Weird Things Couples Do In Public

(“Pizzicato”) (laughter) – Is it Dijon that I don’t like? – Huh? – Dijon mustard, do I like it, do I not like it? – No, you don’t like Dijon. – Ehhh, I think I like it. Mind if I get two, one for me and my wife? – Sure. – Thank you. – Mind […]

Will you be my BRIDESMAID? | DIY & Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Box | LIVE REACTIONS| #weddingseries

hey loves welcome back to another video so today I am going to be showing you my DIY bridesmaid proposal boxes I have been looking everywhere from Pinterest to YouTube to Etsy to everywhere possible to find inspiration for my bridesmaids boxes and of course I found some but it was nothing that I was […]

Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

瑪格麗特河區從澳洲西南岸 延至印度洋與南大洋相匯的水域 這個地方深受大自然眷顧 瑪格麗特河區 即當地人所稱的「瑪格 (Margs)」 是個資源富庶的地方 這是個遊樂場 坐擁碧海銀灘 亦有 50 多個世界級衝浪勝地 這是個美食天堂 各處都有 佳餚奉上 這是個花園 古老的卡里森林一去不復返變成沿海郊區 蘭花及野花品種數之不盡 瑪格麗特河區橫跨西澳岸線超過 80 英里 再向內陸綿延 20 英里 探索這個偏遠地區的最佳方式 就是乘車 從珀斯出發,要乘車 3.5 小時中途最好是在班伯利休息一下 率先遊覽壯麗海灘及燈塔體驗悠閒的生活方式 再沿高速公路乘車 40 分鐘就到巴瑟頓郡 那就是通往瑪格麗特河區的門戶 巴瑟頓郡的瑰寶是郡內的木碼頭 那是南半球最長的同類碼頭 碼頭始建於 1865 年曾經歷火災及龍捲風 現今是澳洲一大獨特潛水勝地 在碼頭遠處下斜坡 26 呎前往水下觀察館 可飽覽在碼頭塔一帶蓬勃生長的水中生物 自巴瑟頓郡起展開車旅欣賞幾近冠絕澳洲的優美風光 開始 穿越洞穴路 路名取自滿佈區內的 動人石灰岩洞 最易到達的其中一個稱為猛獁洞 穿越繁茂森林往下探索 離開那個鳥聲啁啾的地方進入寧靜的地下世界… 洞穴路蜿蜒穿越內陸越過優美村落及古老木材城鎮 再延至區內主要聚居地 瑪格麗特河 […]

Sailing Through Wine Country in France – Favourite Sailing Destinations Part 3

[Applause] welcome to the Bahamas one of our favorite cruising destinations and that's a question we get asked a lot what are your favorite places to travel so we thought we'd do a series this is part three of one we've done on the French waterways and the French canals I think after the Bahamas […]

Germany’s 7 most interesting wine destinations

hi this is John time to review Germany 7 most interesting wine destinations Germany's top lines come from its most beautiful nooks and crannies where steep hillsides expose grapes to the Sun and rivers bring richness to the soil even in the dead of winter we've hand-picked the most charming wine towns across the country […]

6 exciting, emerging wine travel destinations

hi there this is John and here is a review on six exciting emerging wine travel destinations Napa Valley wine tours and shadow stays in Bordeaux are not to be sniffed at pun intended but if you're into discovering new wine vintages and flavors there are regions around the world where you'll find unusual varieties […]

Top 10 Destinations for Wine Lovers

from reds to whites to everything in between these places have the best wine the world has to offer welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten wine cities for this list we've narrowed our picks down to cities that are particularly known for producing wines but we also […]

Maastricht Visit

a moment so rare as an image burst to life this picture once seen and never forgotten now the frame seems to vanish the sensations in sight when I meet the warmth of a small Valley and see the shelving of a smile this is the place to encounter the place to enjoy fool people […]

The Try Guys Visit Eugene’s Hometown

Wow oh hi there you smell that smells like my hometown we put the ass in Texas goddamn Annette [Applause] welcome to Austin Texas the best city in the United States today the trying guys are the Travel Guide we're gonna be experiencing culture food recreation and nightlife so because Austin is Eugene's hometown Eugene […]