The Truth Behind Your Spouse Not Supporting Your Business – Alpha Man Smart Woman

The Truth Behind Your Spouse Not Supporting Your Business – Alpha Man Smart Woman

– The truth of why your spouse doesn’t support your business. Do you sometimes feel
like as an entrepreneur, you’re out there, you’re working hard, you’re putting in long hours,
you’re taking a lot of stress, you’re trying to provide for the family, but sometimes maybe your spouse
doesn’t understand you or in some cases they even sabotage
you and they hold you back and they prevent you from
going to the next level. Today we’re gonna share
with you why that is, how that came about, and
how you’re gonna solve that. (upbeat music) – I think it’s very simple,
lack of communication, because you never tell your
spouse what are you working on. – I think part of it is, one
thing about our relationship, we are very transparent, that … I think a lot of times–
– Sometimes too transparent. – I agree, like she knows, not like, because I think in terms
of husband and wife, sometimes the husband or the wife is out there in the business world and you’re trying to make money, you’re trying to build a business, but you tell something to your spouse, now maybe you’re thinking, oh
he or she won’t understand, or maybe I don’t want to
burden him or her with what’s going through like all
the stress, I will take it on. I don’t think that’s very healthy. With Jenny, I tell her everything. I mean she knows every
single client that I have, she knows every single
partner that I have, knows them very, very well, she knows all my investments,
she knows everything. – Even though I haven’t met some of them. – Yeah, she knows everything. So that’s what we talk about. In fact, I think in our
communication because with what we do, we talk about
business probably 80% of the time. – Yeah, yes we do.
– 80% of the time. We’re talking about business,
we’re having dinner, we’re having lunch, we’re
talking about business, we’re talking about how about this, how are we gonna make it better
or a scenario that we have and we solve the problems together versus I think even with my main
tease sometimes I see the, let’s say the husband and wife, let’s say the wife is a house wife. The husband sometime feels
like, yeah but you know she’s at home, she doesn’t
understand, she’s watching TV, or she’s taking care of the kids, I don’t want to bother with her, and I don’t even want to
bother trying to explain to her because she won’t get it anyway. It’s not her job to get it, it’s your job to communicate
what you’re doing. If you want their support, I always say as the lead of the family, you’ve got to sell him or her, you’ve gotta sell your spouse,
you gotta close your spouse. If you’re gonna go and take
that new leap of faith, take that risk, you want
your spouse to support you, well if you can’t even sell
your spouse on a vision, how you gonna sell everybody
else on the vision? How you gonna get your employees, how you gonna get your
team to work towards together with you on the vision? You can’t even sell the
ones who’s closest to you. – I gotta talk from a wife perspective. Just imagine, let’s say we’re
at home all day, pretend, and then taking busy with the
kids, or busy with the family, and then the husband’s working outside and then coming back home– – Late.
– Late, and then we have nothing to talk about. Like sometimes maybe
from a wife perspective, I wanna tell you what
I’ve gone through today, but then the husband’s so busy, he don’t wanna listen.
– I’m so tired, I don’t wanna hear about it. – Then he’s like, “Okay so what
did you do today, tell me,” and the husband’s, “Oh
I’m so tired, we’ll talk “about it another time.”
– I don’t wanna talk about it. – From a wife perspective,
it’s very frustrating. At least you could tell me
what is not going through, like what is not going
right, what’s not working? I can help you in a way. Maybe I’m not good like
helping solve it 100%, but at least you can tell me
a little, I can try to help, and then sometimes when you’re actually, “Baby I closed this deal,”
or something like that, you could let us know too
and then we will celebrate together and sometimes you
need celebration right? It can’t just be working, working. Then sometimes, the thing is … It’s funny, I sometimes give
him very feminine perspective which he never, never thought about. – Yeah, I agree. – It’s brand new kind of perspective. Then I gotta tell you, naturally, women can read people better. – Yeah, I agree.
– Which means sometimes men stuck with how come this
deal is not going through, this is not really, I tried
to come into it this side, doesn’t get me, but maybe
talk to you wife a little bit. Maybe wife knows, “Mmm,
maybe he’s thinking that way “you never thought about,
how about try that,” right? – I think the whole thing with
this, how we all started is I know when I was speaking
or traveling a lot and we see each other
less and she was at first, “Oh how come we can’t
see each other as often?” Then it’s all, “Because I’m traveling, “I’m speaking somewhere, I’m flying,” “But why don’t you bring me along?” I said, “Bring you along,
like how does that work?” I don’t know, and we
actually thought well maybe we’ll try it once, and she
was actually kind enough to volunteer, she kind of
helped me at an event. When she showed up
because our relationship, the trust is already there, I
don’t have to worry so much. Now keep in mind, you had no
experience running an event, it was a pretty big event.
– No, no. – But she was just trying her best, of course she made some
mistakes, doesn’t matter, but the heart was there
and she was helping out, and then I thought, okay this is nice. – Because you were hiring an event planner for that right?
– I had an event planner. And at time it was a lot
of things were going wrong, a lot of things were going
wrong but she stepped in and said, “You know,
why don’t I help you?” I said, “Appreciate that,” and she did. – I even find a friend to help me out too. – That’s awesome, and then afterwards it was very, very successful. Then after that, what’s
very interesting is I started to get Jenny more
and more involved in what I do. Like to a point where, and of course, she’s so smart and so intuitive that you picked up a lot of different things, and from there, even now,
almost every business meeting that I bring her along,
if I’m meeting with a new partner, a new business
person, always bring her along. Now when I bring her along,
she doesn’t say much, she just observe, but I
always say she’s like my, what is it, the detector, like a detector. Right always after the meeting, I’ll say, “What do you think of that guy?” I would say, “I think that’s a great guy, “I think we can do some
business together,” and she’s like, “No.” She’s like, “That’s no good.” I say, “What do you mean? “I think he’s confident, he
seems to know what he’s doing,” and she will say, she would pick up things that I would’ve never picked up. At first as the successful
entrepreneur I would say– – Alpha male.
– Alpha male. Like, “No, no, no, you don’t
know what he’s talking about, “I know, come on I’ve been
doing business a long time, “I read people very well,” and
I do read people very well, but so many times where
I would read someone and I look at it wrong,
but she’s, I would say like 99% of the time, maybe 99.9%
of the time it’s right. Now it’s easy for me. I just say, “What do you think?” If she says, “I like this person, do it,” “I don’t like this person, don’t do it,” it’s very easy for me, very easy. If you’re planning to
do any business with me, get through her. You get through her, you get through me. She’s like my filter. When I listen to her, her woman
intuition it’s unbelievable. Vice versa, so going
back to the question that if you’re wife doesn’t support you, your husband doesn’t
support you, it’s your fault that you haven’t convinced
them, you haven’t persuade them. Or maybe, let’s face it, as entrepreneur, we have a lot of failures, we
have a lot of ups and downs. You go and present a new idea to your, let’s say to your wife, “Hey
wife, I’m gonna do this.” I say, Dan you just fucked
up the kind of thing you try in the last 10 years,
now you gotta try this again? Right? It happens. But guess what, every
single time, as a lead, as an entrepreneur, you gotta
sell, and you know this, and I know maybe you said it many time. “Wife, this is it. “This is the last time, I’m telling you. “This is gonna be huge!”
– “This is the big thing.” – “This is gonna be huge,
it’s gonna be awesome!” Right, “Didn’t you just say
that like three months ago?” “No that was that, forget that shit. “This, this is real,” and then he fail– – Happens to him too. – It happens to me many,
many times, many, many times. But law of the average,
one of those incidents, you will make it, and
you’ll make up one win, that’s the good thing about business, one win can make up for
all losses, just one. I don’t care if you screwed up five years, 10 years, 20 years, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you’re in
debt, it doesn’t matter. One win can make up for all losses. That’s the great thing about business, but just gotta keep swinging the bat, hit the home run, keep swinging the bat. Now on the other hand,
sometimes in a relationship, you have the spouse
that’s also entrepreneur. So you’re entrepreneur,
the spouse is also like, you have an alpha male and
then you have alpha female. Now what do you do? – Wow, yeah. That’s another really tough situation, but I would say, communicate,
still communicate. You gotta make it with
each other and you gotta know clearly role of what you
are playing in your family. It goes back to, we always
talk, there’s only one leader in the family.
– There can only be one leader in the family. – One leader, one follower. It cannot be two leaders. Two leaders are gonna fight.
– Someone has to make some sacrifices. Someone has to to come to
some kind of compromise. You cannot be, “I wanna
build my business,” “I wanna build my huge
business,” well then, you’re not together, you’re not one unit. – When you marry or
even when you’re dating, you could be marrying in the future, you’re basically like on the same boat. You cannot say, “Let’s go
left,” “Let’s go right.” – One is like going that
way, the other one’s going the opposite direction.
– We only have one boat. – Then what happens, the boat just spins. You gotta go in the same direction, because now two people together, you have much more fire power. Again, if your spouse doesn’t support you, it is your job, think about
why doesn’t they support you? If you are honest, why
doesn’t they support you? What about your track record in the past? Have you shown them that you are someone that they can rely on? Have you shown them that
they could trust you? Have you shown them that you know what, by helping my partner, that we
would be successful as well? Or you’ve been kind of
sloppy with certain things and then you don’t have a track record. One thing about Jenny can
tell, she can always rely on, if I say I’m gonna do
this, I’m gonna do it. I say I’m gonna provide,
I’m gonna provide. There’s no, “Well what
if Dan doesn’t make it? “What if he loses it? What if, what if?” What’s your perspective? – I gotta say also, goes
back to communication. Even though you you’ve
maybe had a lot of failures, but then at the other
partner, I think from women’s, we are always supportive in the beginning. Doesn’t matter what you do, and sometimes when I see
Dan’s working really hard, it feels really hard for me to blame him on lacking of some things. Like I know he’s working so hard and he’s trying to be focused in the day, so at the night, okay
I’ll understand that, or tell me a lot of failures, I’ll go, oh okay maybe you had a tough day, maybe let’s forget about it
and then I’ll cheer you up on another successful day. If you don’t say anything, wife is like, “You don’t tell me, I don’t
know what have you done.” Maybe you have been kicking ass outside, or maybe you had 10 failed meetings, but at least you’re trying. If you tell this to your wife, I think your wife or the other partner will be really appreciative and then they wouldn’t
blame you down or maybe, because without communication, all they can do is imagination. I imagine you didn’t work
hard because you failed this, I imagine you didn’t do– – You slacked off. – Yeah you slacked off, you
didn’t maybe talk enough, or maybe you didn’t try enough, but the truth is maybe
you already tried so hard. I think it’s very important. – I think as a man, you’ve
gotta show that conviction to your wife, that even
though when we were together, I was already successful but
not as successful as today, I don’t think we even thought about I’d be this successful, I don’t know. – That was never planned, yeah. – Never thought about,
oh I’m gonna be this big, but it’s more like from the belief that, and still the belief in
her that if someone’s gonna make it that big,
it’s gonna be my husband. – Yeah, I do feel that way. – If she’s met so many men,
so many different people, it’s like you know there’s someone that can make it that big,
it’s gonna be my husband. So are you conveying that
kind of message to your wife? Are you conveying that kind
of conviction to your wife? Are you conveying that kind
of confidence to your wife? I think that’s what missing. Don’t so much blame your
spouse, look within. Look within yourself, the hey, have I done everything I
could to get the support? Not even get the support,
to earn the support. You don’t just get the support, you’ve got to earn the right. You’ve got to earn the support, I think that’s what the big message is. Don’t feel like, oh she’s
supposed to support me, he’s supposed to support me,
he’s my husband, she’s my wife, no put that aside, put that aside. I bet, human beings, if
you’re truly strong enough and you are truly reliable and you truly can give your spouse the confidence, guess what, they will support you. If they don’t, guess what, then probably, they maybe not be the
right spouse for you. But I think most of the
time, if you’re truly strong, they will more than happy, why would they not see you do well? Why would they not want you to succeed? Why would you not want you to
do the best for the family? Of course they would, it’s
you haven’t given them the confidence, that’s the issue. That’s the big message
for today’s episode. Always remember, it’s look within. For something to change,
first you have to change. You want something to
change, you have to change. Comment below, maybe share
with us your experience. What’s it like with your
spouse or your relationship? If you have any questions,
also comment below. If it’s a good comment,
it’s a good question, we’re gonna cover that
in the future episode of Alpha Man and Smart Woman, okay? Click on the bell, turn on
notification, subscribe. Subscribe, we upload a
video every single day. Every single day, upload a new video. Check out some other videos
on the right side as well, a lot of business videos,
relationship videos as well, check that out. Until next time, remember
behind every successful man, there is a smarter woman.

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  • I hope I can foster this strong of a relationship with my wife as we move into the next phase of my business. And if she's up for it, a few of her own. I appreciate this video, thanks Dan!

  • Thank you Mr. Lok. Your videos help to keep me on course. And you introduced me to Mr Pena and his methodology. I will be forever grateful.

  • Dan!
    You could speak to so many men to listen to their wives
    Include us in business 😊😊😊😊

  • Ah! I've been watching your videos consistently throughout the week and hearing the back story on why she's behind all your presentations really inspires me. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you so much for your inspirational video. This info was super helpful and real information that usually girlfriends we ignore but now thanks to you both I am aware of what I have been doing wrong.
    I cannot wait to see next coming episodes on 2019 of alpha man smart women. I would love to watch these one as a season of your channel more often of team Dan Lok.
    Lots of blessings and greetings from Mexico!

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