The oppa’s are mad!!! [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.29]

The oppa’s are mad!!! [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.29]

Is there something else your mom doesn’t allow other than playing with friends? I don’t have a mobile phone. – What? / – You are in eighth grade. – Elementary schoolers have them. / – Why don’t you give her a mobile phone? – You have a lot of mobile phones. / – Give her one. – Give her a slide phone. / – Go on. Why don’t you have a mobile phone? She says children who play games on mobile phones – look indecent. / – Indecent? That’s why she doesn’t buy me one. However, she has games in her mobile phone. – She plays games. / – Yes. Don’t you need a mobile phone for school these days? That’s right. It’s a necessity. My classmates and teachers have a group chatroom. – A group chatroom. / – Yes. It’s inconvenient because I don’t have a mobile phone. It keeps her from talking to her teacher. It’s how I raise my children. It’s a lousy way. You won’t feel uncomfortable if you don’t have smartphones from the start. You go crazy if you go without after owning it. Until my children become university students… Your son doesn’t have one either. – No, he doesn’t. / – Really? You only work at the hair salon. Why do you need a smartphone? That’s different. – Why do you play games? / – Why? – I… / – That’s bad education. Are you a game fanatic? – Are you a game fanatic? / – She must be. – She is. / – You’re a game and TV fanatic. You’re a fanatic. (She’s a fanatic mother.) She also said I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend, and that I can only get one when I go to college. Can’t you have a boyfriend in secret? I don’t have time. – She doesn’t have time. / – Right. – No. / – She can meet people only if she goes out. Did anyone like you? Of course not. Look at my face. – Why not? / – You’re pretty. You’re pretty and cute. She lost confidence because her mom makes her work. She educates her in ways that I don’t understand. What do you hope for your daughter in the future? Based on my life experience… What kind of experience? I lived a normal life. My mother let me do whatever I wanted. Her priority in life is her children. While I was growing up, I did everything I wanted. Do you think that’s the wrong way to raise a child? – That’s right. / – Why? If my mother didn’t trust me so easily and had put some restrictions, I might have studied harder. Then shouldn’t you let your daughter study? She studied very hard at the salon until last year. At the salon? Yes. She studied hard and got good grades. Since last November, she complained about studying. I think she’s hit puberty. She doesn’t want to study, so she keeps complaining – of having too much work. / – How could you say that? – She was fine before. / – Now that she hit puberty, you should try to be more understanding. You haven’t given her – a chance to focus on studying. / – That’s right. I’m not sure if she’ll study. Do you prefer that she keeps working if she doesn’t want to study? I think that’s better. Ma’am, you never gave her a chance to study. Do you want to go to a private institute after school? – Yes. / – With friends? If your mom lets you study at a private institute, by how much can you raise your grades? I can get in the top 20 rank of my school. – Can you do that? / – Yes. I don’t want to send her to private institutes. – Why not? / – Her brother went to one, but his grades got worse. – That’s your son. / – That’s different. She’s never been to one. It was very difficult for him to raise his grades again. Your son and your daughter – They’re different. / – are completely different. I’m not sure yet. (Give her a chance.) Does Dad say anything about you studying at the salon? Dad tries to comfort me. It’s just – Mom. / – He gives in to her, doesn’t he? Yes. Are other members of your family here? I asked Dad and my brother to come, but they refused since it’s only my problem. – They won’t come. / – They show her no interest. In case you think that I’m lying, I invited two regular customers. Regular customers? – They aren’t your brothers? / – Really? – They aren’t her brothers. / – I thought they were. I thought they were her brothers. I thought so, too. – Me, too. / – Me, too. Did you invite them yourself? Goodness. I’ve never introduced myself to them. Since Mom always orders me to sweep the floor, and to do this and that, they call me Ms. Dokyung. – Ms. Dokyung? / – What? Ms. Dokyung? Bring me some water, Ms. Dokyung. – She’s so cute. / – Ms. Dokyung. How do you usually call her? I call her, “Ms. Dokyung.” – Gosh. / – That’s funny. Do you understand her worry? Yes, I do. When I see Ms. Dokyung always at the salon cleaning, – I feel bad for her. / – Of course. How would you feel in her shoes? I’d have quit already. Her puberty can get worse. I hope her mother will be more understanding. How did you start going to their salon? I’m friends with her brother. You keep calling her Ms. Dokyung. Do you have feelings for her? She’s great, but I don’t have feelings for her. Although you didn’t have much time to study, did you get good enough grades? Mom said she’ll make me a hairdresser otherwise. (Make her a hairdresser?) She decided her daughter’s future. You must be frustrated. Your own opinion is important. Do you know what you want to be? – I want to be a TV producer. / – TV producer? – That’s impressive. / – He’s a producer. – Say hello. / – That’s right. (It’s nice to meet you.) She’s so cute. You have to study hard to be a producer. Isn’t your wife also a producer? Some people don’t know I’m married, so be quiet. – Gosh, I’m sorry. / – He lost his mind. Do you want to produce dramas or documentaries? – I really like variety shows. / – Variety? Ma’am. What you say may be reasonable if she has no dream, but her thoughts are different. I already know. Being a TV producer isn’t easy. – You should give her a chance. / – Why can’t she be? Why don’t you believe in her? She doesn’t study hard enough. – Give her a chance. / – That’s your perspective. – Ma’am. / – Before I give her a chance, I should see her study hard first… Why is there a condition? – Why must you set limits? / – You didn’t even let her. I’m not sure if she’s capable. You understand it the wrong way. You didn’t provide an environment where she can study. She might’ve helped you willingly in the beginning, but she’s getting tired because it’s prolonged. Moreover, she’s still young. Please consider what comes first. You should stop making her work whether she studies hard or not. – You should stop making her work. / – Right. At her age, she needs to be with friends and play. She wants to study and go to private institutes. She thinks she can’t do anything because of work. Once she enters high school, she can’t work anyway. – Ma’am. / – She doesn’t want to work. Violence isn’t always physical. Doing something you hate is worse than being spanked. She doesn’t want to do it. What you’re doing is an act of violence. She treats her daughter unfairly compared to her son. – Right. / – That’s right. – What do you think? / – I can sense it. Usually, she calls my brother handsome, but she calls me ugly. I’d understand if he actually is. You’d make great variety shows. You have talent. When she goes shopping for my clothes, she only buys clothes for my brother. – Not yours? / – No. When my brother’s school needs a proctor, she volunteers to help without hesitation. When my school needs a proctor, she complains. – She discriminates unconsciously. / – Right. As I mentioned, my son is a junior in high school. He’s so busy that I hardly see him. You call your son “my son”, but you don’t call her “my daughter”. That’s because she’s… My daughter is in front of me. My son isn’t here. What about volunteering as a proctor? That’s because the new principal at my daughter’s school… She suddenly calls her “my daughter”. You don’t have to say, “my son” even if he isn’t here. Why did you say that? You called her “my daughter”. Her principal used to teach at my high school. He complains a lot because of the Kim Youngran Act. What’s your reason for mentioning that? I’m serious. Why did you only buy clothes for your son when you went to shop for hers? He looks good in most clothes. Excuse me? The things you say – You discriminate against her. / – are discriminatory. I can’t buy clothes that look bad on her. Do you think your mom loves you? No. – Goodness. / – This is important. – That’s only your opinion. / – Please wait. What does love mean to you? Acting like my mom’s mom. – Like your grandmother? / – Yes. – Is it complimenting you? / – Yes. – Doing what you want? / – Being open. What’s most important for her is that she has no freedom. – She should be free to think. / – What would she do – with freedom? / – Come on. – There’s no one at home. / – Ma’am. Please listen. – What’s wrong with her? / – She has a dream. Don’t you want your daughter to be happier? What would make her happy? – Let her do what she wants. / – Let her. – What do you think? / – I hope she understands me. I will sweep the floor. I hope you’ll wash the equipment at the salon. Let me live my life. (Let me live my life.) – She’s asking you to let her live her life. / – Ma’am. Her life? What do you think about this? You shouldn’t laugh at her. Since she doesn’t want to work, I won’t make her. But I’d be too worried if she goes out. – It’s dangerous out there. / – No. She can meet her friends. – No, I can’t let her. / – Why not? Is your neighborhood dangerous? It’s dangerous when they hang out in groups. – You never know what will happen. / – Ma’am. – You were saying / – What about school? that she’s totally different from you. In my opinion, since you’re different, she won’t deviate. – Is that so? / – Ma’am, think about how you were when you were younger. (He gave her a gentle warning!) If you think about how you were younger, of course you’d be worried, but she’s different, so I think it’ll be okay. How about making a promise? You can let her get some extra lessons. Until you come home from work, – she’ll promise… / – She’ll get your permission. She’ll get your permission to play for just an hour. Then she’ll call you and come home right away. – She has no mobile phone. / – That’s right. It’s because she has no phone that you’re worried. Can’t you give her a phone? – If you’re so worried… / – That’s right. Honestly speaking, did our discussion show you that your mindset hasn’t been entirely right? – Right, did it? / – Be honest. It did come across my mind. – Of course. / – I was thinking about ways of how things can change. – That’s a good start. / – I hope you’ll find a way. If you want to be confident in front of your mom, you need to keep your word. Study hard, be a top student, and become a producer. – All right. / – Then you can invite your mom and film a documentary on her. (A mystery show, “About My Mom”) Say a few last words to your mom. Mom, I want to come home after school now. – What a simple wish. / – She wants to go home. How is that a wish? She wants to go home after school. – She wants to go home. / – That’s right. I also want to attend private institutions, and I want a mobile phone. Oh, dear. Don’t you love your mom? I love you, Mom. Do you want to be loved? – I love you, Mom. / – Do you want to be loved? (She cries before she realizes.) Oh, dear. You know that your mom loves you, right? It’s because she has to do everything she wants. How you live in an environment depends on you. I hope you’ll succeed and become a producer. (Show everyone how you grow up at your own will!) All right. I definitely think it’s a worry. She has a dream. You can’t talk about it so casually. Please don’t make her give up and abandon her dream. I think it’s definitely a worry. What you’re doing out of concern for Dokyung now – is only for yourself, not her. / – That’s right. You’re doing it to make yourself feel better. I beg of you to think of another way no matter what. Roy was here a few times, but he was most upset today. Out of the four times I was on Hello Counselor, this is a worry I don’t need to think twice about. I don’t think he’ll be on the show again. He swore in English so many times just now. (He’s joking.) Dongyeop, did you understand those? (Roy thinks it’s a worry!) Everyone, if you empathize with her, press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. Stop pressing it. You can only press it once. Say a few sincere words to your daughter. Dokyung, you know I love you more than anyone. I tell you that several times a day. I say, “thank you” to you every day. I’m upset that you don’t know how I feel about you. – She’s upset. / – Why would she be upset? (Sighing) – What is that? / – Why is she upset and not sorry? – It’s not “sorry”. / – My goodness. – I thought she’d say sorry. / – She’s upset. – Unbelievable. / – I can’t believe her. – I’m really thankful to my mom and dad. / – Go ahead. If you really don’t want to do it, let’s talk after the show. I love you. (We look forward to hearing a good change.) Her mom… What she said about being upset because Dokyung doesn’t understand must be right. She must really love her. But the thing is, even though Dokyung knows, you didn’t express your love for her. You must behave in a way that she can feel your love so she’ll know. You’re both misunderstanding a bit. I wonder how many votes her story got. Show us the result. Please. (The last digit is eight.) I don’t think she’ll change. Is it 198? I think it’s either 178 or 168. – 168 votes? / – 178 votes. – Is it 178? / – She got168 votes. (Her story got 168 votes.) Who didn’t press the button?

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  • That mother's reactions every time her daughter speaks is atrocious…. laughing like it's no big deal. She reminds me of my mom. While I wasn't forced to work, my mother acted (and still acts) like I would not amount to anything no matter what I did/do. She wasn't convinced I would graduate college and was blunt about it. When I graduated and with a very high GPA, all she said was "Oh, that's nice." Artwork that won an award? "Oh, that's nice." My mother hasn't changed and is still this way. I don't see this girl's mother changing any time soon either unless there was a major intervention on top of them being on the show.

  • I'm in 10th grade and still don't have a phone. 😐 I feel you girl. ( using fam laptop right now in case your wondering)

  • I want to slap the sense out of the mother, the little girl is your daughters not your slaves, I really hate the mother as she just laugh it off on her daughter concerns, the mother will never changes and will keep only think about herself,, and it really thick me off that she keep thinking about her son, as for the little girl kudos to u, I hope u will be successful in your future, and get the hell out of that house, u can do it!!! Wish the fuck up mother don't ruin this little girl bright future. 🙄🙄🙄

  • not everything is about studying. i can’t with her mom, i quit studying and obeying my parents. now i study when i want to, earn grades for myself, and decide my future for myself. if i was her, i’d quit.

  • to be honest I like Korea and want to live there but everytime I watch this show suddenly I hate Korea.
    too many lunatic parents there.

  • Gosh… U know what… even my mom and dad talk harshly to me and never praise me in the front, they never ask me to do their works or even household chores, they tell me to study more to gain knowledge and have a future, they were really strict to me and always never take my side when I have a fight… I used to hate them very much but after I'm growing up I always regret never give them more love and appreciation, and u know what? my parents now talk really nice to me and it made me wanted to cry and I realized they used to talk me harshly and never spoiled me because they don't want me to be a spoiled child

    This mother in this episode however… Gosh… Look at her… Her daughter much more mature than me when I'm at her age… And look at her chores… Gosh are u even ok child? I bet she is always getting sick but never really care about her health…. God… Please give her a good life ahead, huhu

  • 9:14 you can see how done most the cast are with this woman.. I think social workers need to get involved not T.V. Also her hole family sounds abusive shame on her 'father' and 'brother' for not even helping her now. I hope the show didn't leave things off here without a follow up..

  • Wow. The girl's mom is seriously annoying. If I were that girl, I would've ran away with what little money I have.

  • I hope that girl grows up, moves out, cuts all ties with that psychotic, abusive waste of a human who dares call herself a mother, and achieves her dream and lives happily away from the people that mistreat her.

  • I would kill to have a daugther like her…..killing her maybe do the deed…owh and killing her father n brother also a bonus…..i'm upset right now….

  • The mother kept saying all (even nonsense) things that can persuade people to think that she's considerate but ended up making her sound so selfish and horrible. I really feel sorry for the daughter.

  • lol I think the highest I've seen from this program is 157. Koreans have such high expectations for childcare that this is totally unacceptable.

  • 1:41: Uh no. You are cute!
    And a savage. If I was at the same age as you, I'd gladly be your friend <3
    And I'd kick the ass of someone who says otherwise

  • I have never been this pissed in an episode of Hello Counselor. Or any show. Period.
    I want to know how the daughter is doing.

  • I can see and feel the sadness in her eyes 9:38 when the host's asked her 'if she feel her mother's love for her' and then she say 'NO'💔

  • Honestly is she a stepmom?! Why does she hate her own daughter so much!! The little girl is literally so cute and you can see the way the mom treats her and talks to her has already taken a toll on her self-esteem. The poor thing… honestly I hate her brother and her dad even more for not doing anything about this and allowing her to be so mistreated… so disgusted by the mothers sexism.

  • jesus christ this woman says the girl doesn't study hard enough when she doesn't even give her the fucking chance!!!!! obviously the kid is going to be tired from working and drop dead when she gets home SHE WONT BE ABLE TO STUDY OR DO HOMEWORK,, like fucking hell i want to charge this woman for child labor,, it's awful that she has to work at that age already, and do house chores as well WHILE THE MOTHER WATCHES FUCKING TV like WTF????!!!!

  • I’m actually crying… this is so devastating and not humorous in any way. This is child abuse. Mentally, verbally and physically. I’m hoping she is in a much better situation now. She is such a bright, beautiful, and sweet girl that doesn’t deserve this mistreatment and bs from her “mother”

    Absolutely unbelievable

  • This is why preparation is a must when it comes to parenthood. Just look at this mother, she’s convinced that her way of raising her children is effective when in reality, it’s tantamount to abuse.

  • the reason why her mom doesn't allowed her to hang out with friends bcs "i worried if they walk in group ,it will be dangerous"

  • why her mom need to give her daughter many money…her mom already give her food and clothes until she became teenager

  • shoot i feel the same i cant have a phone and its very cause i cant get related in school and im always at the back who dont have friends

  • I wanna slap this mom and just make her realize how unreasonable she is it's making me so furious especially since what she's doing is making her daughter lose confidence in herself

  • The way they gasped when she said that she don't have phone I was like come and see in India very few children have mobile . This is of my father and you are not gonna die if you don't have mobile

  • The mum didnt even look sad or even feel sorry that her daughter didnt think that she loves her …. what kind of mum is that lmao, if my child ever thought of that i would have been so sad and sorry about it and tried n change. That woman isnt fit to be a mum tbh

  • Her whole thing is, I need to see her study and get her grades up. Then They say, “Well let her study in a less distracting environment because that is what anyone needs for that to happen.” Then she says, “No, I won’t let her stop working. She doesn’t need to study or have dreams”…Korea, if you have child protection laws, you could probably pin her parents for a few things that have gone on for years from the sound of it. The selfish woman and the uncaring father need a reality check and I think the only way to do it unfortunately is by forcing her to see how wrong they are for essentially making their daughter an indentured slave since she cannot leave her household without getting into trouble with the law. I highly doubt she took any advice to heart. She Just laughed at everyone and the entire issue.

  • The mother was being strict and not understanding of her daughter at first but when she started crying I sorta felt for her but then everybody was annoyed, which sorta hurt cuz everyone has the right to cry

  • It should not be 167 votes.. But 200 votes.. This concern deserves 200 votes.. How can her mother can't even feel sorry for her.. It's really upsetting..

  • The way the mom looked over to her side at the clients when the vote results came out like, "HA you believe these people? They feel like such a small thing is a problem? What a rotten child"

  • Taejon's words hit it the most. The mother is abusing her childhood. The girl just keeps her grudge developed day by day towards her mother. I won't be surprised if when she gets to become adult, she won't care about her mother and is probably gonna abandon her

  • I don’t know why she thinks it’s a competition between her and her daughter. It makes me upset because a parents duty is make sure that their kids don’t go through the hardships at all and shelter them from the evil of the world. I don’t know weather she’ll change or not, but I certainly feel bad for her daughter.

  • Evil mom: until my children become university students, they are not allowed to have a phone

    Everyone in the crowd: WHAT? NO PHONE UNTIL COLLAGE? THATS TOO MUCH!

    Me: chill out. Many Asians don’t have a phone too u know. Them strict asian parents won’t allow them too.

  • when it comes to letting her daughter not own a phone it’s really the mother’s right to do that. you cannot argue with that

  • I don't think her mother changed at all. She keeps laughing and acting like a stuck up brat. I think she never took it seriously and treated her daughter the same back at home after the show.

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