Greatest and Funniest Best Man Speech at a Wedding

there comes a time in everyone's life right when they meet their much you love their soulmate the person that's going to know and love them for the rest of their life that moment came for George 25 years ago he met me I guess I should introduce myself so those who don't know me […]

Teaser | Der Wedding kommt

Also, wenn zum Beispiel eine sagt, sie stehtdrauf, wenn sie angespritzt wird – ja und, what's the Deal? Oder wenn eine andere sagt, sie will sichauf sein Gesicht setzen – da denkt sich der Typ in dem Moment ja auch nicht, dassdas jetzt gerade besonders respektvoll ist. Na Mädels, alles klar bei euch? Bisschen Party […]

Why Aisha the Child-bride of Muhammad was Barren?

i sha bene abu bakar was born in the fourth year of Muhammad's preaching in 613 to 614 ad based on the wikipedia and she was engaged to an Arab merchant who was married to Khadijah widow of 40 years old the traditional Haida tells us that Khadija died in 619 ad but I sha […]

DIY Bridesmaid MAKEUP Tutorial

hey guys so today I'm going to be doing a bridesmaid makeup tutorial we did one of these as a Bridal versions well if you haven't seen that already then we'll put a link below but this look is a little bit more kind of flirty it's based around kind of movie rose tone so […]

Destination Wedding | Destination Wedding Movies Hot Seen | Keanu Reeves And Winona Ryder Hot Seen

it's health class if you thought I had a cervical injury because I mean but I thought maybe she's right maybe her sister and I didn't want to feel guilty for the rest of our life [Applause] Sarris very difficult for me to give myself over a positive activity especially this one want to kill […]

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