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Weird Things Couples Do In Public

(“Pizzicato”) (laughter) – Is it Dijon that I don’t like? – Huh? – Dijon mustard, do I like it, do I not like it? – No, you don’t like Dijon. – Ehhh, I think I like it. Mind if I get two, one for me and my wife? – Sure. – Thank you. – Mind […]

Weird Things All Couples Fight About

*cheery strings music play* That’s not how you fold the towels. It doesn’t matter how you fold a towel. It does matter how you fold a towel. If you want it to fit in the closet, you have to roll it. *loud crunch* Oh my God could you chew any louder? *louder crunch* This goes […]

Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do

(playful music) – Come on, come on, show us some movement. – Come on, give us like a hand or a foot, something. – Give us something we can send to grandma. (laughing) Who hoo hoo! There you are. – You ready to go? – Yeah. I have to pee. – Then you’re not ready […]

Married Under 25: Homebodies

(rhythmic piano music) – Hey, babe. How was work? – I spent an hour and a half trying to teach her to copy-paste. – So what do you wanna do tonight? – I can’t. Go on without me. Live your best life. Leave me down here to die. – Netflix and takeout is fine with […]

Tour de France 2019 Stage 21 Highlights: Paris Champs – Élysées Sprint Finale

hello and welcome to highlights of the 21st and final stage of the 2019 Tour de France here on GCM racing what a tour it's been staged 20 went to Vincenzo knee baby Italian crossed the line at the summit about around to take his first Tour stage win since 2015 while behind him history […]

Tour De France Hangover? 5 Ways To Get Over Your Post-Tour Blues | GCN Show Ep. 342

– From the final kilometerof the final stage of the 2019 Tour de France. – Welcome to the GCN Show. (laughing) – Welcome to the GCN Show,brought to you by Wiggle. – Coming up this week, howto cure the post-Tour blues. We've got five tips on how youcan fill your now empty days. – It's […]

Tour de France 2019: Top 10 moments | NBC Sports

Can We Ride And Survive A Stage Of The 1903 Tour de France?

Tour de France 2019 Stage 20 Highlights: Albertville – Val Thorens Summit Finish

welcome to highlights of the 20th and penultimate stage of the 2019 a Tour de France here on GC and racing let's cast a mind back to yesterday where Columbian Egan Bernal went on the offensive and had cracked Julian alla Philippe as he crested the summit of the cold Eleazer on his virtual leader […]