The bridesmaids dig deep! – Don't Tell the Bride – Episode 12 Preview – BBC Three

35 thoughts on “The bridesmaids dig deep! – Don't Tell the Bride – Episode 12 Preview – BBC Three

  • In Ireland we pay for the bridesmaids dresses. Simple and if we can’t we don’t have that many bridesmaids.

  • I’ve been in many weddings and I have ALWAYS paid for my own dress and the assorted expenses that it entails. Maybe it’s different in Britain but these girls seem out of line in their demands.

  • He had a budget – He managed to be a bargain for the bridemaids dresses. If they want him to pay for it all – the expect a wedding ceremony in the middle of a paddock and an reception with only tea and biscuits.

  • All wedding-party outfits should be covered by the ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ budget and all compulsory outfits at any wedding should be paid for by the couple.

  • I watched the full episode. The bridesmaid had to pay for the hen night, the make up / hair and dresses. I would not be impressed either, as especially when they couldn’t even choose their dress, make up or hen night.

  • My personal thoughts on this show are that if the groom is responsible for organising all aspects of the wedding, then he should make the decision as to how many bridesmaids there are, and who they are. (Controversial but it would make good TV!?). Very often the bride insists on there being several bridesmaids and that is quite a big chunk of money and the groom ends up getting really rubbish dresses – not necessarily this episode but ones in the past where you see the dresses turn up in a bag from some really cheap rubbish place online or a rubbish shop.

  • If you look at the comments that are critical of the bridesmaids, it is really suspicious. Luke had twelve grand and out of that he could have afforded to find six bridesmaids dresses within budget. But instead he chose horrible tacky expensive dresses, and then said "I want eighty quid from all of you" to the bridesmaids. The answer should have been "what have you done with the twelve grand Luke?" So its obvious that Luke has messed up, or cant count. But somehow we've got a load of fake Americans going "We always pay for our own dresses when we are bridesmaids" … That is really suspect. And then you've got the "friends of Luke" society who are called the wronged bridesmaids all sorts of names. Its an obvious hoax.

  • I hate to think what has happened in that marriage. That guy can't budget and its all "my way or the highway" with him, so he can't compromise. I hope the bride did a runner, cos if she has kids, she's stuck with a man who is nasty

  • the Groom never has the money(and whatever crazy idea he pitched to get on the show is locked in)wherever he wants to visit,use,buy has to run up the chain (for permission to film etc)they either Vito it or yes it then . then someone gives them a card to buy it. also some grooms have reported that they felt encouraged to make choices that would be better for tv then for the wedding. an article i read once from one bride said her groom was encouraged to not to pay for a hens do just buy a round of drinks because it’s tradition that the bridesmaids all chip in for it which is why she got handed a bill. another said grooms dress choice was declined by the tv show (the show has the right to say no if they think it’s something the couple talked about )

  • She has wayyy too many bridesmaids. Having 3 or 4 is enough. Looks like she has closer to 6 and all are way too cheap to buy the dress.

  • I’ve been a bridesmaid twice and never had to pay for the dress. It’s either the couple getting married chooses the dress, and pays for it. Or the bridesmaids get to choose and pay for their dress. That way they can all get something in their budget. (And the couple getting married can just say what colour to get so they’re all wearing the same/similar colour)

  • such bitches! if i was him i would call my fiance and tell her her bridesmaids dont want to be bridesmaids because they want more expensive dresses. she will be dramaqueen then and they will certainly regret their big mouths…. his money is for paying his own wedding not their luxury

  • with a 12,000 budget there should be more than enough to buy the dresses! 80 is to much in my opinion anyway you only were them once! its friggen ridiculous … budget better they didnt ask to be on dont tell the bride that was your choice

  • I have been bridesmaid three times and maid of honour once,each time I paid for my own dress which was chosen by the bride,I felt honoured to be asked so didn't mind paying but did get time to save up.When I got married the only bridesmaid dress I payed for was the little flower girls ,not all brides parents can afford to pay for weddings if they have more than one daughter,they make a contribution and pay the brides dress/son's suit.

  • If the groom had paid for everything else, ok asking them to pay for the dresses would make a little more sense but he already had them fork out enough, and if he wanted them to pay then they should pick out dresses, just give them a colour and let them find dresses they like

  • Whether it's 'tradition' or not for the bridesmaids dresses to be paid for by the couple those girls should not expect them to pay, that's just rude and inconsiderate; I would not expect him to pay for it at all.

  • That’s nothing. Most people are used to paying for the dress the bride wants, alterations the bride wants, and however much the guys want

  • Seriously these girls are awful, AWFUL. Trying to manipulate the situation to get their own way. If my bridesmaids behaved like this I'd tell them to fuck off quite frankly.

  • If he didn't have the money to pay for the dresses, he should have at LEAST allowed them to choose the dresses themselves. (And choose something within their budgets)

  • He had £12,000 (a lot in my opinion), to plan a wedding. Bridesmaids dresses should have been adequately budgeted for within that. They should never have had to cough up for anything in this wedding…awful!

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