That Moment Death Becomes Less Scary

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  • i lost my boyfriend of almost 4 years because of suicide. i still can't believe it but i know for a fact that i will see him again and we can be together forever someday. i still miss him like crazy. even though it was 2016 when it happened.

    thank you for sharing your story. much love from germany.

  • I felt sooo bad watching this give me a like if u felt bad to
    But I’m sooo sorry for that man (sry I don’t know your name) but that made me realize that Others have it much worse. Keep making videos!!

  • My condolences to you my dear. I also lost my partner/fiancé almost 15 years ago and it still hurts after all of these years. Also, my eldest sibling just lost her partner over 2 weeks ago to cancer and then she lost her ex-husband two weeks later. I know it's not going to be easy for her and it does take time to heal the pain of losing a loved one. You only have the memories that you will always treasure in your life. I wish you nothing but the very best in life and if I could give you a big hug I would. Take care of yourself sweetie. ❤

  • Although it was a short time here on earth I am happy for Michael and his husband that they found that special soulmate kind of love.

  • Today, I have had a particularly bad day. I was already crying earlier – and this REALLY made me cry! – but for the beauty of their relationship. He seems like a wonderful man and I imagine his husband was too. What a loss! But what beauty too. So glad they were married, so he could be with him in his final moments. 💔 💞 Having a really hard time stopping crying! 😢

  • Wow. That just ripped my heart out. Life is so amazing and so cruel at the same time. Thank God they got married. Back then (not too long ago) many didn’t know just how bad life could be if a gay couple wasn’t married and something happened. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Wow — guess it was definitely meant to be with him finding the other's poem!
    Now he is an angel watching over you!!!

  • This got very difficult to watch once you said he was sick. I lost my fiance to leukemia in 2010 after only four years together. We were both in our early 40s with not very stellar past relationships but knew within days that we were not going to be looking any longer. I've dated two wonderful men since he died but compared them to him, which I know is unfair to them, and me, but I don't know how to not do it.
    Thank you for sharing your story and love.

  • So true. I believe if you found each other here, you’ll find each other there. Only this time you know who you’re looking for. And, you’ll know because he waited once for you, he’ll wait again.

  • I wouldnt survive if it happened to me. I dont care what ppl say about an afterlife or energy or anything. If he is not here anymore, he is gone..and I would also want to go

  • Im 26 yr old. My partner and i are only a month or 2 away from adopting our child. I fear that anything were to happen to him. I cant ever bare the thought without tears flooding my eyes. Im glad this man has made peace and carries his loved one in his heart.

  • Can't stop crying!!! I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone!!! But this experience at least gave you the few precious moments with the person that loves you and that is such a great feeling to be loved and to love them back.😘❤️

  • The only thing I fear more than death is loseing the loved ones if I could pick either die to save them or them die for me I would pick them to survive I already lost one…

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  • I dont personally believe in an afterlife, but brother, that was beautiful. Sending you nothing but love and wish you all the happiness in the world. ❤❤

  • This weirdly resembles a Grey's anatomy episode I just watched a couple days ago. I guess I didn't stop to think that the medical talk about cardiac arrest and dialysis and dnr could be actually happening somewhere between a doctor and a family member. Death is scary. I have never been scared of it until recently . And it's not because of this video, it's because of knowing it's real and inevitable and everyone goes through it once in their lifetime and it's irreversible. That scares me alot

  • I’ve been with my hubby for over 30 years. When we met, gay marriage wasn’t even a thing here in Toronto….although we drive each other crazy, we would both die without each other…I’m so sorry for you loss. And while I too believe our bodies are just a shell, I can image the pain you felt to loose him. After my near death experience when my colon ruptured when I was 21 (I have Crohn’s disease, my entire colon aka large intestine, burst, I was clinically dead for 2 minutes, and in that time saw my grandfather who died when I was 8, it was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had, and I’m certain, with every fibre of my being, that death is merely a transition to the next stage of life), I learned that death is not an ending, nor goodbye, merely, a transition to a new beginning and, until we meet again. I’m now 50, my hubby 54, but we too ate soulmates. While I don’t want to loose him, or anyone I love, I also know I’ll see them again, which makes death a lot easier to cope with. I’m only sad because it’s hard being apart that long until my time comes, or vice versa. But honestly, to everyone reading this, I don’t expect many to believe me, and that’s ok, I’m not here to convince anyone, just to share my knowledge/experiences, with the hopes I can help easy some anguish and pain after loosing a very close loved one. Thanks for sharing your touching story, I know your hubby is with you always, and will be waiting for you when your times comes….I hope this knowledge brings some comfort…love from Toronto xo

  • Her hazel eyes, her pretty smile, the was she says my name, her voice, HER 😍… yet depression managed to take all that away from me and so I lost her to suicide 2 months ago. It feels like every part of me is broken..

  • Dam bro u made me cry i love this type of stories..wish u the best bust his in a better place now and he is dont trust what they tell u he is in a better place

  • I just want to wrap this man up in a HUGE hug…but it sounds like he’s already wrapped in love and light. ❤️ Thank you for your story

  • I lost my dad 3 weeks ago because of a car accident. 😢 He was rushed to a nearby hospital, when my step mom and I got there he was still concious. On the third day he had a cardiac arrest and he slipped into a coma. On the 6th day however his bp went unstable so I was just in the ICU the entire night holding his hand, things didnt get better from there. On his last hour, when the doctors were discussing dnr to me (dad and stepmom are not married, I'm the eldest child present) I hesitated at first. But then I watched my dad and felt that he was no longer in the body lying on the bed. The machines are all still indicating life but I just knew, I saw, my dad wasn't in that body anymore. That was when I told the doctors it was enough. He had fought so hard 😢

  • when I see human stories like this is makes me wonder if those awful people that you run into in life ever think about death and if they believe in heaven and hell. I mean people like those who call the police on black people for no reason or the cops that shoot unarmed men women and children. Do they ever think about death and what could be waiting for them on the other side?

  • Wow. So many thoughts but all I can say is wow! So much love, so much acceptance, so much peace.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • I've had 10+ years with my Hubby, and I would gladly share another couple of eons with him. He and I are so well suited and well matched. He's smarter than me, and I'm better read. He's kinder than me, and I'm funnier. He's sweeter and more intuitive than me, and I have amazing Spidey Sense. He's got family (who love me) and I'm without one. I really wish everyone could meet, and spend whatever time they can with, their soulmate.

    That change in the room can also be the feeling of two souls holding fast to each other. If you take one away, it is going to feel very, very different. Just like when you add them together, the universe will never, ever be the same.

  • I just finished 10 years of working hospice care as a support person. I hope I can always remember what this gentleman and his partner embodied. It's relationship it's loving and being loved that transcends every possible thing we can imagine. While in this case it was his spouse I've also have seen friends neighbors grandchildren relatives with that special interaction that makes life more then a collection of atoms and molecules interacting. Absolutely wonderful how absolutely miraculous to have ever known such a relationship. And I'm certain that love they had echoes and will continue to Echo in his life. Love is a gift that keeps giving.

  • I didnt want to watch this… because one of my greatest fears, is losing the love of my life….. I heart is with you sir, may your partner rest in peace, thank you for the beautiful story, this has to reminded me to love my girlfriend more, more and more each day and second that I'm with her.

  • First thing I thought of was the word kismit spirits found each other .
    I have no doubt in another lifetime they will reunite hopefully for a longer period of time .

  • My step mom died and I am less scared of death and also not just cause of her but also my grandfather was about to died and fortunately he did not so I am not scared and proud of it

  • I'm not trying to discount this man's experience and I respect what he's been through, but I was very much expecting more than one story and that may be my fault based on time. I was thinking there would be 4 or 5 stories on this topic. I lost a family member to murder and 3 weeks later her brother died from his and his boss' negligence. I just want to see how those who have that unexpected loss have reacted and coped. I've never lost what I consider close family until this and it would be nice. Not saying this one gentleman's experience is null and invalid, just that I'd like to see more. How am I supposed to relate to one person? I suppose this could also be my fault for not understanding how five minute videos are now formatted.

  • Yes, your body is just a suit that keeps you here on this Earth, but that doesn't mean you don't have to be scared of death. BECAUSE it's not the death that's scary but what's after that death.
    And while you were on this Earth did you accept the Eternal Gift presented to all mankind in order to be deemed as righteous and worthy having eternal life?
    The eternal gift is Jesus Christ. When you accept Him your old life dies(which isn't worthy of Heaven) and you are born again into His life (good holy and true), which is eternal.
    After death is eternity, please think deeply about this.

  • When he described leaning closer …. I had to stop … I will try again later … I can imagine what was coming. I went through the same …. and it was the hardest thing I ever did .. by far. This is a powerful and well done video. I guess there is some solace too knowing that others have gone through the same pain …. and I guess it is okay to think that and not be selfish to do so. Death is one thing that is a constant since we first walked the earth … and dealing with loss is all a part of it. Thanks to all involved for sharing this beautiful story. I helped me a lot.

  • Beautiful soul ❤️ Life sometimes is so strange.. You had to meet your soulmate. Even if it was just for 4 months, you had to fall in love with him and marry him and to assist him in that extremely painful moment. And he had to teach you that death is just a passage.
    I'm sure you have met him before and you will meet him again, cause your spirits are intertwined.
    But this is still so heartbreaking and touching. Thank you for sharing this.

  • When he talked about "do not resuscitate", it reminded my grandma's situation back in late 2017 because it was a decision that my dad had to make when that moment came. This is a touching piece.

  • I lost my grandpa last August.. Never forget what I last told him.. " I love you and if you forget that I will kick your ass. " He smiled at me . 🙂 I would like to tell my job …thank you for there support at that time of sadness.

  • I can't imagine the pain of this. They say it's better to love and loose then to never love at all. In times like this I beg to differ.

  • As an end of life doula I found this so deeply moving and profoundly true. I recognize the beauty of your soul and I see you and love you! Will see you both one day. Can’t wait for our souls to meet.💜my heart to yours.

    Paula Marie

  • this man is so incredibly strong and powerful. My heart is breaking just trying to imagine what he went through

  • Wow, I was NOT expecting the video to turn out like that. What a wave of emotions. I'm sitting here, a grown woman, with no mental issues, bawling my eyes out over a video. What this amazing man went through is absolutely heartbreaking. I hope he feels better today, he really deserves it. Good for him to find his soulmate, but man, what a cruel universe to take his soulmate away so soon. Dammit, you needed to put a warning in the video that emotions will occour

  • I had a similar experience when I was called to the hospital because I was told my dad was dying. When I got to his bedside, he was on a ventilator, but when I looked at him, I knew he wasn’t there. He was breathing, but I knew he was no longer in his body. You can see it.

  • …y’all think he really wrote that poem. I don’t know just seems like a huge coincidence. If it’s true, maybe love is real 😂

  • This is so profound. This man & the wonderful love story he shared with all of us really touched me to my core. We should all be so blessed to find someone whose love is so true & complete… no matter how long we have that person for. I hope he was able to find peace after such a tremendous loss.
    *Also- to the 43 people who gave his video a thumbs down… Do you even have a heart in your chest??*

  • "Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead,

    Who wants to show you off to the world

    When you are wearing sweats

    Who holds your hand in front of his friends.

    Wait for the guy who is constantly reminding you

    Of how much he cares about you

    And how lucky he is to have you.

    Wait for the guy who turns to his friends and says

    "That's him."

    Wait for the guy who only wants you."

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