The Biggest Scandals That Completely Rocked Destiny’s Child

The Biggest Scandals That Completely Rocked Destiny’s Child

From ousted group members to dubious writing
credits, these independent women survived their fair share of drama. Of course, they ultimately reached stardom
that more than paid their bills, bills, bills but it wasn’t easy. These are some of the biggest scandals to
rock Destiny’s Child. No one thought that Beyoncé would go on to
slay the pop charts when she started out with Destiny’s Child. And apparently, she hasn’t forgotten just
how little their record label invested in their success. In 2016, Beyoncé told Elle of her Destiny’s
Child days, “They underestimated us.” While she didn’t specify which record label
it was, Destiny’s Child was signed to Columbia Records at the time. Always one to keep her eyes on the prize,
Beyoncé looked at her record label’s alleged neglect as an opportunity to hone her craft. She explained, “They allowed us to write our own songs and
write our own video treatments. It ended up being the best thing, because
that’s when I became an artist and took control. […] We had a vision for ourselves and nobody
really cared to ask us what our vision was. So we created it on our own, and once it was
successful, I realized that we had the power to create whatever vision we wanted for ourselves.” Beyoncé might be credited for writing the
empowering lyrics to Destiny’s Child sophomore album The Writings on the Wall, but according
to VICE, DC’s hit songs “Bug a Boo,” “So Good,” and “Bills Bills Bills” were written by Kandi
Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame. So, just how much did Bey contribute to the
lyrics on the group’s hit 1999 album? According to Burruss, it likely wasn’t much. She told VICE, “I would kind of have an idea of what the
melody should be; the concept and partial lyrics. […] I would already have the hook together
and the melody of what the verse should be. […] I left a little open so that they could
have input as well.” After Beyoncé boasted about her songwriting
skills for Vanity Fair’s November 2005 issue, claiming she had written, quote “eight Number
1 songs with Destiny’s Child in a row,” Fox News slammed the artist for taking credit
for writing songs attributed to a list of songwriters. Six months after Farrah Franklin joined Destiny’s
Child, a statement was released that she would no longer be with the group and the group
would become a trio. Matthew Knowles told MTV, “The bottom line is that Farrah didn’t show
up for work. Beyoncé and Kelly have never missed a show,
ever.” “We interviewed Farrah at one point…who? Who? Who? Who’s that?” Franklin tried her hand at a solo career,
but she was sacked from two different record labels, according to the Daily Beast. In 2016 Franklin tried her hand at finding
love on The Millionaire Matchmaker. After showing up four hours late for her date,
her reality TV career ended. Her mugshots didn’t help either. She was arrested for disorderly conduct in
2011 and 2014, and again in 2016, when she was popped for, quote, “public intoxication
and possession of a small amount of weed” after arguing with a man at 3 am, according
to TMZ. Sadly, she wasn’t able to pay her $250 bail. Fans received a surprise goodbye from Destiny’s
Child in 2004. People reported that Kelly Rowland broke the
news to 16,000 fans during a concert in Barcelona, Spain. Slashing any hope that remained, MTV News
released the band’s breakup statement, which said, “After a lot of discussion and some deep soul
searching, we realized that our current tour has given us the opportunity to leave Destiny’s
Child on a high note. No matter what happens we will always love
each other as friends and sisters and will always support each other as artists.” In the end, MTV News reported that fans finally
bid farewell at Destiny’s Child’s last concert in Vancouver, Canada. Today, their split is just as shocking as
it was in 2004. According to MTV News, they were one of the
top-selling female pop groups in history.” In July 2019 — despite their brief but iconic
2018 Coachella reunion — Rowland casually destroyed fans’ dreams about a Destiny’s Child
reunion, telling Us Weekly, “It hasn’t been [on] our radar.” Leave it to Matthew Knowles to continue making
a profit off of Destiny’s Child more than a decade after they split. He spoke with Forbes about his next move in
2019, saying, “We’re working on a Destiny’s Child play. […] It’s from my perspective.” Knowles also discussed his other project in
the works for 2019, adding, “My next book is Destiny’s Child: The Untold
Story. People really don’t know the true story of
how it all unfolded.” Knowles hinted at finally unravelling all
of the band’s secrets and setting the record straight. But if you think that Destiny’s Child will
have anything to do with it, think again. According to Knowles, it’s all about him and
his point of view. He explained, “I’m now telling my story.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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35 thoughts on “The Biggest Scandals That Completely Rocked Destiny’s Child

  • Whatever, beyonce always wanted a solo career
    And she remained friends with kelly and michelle that is what matters
    Their discography is doing good in streaming era, top 3 most streamed female group
    And if they decided to do a reunion tour definitely will do well, (beyonce alone)
    I wish them all the best, i still listen to their songs still a Bop and a classic

  • It's funny how Beyonce does her best to keep up this queen-like, mysterious presence…and then there's her dad doing regular old VladTV interviews talking about erry-thang!! Lol. SMH. You know she can't stand that 🤣😒

  • I stopped focusing after the part where Farrah was 4 hours late to her date on millionaire match maker. Wow that's funny. Now that is fashionably late. Legend say, she is still broke and single

  • If I were Matthew knows..Of course! I wanted my daughter to be the one successfully. Kelly and Michelle deserved more..!!

  • Beyonce is not a song writer, artists, choregraphor are visionary. She sings and entertains. Like so many others the only difference is she doesn't want to give credit to where it's due. Sad

  • Blah, blah, blah…I don't consider myself part of the beehive but I think beyonce is seriously one the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I love how she has not filled her face up to look pillowy and her curves are natural and proportionate to her body (which she works damn hard at). She doesn't look like a freaky character with abnormally body and face. She is stunning to me and of course, the talent. She seems to give her all, passion and love on stage. Sorry for the long post. 😊❤

  • So what was Destinys Child vision anyways? Dressing up like street whores and dance as if you are at the club!?

  • From day one it was clear that Beyonce was the only "Destiny's child" in that group. Destiny's child project was simply about training and preparing Beyonce for a solo career. The other girls were there just as a backdrop. Some of them didn't want to reconcile with the role and were quickly thrown out. Others like Kelly and Michelle have accepted to be humble and obedient maids to Queen B so they had Beyonce's affection till the end.
    It is no accident that Kelly announced that the group had been disbanded forever because it was for her personal moment of life liberation she had been waiting forever.

  • Please give credit where credit is due. Mathew Knowles is very intelligent and worked very hard to help those girls be successful. Beyonce is BEYONCE, Kelly Rowland is a household name with many hits, and Michelle Williams is one of the greatest gospel singers around. Hell and even Latoya Luckett found music success after leaving Destiny's Child. I love how they blend their vocals…it's what set them apart from the rest.

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