Spouse Wants Joint Decision Making in Parenting Plan – Seattle Family Law Attorney Eric Engel

So your spouse is asking you for joint decision making in your parenting plan and you want to know what that means. Hi. I’m Eric Engel, Seattle divorce lawyer with the Engel Law Group here in Seattle, Washington. In Washington state, parenting plans divide up not just custody of children but decision making of children. […]

3 Powers in the Home (2/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: Never underestimate the power of prayer. It’s amazing what God can do when someone prays. There are many questions you are faced with every day. We are all searching for answers that will make a real difference in our lives. It’s hard to imagine that these answers might be […]

Cut the Invisible Strings (How to De-Attach From Manipulation in Relationships) – Teal Swan

To love is to take something as yourself. Now, it’s impossible for there not to be a state of connectedness when we do this. It’s impossible when you take something as yourself, to not care about its needs. to not know them so as to meet them. Let’s be honest, most of us didn’t grow […]

3 Powers in the Home (1/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: Parents, we need to try and speak those things to our children. Acceptance, “Hey, you’re my kid. You belong to this family; you’re mine.” Affection, “And I love you.” And even if they’re not doing real well at the moment, you say, “You know what, you’ve got what it […]

FOREVER MINE • Spiritual polygamy is still okay

Welcome back to another episode of A Buddhist Married a Mormon. I’m Veronica. I’m Duke. And today we’re going to be answering my questions about something someone in a class asked me when she learned… it’s very unique to Mormonism… when she learned that I was married to a Mormon she asked me some questions […]

Conversational Prayer: How to Pray with Your Spouse

– Conversational prayer is not preaching a three-point sermon and taking an offering. It’s also, wives, not once you have prayer with your husband it’s kinda like, “Okay, I’ve got him roped into the corner. Dear Lord God, please inspire him to buy me that new dress I was looking at.” [Audience laughter] You know […]

Polygamy In Minutes Special Edition – Pastors

This is Gene KF with Polygamy HQ and this is Polygamy In Minutes Music…. Hey today’s a special Polygamy In Minutes I’m out here on the beach with my kids and my family just because Today I had a meeting, I had a meeting with my pastor, hey Pastor Mike now Pastor Mike is a […]

Leo Deblin’s Family Fill-In | The Daily Show

All the candidates were in Ohio for the debate, but tomorrow, they will head back out onto the campaign trail. Tom Steyer on his private jet, Joe Biden on an Amtrak train, Amy Klobuchar in a Honda she carjacked in the parking lot. And spending all this time on the road during campaign season can […]

John Krasinski Got Emotional Alongside Matthew McConaughey During Their Wives’ Citizenship Ceremony

Now, will there be a sequel, because it earned $340 million? Yeah. I’m sure you know that because you made some money. Someone told me, yeah. Will there be a sequel? Yes, I’m writing it right now. Oh, that’s fantastic. [APPLAUSE] That’s so exciting. Yeah, it’s one of those things where I know the studio […]