The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands (Polyandry Documentary) – Real Stories

The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands (Polyandry Documentary) - Real Stories

some people have problems telling the truth this woman is one of them she called Emily horn also known as Emily LeConte Emiliana Carmichael Emma Baker and anima Hewes Emily is just 30 years old which has already been married to five different men but she never bothered to get divorced many of them the blokes are basically indicating they were led by their pricks as much as my father says more fool then in 2003 after her fourth marriage family was jailed for bigamy she was convicted to the same offense in 2009 she's on her way to court for sentencing if she's decided that she's gonna take some sucker for a ride and she's done the crime so she does the time fair play to her I would doubt anything that she said because I learned from experience that her best she exaggerates everything at worst it's out outright lies don't put it flashing advice you know she's epileptic not that my cable I believe that she did love me but she loved me in her way not in a sort of a rational way that you and I are a normal person would love a person just God everybody I met while making this film talks about family having a relaxed attitude towards truth it seemed deserted be wise to accept nothing at face value emily is pure tabloid gold a giddy mix of sex and deception that made her infamous for a while first question I put to her was why she wanted to appear in a film that would go beyond juicy headlines so they're called straight for the truth there is no way I can be painted as some sort of Mary Magdalene some sort of wronged woman but the truth is nowhere near as bad as the tabloids have made out in some aspects maybe to certainly send it even worse what to think my chances are getting the truth in this documentary no better than 50/50 Emily can sometimes she will either lie outright or she will tell you a truth and embellish it to something it just isn't she won't mean you any harm she's I think she's probably it's almost like she's not happy with the life she's had so she's trying to invent one that makes it feel like somebody special this is my own better to judge disa I'm sure that every person who comes before you believes they have special circumstances perhaps even me I lost over a decade of my life to mental illness I have absolutely no intention of losing another decade the lithium has give me back my sanity completely and as an intelligent educated woman society must have law or there would be chaos I hope my defense will prove that the only victim in this sorry affair has been the law for that I am truly sorry my decision-making process may have been flawed due to the drugs but my basic sense of right and wrong is not you're sincerely Emily home she was given a suspended sentence was it her letter that did the trick or was the judge lenient after hearing about the difficulties of Emily's life one thing is for certain the Court did not hear the whole truth that day the man celebrating Emily's Liberty is Wayne Harper her latest boyfriend he knows all about Emily's past but he's inclined to look for positives obviously besides Elvia she's good-looking intelligent no I'll get on great Peter I mean we don't really have that much in common Emily likes to read books last time I read a book covers it's cool so yeah we do have a good Tommy waiting's quote I love him enough not to marry him hey Georgia where's a lot of people do I judge you by the things that she's done everybody's done things that they regret and I can just look past there it's just how they met one night in 2008 when drunk enough cider to make him a bit wobbly recycled into a lamppost damaged his eye and was treated in hospital in Wolverhampton and it was there they see Miss Emily we've been admitted with abdominal pains when mine was in hospital we went to visit him as he was they and from that moment on she was in your face wasn't she because we went to see when we couldn't ask him anything aver Toby's eye or anything was because she just did not stop talking all the Barbie was there and we came made him good that was annoyed me once he the first thing I said to mom was she'll come on boo by and she won't leave Emily has an undoubted talent for finding shelter the Harper family heard her tale of sorrow took her in and gave her lodging but not everyone in the family thought that was a good idea from the first day that I met her I thought that summit was wrong no I said I trusted I hung on and I'll still doubt but that's my opinion art everybody else has got their own opinion but that's mine she knew what she was doing he can't marry five people and not know he's wrong hello Anita suspicion was well-founded for long Emily was fibbing to her new family she told them that her father was dead that's what I couldn't understand when you still blatantly Lloyd debate see Dad when they both cornered me that night it wasn't cornered now just that's Australian a simple strategy he's no longer the problem I had was less than 24 hours after being raped my father saying you're on your own as far as I was concerned my father was dead to try and explain that to a set of strangers as you were at the time was very difficult and then of course she became my family so how do you go back and say look I am sorry I've been lying all the time yeah after one time about how how's your father doing and she said is dead so right so what what happened then says he got dad in a car crash I didn't I didn't ask any more questions because I thought this is another another lie and I think in a way she she was killing people off I think I think it's done with some kind of psychological condition but it started to us at to realize that she was always killing people off in a family she said uh sister died when she was 16 um she had to fight to get them to turn off a life-support machine something like that but she used to cry over that what did she say sister died off him I think she said meningitis yeah I think and I wish she got the idea that meningitis one hmm yeah cuz I lost a brother Timlin jacked us when I was very small so I think that's a pretty cruel cruel thing Emily was first married as a teen to a soldier called Paul Rigby the marriage lasted less than a year and Emily took herself to University in Leeds while she was there she met the man who had become husband number two it was after a temp in bowling night I was a league bowler so it was we played a league and I'd gone into my local pub just for a couple of relaxing drinks before going home and choose working as a barmaid though I'd never met a girl like her before everything I'd say to her she seemed to know something about she was intelligent she pick up on things very quickly even ten pin bowling you know she took bear up herself even though she'd never tried it before she seemed to be head over heels with me but supposing it didn't take long at all before I I did fall for her utterly she was just intriguing beguiling and because we were spending so much time together I just became enveloped in she probably showed attention to me that in a way that no girl had done before you know I've had relationships before but she seemed to focus 100% of her attention on me all the time that's very flattering I guess we'd been together perhaps two or three weeks and she first meant first mentioned marriage and she said she'd come from a Roman Catholic family who didn't believe in a relationship without the idea of marriage but she was very pushy on the idea of getting married because of the sexual relationship I didn't know if I was coming or going I didn't want to get married that quickly because no matter how in love with someone you are you don't know them after two or three weeks unfortunately well fortunately unfortunately I found that I was pregnant we'd already bought the dress anyway those bargains we'd already been looking at rings and Sharona would spend the traditional month salary not my idea of a sensible way of spending money I was at work one day someone passed me no Emily had phoned in and she'd asked me to meet me in a pub after work walked up to the pub on my own had to look around and couldn't see her one of the barman came over to me so there's something for you and there was a note on the bar saying you know what to do it was a box with a note opened it up and there was an engagement ring in the box so she'd been out and bought an engagement ring I turned around and she was there so put the ring on her finger so we got married unfortunately the pregnancy wasn't meant to be that was in 1999 ten years later Emily told Wayne's family about another pregnancy within about two three weeks of OB Nia she come down the stairs really happy and smiling told me she was pregnant and I didn't basically be applied I said just said you'd better not be seen and on week after that didn't I we didn't get on tour for a few months basically she had a miscarriage within a week so she said but you came into the wrong family to get away with anything like that look I've had six kids to work it out in your own it you don't meet somebody have sex with her mom make in three days later and I'm pregnant it's not difficult to see patterns in Emily's behavior for example when she meets a new man who suits her requirements she likes to get married very quickly into the new year the end of January she was saying kept saying let's go down to the registry office in lunchtime get married no witnesses no friends no family I wasn't going to do that I wanted some friends there in at the very least her family had big problems with each other her mother and father had divorced and wouldn't speak to each other so she invited anyone from her family there would be rules and she didn't want to go to a wedding where none of her family were there but all of mine were so yeah she asked if we could get married without any of my family there in the end we got married with just a few friends there almost immediately after getting married very very quickly she seemed to change she'd have nights away no explanations as to where she'd been or what she'd been up to become far more demanding of me emotionally she'd start making up obvious stories because each time I asked there it was a different story every time and I could only think that she was seeing somebody else but could never get to the truth of it never get her to admit it not long after getting married Emily took a temporary job in Norway she also took a lover when he dumped her she went back to Sean and Christmas was great and New Year was wonderful and then I realized by about mid-february I had changed again she started having nights away not being where she said she was going to be to meet me just disappearing and no explanations so then I decided fairly quickly that though that was it you know it wasn't a marriage in anything but name I took a job over in Lancashire which would mean me staying over there five or six nights a week I said right if you take that job in Fleetwood it's over yeah I'm not going to be sitting here for six weeks at a time waiting for a phone call he said that job is over he took the job and yeah we did drifted apart fairly quick she's like a predator she should she you know they're they're her prey she she's done what you need to do she's found I like the naive man maybe the animals for believing her but she's very good at what she does Nash I wouldn't be proud of that had now she's seen it for a while when she turned up at the end of the March 2000 and asked me for if I go for a drink with her and so the f-fine hadn't seen it for a long time I saw there's nothing wrong in that and we went went for a drink it's sort of cafe bar in Leeds and she told me that the relationship with Sean was over a colleague of Sean's a guy called Simon Thorpe had become a very close friend of mine to be honest I've been in love with him since the moment I first saw him but I was committed to somebody else and I don't break my commitments she then told me that she was leaving lead she was going to get a job in the Lake District and I was started to hear this news because of the friendship that we'd had but I thought well you know it's probably good thing to leave Leeds because you don't want to stay here we're obviously all the memories of that particular Asian ship he seemed absolutely gobsmacked that my relationship with Sean was over and I was somewhat upset and I went down to powder my nose so to speak get myself under control I came back inside and said don't go I love you no no I didn't say that no I mean I mean the thing the thing was I mean I wasn't in love with me before the relationship I liked her and she was attractive in her own way and she doesshe but I wasn't in love at that time no definitely not it was later that even as she she confessed that she being in love with me I was a little bit embarrassed at first because though what does one say because I thought if I reject her it's it could be rather cruel you know she's a friend but on the other hand I thought well I get on really well with Emily you know we have this great friendship we share a lot of common interests I thought give it a go so I took the job in grasmere and Simon came up to see me that Easter he rented a holiday cottage and from that Easter right the way through to probably that November was the happiest time of my life taste of honey I love Simon I've loved him from the moment I first saw him and I will love him too the day I die Simon and I would have toured the world apart for each other we did well what do I say really it was passionate I'll say that but at katsu akatsiya was the deeper one see love it sounds very cruel thing to say doesn't it I mean the various degrees of love ah I did love her in my own way but it wasn't her own state was an all-consuming love now she gave in her notice the hotel and my parents very kindly allowed her to stay in our house it was a large Victorian house so I had burn apartment really within the house out in the Attic rooms so had a sitting room in her bedroom so it had a lot of privacy there really we'd get a couple of bottles of wine we get books out when we'd be arguing over Tennyson and Byron or we bringing in more modern stuff like Dickens in the state of England novels she's bright she's very bright I don't think she has a great deal of depth to intelligence in any particular subject she's one of those people a bit like a magpie she can sort of steal lots of ideas from all sorts of different sources she can very quickly read a book and sort of have a sort of a superficial knowledge of a subject because she can talk about such a wide range of them but she hasn't studied any subjects in any real depth I don't think and I got a feeling that she honed in on my own interest because she once she realized what interested me she did sort of start taking interest in male sort of interests his interest was in the pre-raphaelites mine was cretin de Troy and Malory I speak French so I was able to translate them pre-raphaelites was the Victorian Renaissance / Arthur and that kind of Lady of the lake appeal whereas mine was you know when it was written originally he wanted to be a brown war Bronte or a Tennyson you know almost a mr. Darcy type character so I was romantic yes very did he make big romantic gestures no he made romantic gestures I wouldn't call them big the best gift he ever gave me was a sunrise but as usual we had these conversations she was doing most of the talking how was this listening going yeah and and of course Keats yeah okay and I just couldn't get a word in word in edgeways cuz she could has talked and talked and talked and talked emily has always been good at talking but less good at telling the truth Simon had some vivid examples of her fantasy life she told me that her sister died of a drug overdose and I'd actually met this particular sister so I did know her very briefly I was so shocked though like at a cat work today we are an emotional mess it's affecting me so I went to work and I had a word with my Buster said look man here girlfriend's sisters died of it drugs overdose can I have the day off so I went to York and she told me all about what happened and it was a funeral booked she said to me don't tell anyone about this don't tell him although your father's sister anyone about what's happened to Verity I don't want anyone to know so for the next few days I was sort of like living with this kind of notion of a sister died and it was wearing me down emotionally have to say and whoomp IRD I said to my mother I think was a day before the the supposed funeral I said mom can I have a word with you in confidence and I told her what happened I said pouch has gone to the funeral tomorrow so can you keep an eye out for her then on the day of the film when I came back from work mother Paul Merton sadness never left the house right so I went upstairs and shit where she wasn't I said – how did the funeral go and she told me about you know the events of the funeral bla bla bla I said yo lyin so what do you mean so you never left the house and I said of all the low things you can do what a wicked thing to do to make up a story like that the emotional effects it had on me notwithstanding the fact to use a poor sister there's some kind of emotional tool I was horrified you told me once that you had a sister who died is that true I'm not prepared to talk you need to tell her this Joanna I'm not prepared because there are things that you said that you know they're quite big things my view of I have to deal with this my beautify me is very different from 10 years ago mainly having spent a lot of time living with this family I have been normalized if you understand it's really programmed from 18 to 25 my only family with my friends I was very lonely drill my late teens to a certain extent and there was someone I was very closely and it was a joke we were like sisters that was who I lost what I said and how I phrase things five eight years ago is very different to how I'll do it now do you expect me to go looking people are running around and correcting things it was perception poor perception I would add but you still do do it because you told Barbara and Vicky that your father was dead that's for a completely different reason my father and I had a massive fall now very big when I needed him the most it's any wonder and I cut him out dead I didn't have to answer awkward questions about my family that's quite a big things tell people that your father is dead yeah and I appreciate it if you actually didn't tell my father it's still not big enough life continued pretty much as usual for Wayne and his family even with Emily is a long-term guest she had good days and bad ones as the debt for sentencing got closer she seemed more prone than ever to making melodramatic statements for days I'm counting it's getting harder you but if you're expecting me to break down and cry I'm not going to I cry alone or I cry in the rain I think it's one of the reasons I betrayed her so harsh is because I don't show that much emotion or any show emotion in situations where I'm not vulnerable and with people I trust completely I've got that wrong a couple of times in 2000 Emily and Simon bought a house together in Leeds but before long a splitter not long after that Emily bumped into Sean the man she was still married to he'd returned to Leeds broke and discouraged after losing his job I came back to Leeds quite distressed about the job distressed about the marriage breaking up members of my family were ill then and I was struggling really emotionally to deal with that and couldn't deal with anything financially without a job so at that point the house was in danger of being repossessed and I got to the stage where I wasn't even an opening post met Emily on the bus and explained the situation I was in with a house and that at some stage it was going to be repossessed by then she was with somebody else that she'd met and she offered to move back into the house with him and pay the mortgage for a while until I got back on my feet that's I suppose by anybody's standards an unusual situation very much so looking back I can't quite believe it was going on but I was in such an emotional state at that time that it seemed perfectly reasonable Sean was in hell of a state and he blamed me for leaving him and the job falling through so the fact that Chris and I moved into the top room was practical bills have to be paid what was life like in the house the three of you it was okay it was I mean it was very difficult for me if I saw them together and they go to bed or or I go to bed and leave them downstairs those are difficult moments did he know that you were married normally no as far as he was concerned I was an ex-boyfriends families and she would ask me to keep our marriage quiet and just to say that I was an ex-boyfriend Sean and I continued with me staying in the top room a me paying the mortgage until until I found out I was carrying Simon's baby at which point I mean it's difficult to explain the amount of pressure I was under Sean was blaming me for the fact that he was unemployed and Simon was less than happy over what I done with Chris and I was being pulled like a piece of elastic so she was living in a house with her second husband Sean but sharing a bed with boyfriend Chris while still having an affair with Simon a very modern arrangement which must have involved a lot of deception do you think that you have a different concept of truth to mask people it's interesting one truth is for philosophers facts are undeniable the possibility yes I most definitely had a conceptual problem with both five twenty years ago we're still saw each other and risa spend a bit of time together we were never living together at this after that once she left well street we were never living together but we used to meet up now and again and we stayed on very good terms and we had fought together after say a cat I'm how can I lie and say it was all bad having fun is all well and good but Emily wanted more she fancied another marriage but Simon had always said no he knew she was married to Sean out of revenge almost you know kiss the other boy to make someone else look jealous I married Chris Barrett and I knew it was illegal Chris was an innocent victim of I wouldn't say a power struggle that's the wrong word the love that would tear the world apart between me and Simon with the world remaining in one piece Emily decided to celebrate her illegal marriage to Chris she told me they were going to have a little party to celebrate the fact that they were together with some friends that's why that's fine I don't really want to be there that would be very awkward indeed but they came home that night and and they were married and she told you we're married she didn't now I saw the ring on her finger Astor if they were married a car remember it's crystal hood said yes they got married that afternoon did you say anything did you say but we're married no I didn't remember I just broke down and run upstairs so I couldn't believe she done that to me couldn't believe she done that to Chris they seem to love each other it's just earth-shattering I think she just knows how to pick them I think she can look at person and speak to him for a bit and know that if the vulnerable are if you know she can manipulate them and stuff I think she's really good at telling what people's characters alike and nothing that's what she like looks out for you know in a man she just tells him like that she's had a hard life and everything and they just want I try and make her life better which in the end she'll ruin theirs Emily left Chris and Sean and possibly Simon in a state of emotional turmoil and then she went to the train station I got a train on the first job offer I got when she was it's which I didn't even say goodbye I met Emily on train I what my job at that time was a train guard she was dressed very sexy and it was one of those occasions that you notice people and she looked really nice I had a conversation with her about the ticket James was normal with a capital N and that was very attractive when you've led an alternative lifestyle for a very long time he was probably another innocent victim she did seem to enjoy my company she seemed to like talking to me and guards have a sort of uniform so that you're aware that that has a certain attraction to certain types of ladies which is quite nice so it might be that she was attracted to the uniform I invited him for a cup of coffee because he just finished shift at the railway station she went back with me to my place and she ended up staying the night Emily stayed a little bit longer than that in fact it was only a matter of days before she moved in and shortly after that they were married she seemed to want to get married very quickly I was happy with that because I thought I'd found somebody that believed in the things I believed somebody who wanted to be with me once the snowball starts it's very difficult to stop it very very difficult indeed so what I have with it so James became husband number four was Emily right when she said that the men in her life were led by the pricks an adventurous young woman can have a powerful influence on an older man she seemed to be very very open minded about the whole issue of sex she was always wanting to do different things had different suggestions about what to do she had no issues or problems with herself being naked in front of me and was quite happy to seem to be quite happy to do and try almost anything as well as being happy to try almost anything Emily was keen to try things with almost anyone James said that shortly after he got married he found out you're working in his well as a massage parlor that's not true or untrue jaehun I was working as an escort was working as an escort on the glamour model in London but James was aware of that anyway when we met I told him I was a model I didn't specify what genre but did he know you were working as a prostitute by definition please change your words escort there is a difference as well prostitute no there is a difference what's the difference for start an escort is paid for her time what she chooses to do on her time has her own choice she can say no basta shoots a massage parlor can that's the big difference okay did you when you're working as an escort did you have sex with men for money course I did but I also walked away sometimes the Jen's know about that that you're doing that work pretty much the same as glamour modeling it's not a great deal different sex for money definitely glamour modeling is not the same as prostitution sex for money sex for money Rosie for tossing topless is not science glamour model also covers adult film work ladonna pornstar better word when you're married to four different men and when your life is constructed of a series of untruths and fantasies it must be hard keeping track of everything I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to piece together what the truth was and from that I could then make a decision of what I was going to do and one of the first things that came out when I started that was I discovered that there was a second marriage I started to realize that there was no point in the marriage that I had because it was just a fast we met up when we were on a train and we were talking and she said and she put her tongue to the side of her cheek she does when she thinks that something's rather dramatic and funny and she told me well the truth is is actually another one I'm actually married to three other and you're the fourth which was a bit of a surprise but by then I've got used to her surprises the person I thought she was the person I loved didn't exist and she didn't seem to care James gathered evidence that Emily's other marriages and took his findings to the police she was convicted of bigamy and served a six-month jail sentence but that didn't quash her enthusiasm for matrimony in 2007 she met Ashley Baker in Oldham we've recently found out that how we met her was actually in a massage parlor so he he's friend actually paid and for hit for her her time and as a birthday present for him Ashley wouldn't take part in the film but his two sisters Lisa and Shelly were close observers of his relationship with Emily well the DA living together a couple a month when she was supposedly pregnant which we far it was a bit suspicious when she says she was pregnant because she actually told him she couldn't have children I asked my brother at was the using anything and he said no so I was like well why not and he said well because she said you couldn't have kids so I was like well you do use something because you know you don't know you wanna been together two weeks you don't know where she's been you know despite the misgivings of his sisters Ashley decided to go ahead and get married to Emily the wedding was really tense none of her family was there at all and then when the turned up in like dark clothes and she had black vests upon in jeans which is a bit artificial wedding you know the other one you supposed to have had up you know to our knowledge then you want to make it a special occasion so we thought that was a bit weird as well the happy couple set off for a honeymoon in Scotland but instead of love talk Emily had something serious to say should I cry in in on the way up to Scotland and he was saying what's wrong and and she said I've got some satalia I don't live to tell ya and he was like well you know tell me eventually got out of glide out of her and she said I don't think him my marriage is legal the marriage is legal but it but it is in my heart or something like that she said it was real to her and real in her heart then but it wasn't legal despite this knowledge Ashley decided to stick by his bigamous wife I think because he loved her and the way the way he always thought it could look after her because she said she had so many things wrong with the womb cancer she said she had migraines she was on antidepressants and she'd also said to him well look if you leave me I'll kill myself and it was worried for her and that's why you put up with it because the most of my good times as well as the bad time so I think he just hopes on that they'd have more good times and bad they got together in May 2007 they was married in September and then she left him in June for his friend from work it was devastated it was really devastating cause he still loved because we were saying how it should have just left it to it you know I know it's hard because he loved her what was said well you need to just if she's done that if you take her back she can do it again should we try for say a bit more classical I'll try for a full length just relax okay cuz while I said nothing just relax nicely spoil your monk friends here Emily that's it tell me your ease with the world if they'd love to be a whole family love you all right nice one Emily's life has been a turbulent one she crammed a lot into her three decades five husband's criminal convictions mental illness and a career as a sex worker that doesn't seem to be in a great deal of joy in her life lately but her father remembers how I was a happy child juda textbook baby she was bright she's intelligent she took in information very very quickly she learned to speak or do all the standard things speak walk talk interact with people very very quickly as far as uncle said father couldn't wonder for a better daughter I think you've got to be I think that's a really nice portrait yeah and you're happy with it yep my eyebrows look bright when Emily was 12 years old her parents separated for six months after the split family lived with her mother she then made allegations of sexual abuse between me and my father I could quite cheerfully run her neck over that she knew it wasn't true but it was something that would take time to sort out and I guess by that time she figured she could coerce me into staying Marian's allegation wasn't outright sexual abuse about me abusing Emily Marian's allegation was the Emily consensually engaged in an incestuous relationship with me and it was a conspiracy between the two of us that's what and she put it in paper via solicitors letter and Emily was as brave as can be because she marched herself straight down the doctor's and demanded an examination on the spot for all everyone says about me there was a time when I stood and fought for the truth yes the police social services the family doctor and I won I was absolutely powerless to do anything about it a button of the obvious denials of course but Emily was never braver so when she when she died she did that my mother was just being malicious or she was just trying to make sure that I could never go back to my father nor Yorkshire social services whether they took any action on it or not I later heard on the grapevine that they'd made some low-key inquiries it pretty much concluded there was nothing any eleventh they never told me blessing but yeah it kind of lingers does that little nasty taste in mouth it's horrible a month later the next access visit I left another left God forgive me I backhanded her and I think looking back on it now in benefit of hindsight I think the gradual change in Emily's personality probably starts you from around there Graham remarried and Emily formed a good relationship with her stepmother but by the time she was 16 her father was becoming concerned about her behavior she'd disappear for days at a time she'd just drifted in out the house okay she was came through the door bright breezy like nothing had ever happened hang on Emily where have you been for the last few days I saw like that it's no problem just with some friends gradually we just start to drift apart we found out that she was dying to tell lies a lot and we caught that line quite a few times and she was starting to show signs of I don't know living in some kind of a fantasy world and it caused a lot of friction between us it was like it was a hard time so I got to the point in the end where I just couldn't believe anything she said to me in that respect Emily's situation hasn't changed much the Harper family have heard enough tiles to make them worry but they stood by her perhaps because of her relationship with Lane why nothing really had any girlfriends before you know it's been out remember Dean never seemed to bother ddv he's never boss anybody oh man at all I think he preferred being out with his mates even at his age as long as she should abide she's quite a thought leader but with it if she just decided to leave or anything on her own accord and whether she'll still want to know us after or not I don't know because I think he can move from one life to another thinks he's capable of doing that quite easy I completely forget about where she has been I should get a divorce Emily served a jail sentence for bigamy in 2002 but then she got married again so prison was clearly not much of a deterrent this time she escaped prison but should she be punished well her life seemed so chaotic and dispiriting that she probably needs help rather than punishment she says the only victim was the law although Sean Chris James and Ashley might disagree and as for the truth well it seems as though the truth will always be a casualty where emily is concerned freedom freedom I think that my behavior has been vulnerable I'm wrong I went a mistake too far for whatever reason man has taken two accountants and I paid a very high price and it's over polygamy was practiced in Arabia before Islam but with no restrictions on the number of wives Islam limited it to four when a man marries more than one wife it is known as polygyny

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