Jonah’s Secret Engagement Party for Sandra – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

Employee Engagement

– Hi everyone, Karyn here, and we are talking about employee engagement today because it is so top-of-mind for all of you that it’s time we pull back the curtain a little bit and see how we can help, right? So, employee engagement, why is that important? Because we want our team to be invested […]

Increase employee engagement with Yammer

In today’s modern, mobile workplace, how do you connect all the dots to make sure you’re not missing out? How do you stay in the loop and find new ways to contribute? Yammer makes it easy to spark conversations that strengthen relationships, capture collective knowledge, and create real impact. You’ll love how intuitive it is […]

Here’s Why You Should Have A Work Spouse

Lemon / Donaghy Turing / Clarke Biden / Obama Sajack / White Bush / Rice Kathy Lee / Hoda? Knope / Swanson Dominguez / Dilworth? Howdy productive members of corporate society, Trace and Crystal here for DNews. You may have heard the term “work wife” or “work husband” — basically it’s a platonic partner in […]

“Emotional Affairs” Are a Slippery Slope to Cheating on Your Partner

The emotional affair, as opposed to the physical affair, is really just what it sounds like, which is being emotionally invested in someone other than your main partner. Where you are confiding in them usually intimate details that normally would be reserved for your partner and starting to invest in them that could be through […]

Amy’s Out-of-Control Baby Shower – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

I need to thankmy Uber driver, Dmitri, for getting me herefrom Ponderosa so quickly. If I could've given yousix stars, I would have. – That was just beautiful,Jerusha. Huh? Yeah.[applause] Now I'm gonna passthe mic around so that everyone hasa chance to say something. Dmitri, would you liketo kick us off? – Actually, um… how […]