married Couples | Marriage


Kids React To Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

(Love story is so true) (It couldn’t have been written) This is cheesy (I know how much she means to you) Can already tell (I know how much you love her) (May I have your daughter’s hand in marriage) (You have my permission for her hand in marriage) I love their accent, that makes it […]

Reasons For Marriage 💍 Why We Got Married

In our last talk video about marriage we went over six reasons why it’s not a good idea to marry for happiness. Well, if not for happiness, what the heck else is there to even get married for? In this video, we’re going to talk about why we got married. Most people in the world […]