YNW Melly – Mama Cry [Official Video]

YNW Melly – Mama Cry 100K, remain solid I’m sorry, won’t right my wrongs Mama, please don’t you cry, I’m sorry I just caught some time, I’ll be home soon It won’t be long, I promise I will be okay, just wipe those Tears off of your face, I’m sorry I won’t right my wrongs, […]

YNW Melly – Murder On My Mind [Official Video]

Oooooh Aye, I’m in the studio, bro. yea…uhh Yea, I’m at the studio. Hold up tho Ain’t get to roll no weed, Ain’t get to roll no swishers. I was locked up on christmas, Ain’t get to see my niggas Ain’t get to see my niggas Ain’t get to hug my mama. Couldn’t even give […]

YNW Melly "No Holidays" (Audio) (Prod. By TrillGotJuice)

no Christmas is no Thanksgiving you see her get sad fourth of July man I swear this be mad he's paying about what you need to do enter no it's okay mister – but – can I talk about them holidays no holidays no holiday Johanna thank you wait damn boy Christmas the same damn […]

Young Thug & His Fiancée Jerrika Went There (!) – TMI