WEEK IN MY LIFE | Adjusting to married life! ✨

Hello friends I hope you’re having a super happy day so far this week is pretty exciting because it’s my first week as a married woman well actually no that’s a lie it’s my second week as a married woman but it’s my first week as a married woman filming a week in my life […]


hey guys it's Eugenia it's getting its to purpose right now to the holidays and Christmas and all that stuff though I thought today in the spirit of the holidays I would do kind of like a holiday themed video that was kind of some outfits that I think would be cool to wear around […]

Holiday Prep/Transformation | Lashes, Nails, Brows etc | Flossie

good morning everybody let me just pause elite RB who else is obsessed with early Derby literally her and her boyfriend make my life I actually love them with my whole entire today's video is something I'm really excited for I see so many of these around on YouTube but I've never done one myself […]

Snow White's Poison Bite – "The End Of Prom Night" Official Music Video

Baby Shower!

hey YouTube ok this is the video of my shower stuff my mom is starting my shower it's gonna be on April 11th it's the day before Easter um it's 26 days away I think I don't know I'm really excited for it my husband my husband's mom is coming into town so I'm really […]

Baby Shower Thank You's, Announcements & Favors.wmv

hey youtube okay this is the video of my shower stuff I'm mama starring my shower and it's gonna be on april eleventh it's the day before Easter um it's 26 days away i think i don't know i'm really excited for it my husband that would be my cash my husband's mom is coming […]

Baby Shower Gifts

okay hopefully this is gonna be a little bit of a better video than my last one I'm sorry um I could prepare Amos I'm so sorry that he does this anyways oh I wasn't record him say that I love you mama thing because he talks so much I think that it might be […]

Baby Shower Gifts!

hi guys so I'm just gonna kind of do a quick little vlog for you um I want to show you everything that I got at my baby shower that was yesterday and let me just tell you it's like times but like 90 like I'm telling you like 90% of it was my mom […]

spending $1000 to not be ugly for prom | 24 hour transformation (my car tire blew up woops)

my hands purple I look like the peanut butter so just a disclaimer for this video starts I lost the footage where my eyebrows wax my legs wax and my toes dad hopefully this video is still entertaining also this video is false right boxycharm I'll be going more in depth about it and creating […]

FIRST YEAR DORM TOUR!!! | amydrauch