The World’s First Space Crime? IN SPACE! (Real Law Review)

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  • Objection: in your video at around 8:24 you state that in Civil law countries judges simply follow the law and they never have discretion to create Common Law on their own. This is quite an oversimplification. From an outside perspective I can see how this appears to be the case but as opposed to Common Law systems where the discretion of a judge is limited by an act, i.e. the common law is overruled by Parliament, interpretation of an act is both accepted and encouraged in Civil Law systems. Codified laws in Civil Law countries are generally far less specific in their wording and purpose and leave the Judges to interpret and expand the Law and the requirements. Furthermore case law is, notwithstanding the importance of the codified laws themselves, very important because of the necessity of interpretation. Just like in Common Law systems Case law is studied, followed and applied daily in Civil Law countries, I find all but the outset is different.

    In fact in many cases lawmakers generally rely on judges interpreting and defining the boundaries of almost every subject. Therefore judges are given great amounts of discretion to define and interpret. As an example one could simply think of the notion of good faith. All the law says is that one can claim for a contract to be amended based on good faith. It is up for the judge to decide whether or not to rule that the contract should be changed and to rule in what way it should be amended. Neither of these things are defined in law, in other words it is up to his/her own discretion. So as a matter of fact judges do make law.

    There have also been many examples of judges expanding on the law, for instance by expanding the definition of a tort. A well known example was the strict interpretation of unlawfulness, one of the requirements to be proven by a plaintiff if he wanted to successfully claim damages under a tort. The article in question defined unlawfulness as either A or B, yet the courts ruled that despite this codified definition, C should also be defined as unlawful. This has later been codified as well but for over many decades this sort of argument was solely based on case law. One might not call it common law, but it is case law nonetheless and its merit is without question. Judges do make law, if they were but the mouthpiece of the law why would we have them?

    Love your videos by the way


  • Objection: You referred to the crimes committed on the ISS as "intergalactic crime" or "interstellar crime" when in fact neither is true, since the crimes are both in our galaxy and in our solar system. The nearest correct term is "interplanetary crime," as would be the applicable law.

  • Great YT channel keep up the great vids, you make the law extra interesting, your vids should be shown in High Schools and Colleges in Legal Studies etc. And as for Space law in UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE 1980, U.S law is the only law above Earth and on other worlds. GO SPACE FORCE! Hope you guys check out a copy, keep up the great work. Hope you'll cover the law in new movies and tv shows now coming out and video games etc as well.

  • Ladies and gentlemen of the "supposed" jury, why would an 8 foot tall wookie be subject to identity theft from a 3 foot tall ewok? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

  • ah women breaking the glass ceiling in space. so majestic. wait.. this also means.. 100% of space crime is committed by women…

  • One question about space law is how exactly you enforce it. Sure, sure, you can arrest someone when they come back down from orbit. But what if they never come back down? Let's say the US sets up a lunar or martian colony. And let's say someone commits a serious crime like murder or something like that. Unless that colony has built a prison of its own and has its own infrastructure for dealing with laws, it would be rather difficult to enforce the law on residents, wouldn't it? It's not like you can extradite someone from Mars or the Moon. At least not easy. The practicality of doing so would make the endeavor almost pointless.

    Most likely in the future all colonies we create will have to have their own courts, jails, and police. At first this will be difficult, since the first colonies are likely to be scientists, but as it grows, that would be a natural outgrowth.

    Another area that is more tricky: what about private space travel? If i were to build my own orbital habitat, one that was entirely self sufficient and did not need supplies from earth nor did i need to return, and then I commit crimes, one wonders how the governmeent would enforce it. This would likely result in people declaring their own countries in space at some point.

  • Since the "site" has multiple flags would it not fall under the auspices of things like Free Park on the border between Canada and the U.S.A. instead of single flag "sites" such as ships at sea? Where I believe it's multiplied jurisdiction, that it's possible to cause an offense in BOTH jurisdictions without double jeopardy entering into the works since they are both sovereign. I've only heard of one case, before i was a teenager where a criminal served a sentence for a crime in Canada, an extradition was ordered and after their sentence was finished in Canada immediately transferred to custody of legal authorities in the USA; for the same action in a shared jurisdiction site. This would not have happened if the offense involved, potentially, the death penalty or the extradition would not have been entertained.

  • Strictly speaking. The USAs claim to special jurisdiction in international waters is about as solid legally as Chinas claim to the entirety of the China sea.
    In that it is set out only in their own law and not recognised in any international agreements the USA is party to.

  • @Legal Eagle I'm not a law student, but I have an interest in the law and educating myself about it. I love the channel, and I'd like to request videos on legal history. It could be things like important legal cases like Roe vs Wade and a breakdown of them, or pre-1900s law or whatever, I just think it would be really interesting and expand your channel.
    I imagine you make plenty of money outside youtube, and I know your job requires A LOT of your time, but if you feel up to I would really like to learn some legal history!

  • Methanol is an alcohol. Maybe some bootleg hooch was involved. Drink the wrong batch and you're blind, or even dead.
    It's antarctica. It's cold. Yeah they're drinkin.

  • OBJECTION — despite the section headings, none of these are examples of "interstellar" or "intergalactic" space law, because they do not take place outside of solar systems or galaxies (respectively). The ISS would be in geospatial space (the area immediately around the Earth), or, perhaps, intrastellar space (the area within a solar system).

  • Ik this is early, but for December you just gotta do the court case in the tv movie "Grandma Got Run-Over by a Reindeer"!!

  • Is there any way down the road that you can do a review of The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey? Thank you so much I really enjoy subscribing to your Channel

  • Only a lawyer would assume people need an advanced degree to know methanol smells like ethanol but is much more toxic.
    No wonder why universities are full off morons.

  • OBJECTION! This was neither an intergalactic nor an interstellar crime. Intergalactic crime would be if the defendant had (allegedly) stolen her spouses identity while residing in another galaxy, while interstellar crime would be if the alleged offense occurred in another star system but still within the same galaxy. Since the alleged crime occured while in Earth orbit, non-terrestrial would be more accurate.

    Pedantic I know, but while we might not live to see it I do imagine that there will some day be a time when the distinction between planetary, non-terrestrial, interplanetary, interstellar, and maybe intergalactic jurisdictions will be as essential as the distinction between state, federal, and international jurisdictions.

  • So the first space crime was not only committed by a woman, but a homosexual?

    My respect for the educational purpose of this channel is the only thing keeping me from taking advantage of the prime edgy joke material.

  • The first space crime commited? Identity Theft?

    Really!? I mean cmon you could do something a lot worse to start off the space crime log.

  • A thing about Maritime Law, that has perplexed myself is the topic of sovereign citizens being legally defined as commodities; by way of being birthed from their "mothers" waters.

    Maybe I'm being hyperbolic, seems collectively legislatively degenerative of any nations sovereignty to be circumvented by a variable differences of laws, seems conveniently fascistic in my naeive legally uneducated understanding.

  • Can you do a reaction video of the tvshow Bull, season 3 episode 4 (Justice for Cable) and season 3 episode 7 (A Girl Without Feelings) ? pls like a two episode in 1 video.

  • So international space treaties (like the Antarctica treaty) specify the person in question is subject to the laws of the country they hail from, but international maritime law treats ships as miniature colonies of the country whose flag they fly… sounds like the bases are covered, except for extra-vehicular space crime I guess? Wonder what laws would be used in the case of an orbital GTA ship-jacking… Would it be like piracy in international waters, or would the perpetrator be subject to the laws of the ship's country of origin? And if the latter, would they be under different laws until they set foot inside the ship, or outside the ship?

  • Objection! not sure if you know what the words intergalactic or interstellar mean, but if so, that's one hell of a hyperbole.

  • OBJECTION – MISINFORMATION at 3:21 : The International Space Station has been announced as space Station Freedom by President Reagan in 1984. The first Module was Launched into orbit on 1998-11-20. Source:

  • Please for the love of everything you believe in, DO NOT listen to this fool! He has no practical grasp of the law and is a joke in the community! Not only can he not see his bias, he’s just a moron. I have 7 lawyers and 3, or course, don’t know who he is.. the others share his lunacy as a joke between them. wouldn’t hire this dope for a traffic ticket! You have been warned. He’s as real as that horses shit suit

  • Doesn't the Simpsons have an episode where Homer goes out into international waters in order to be outside the laws of Springfield?

  • Is low Earth orbit really space? Or is it just really high up? More akin to a conventional flight than actual “space”

    It’s definitely not “outer space”

  • Objection – the International Space Station’s first module was launched in 1998, not 1984 with longterm crew arriving in 2000. Salyut 6 launched in ‘82, while Mir went up in ‘86, and the I launched American predecessor to the ISS, Space Station Freedom, was announced during the 1984 SOTU.

  • I take objection to the loose use of the terms intergalactic and interstellar used in this video. Intergalactic means between galaxies and interstellar means between stars in the same way international means between nations. Calling anything happening in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) interstellar or intergalactic isn't very appropriate. It isn't every very proper to call that interplanetary space.

    The term you really should have been using is extraterrestrial, referring to everything outside the bounds of the Earth. Whether we are talking about something happening in orbital space, interplanetary space, or the surface of Mars, it is all extraterrestrial.

  • Legal question. Wouldn't the first hacker to us a space based computer even if just sat relays constitute a space crime that also if any part was earth bound constitute also an interstate if not international crime?

  • Objection: I think the current laws fit this particular crime, but that doesn’t mean they will fit all crimes. For instance, what if a person of one nationality commits a crime against a person of another nationality, when both are onboard the ISS? What if the victim is of another nationality AND is not aboard the ISS? What if the crime is not a crime in one of those nations? What about crimes committed against the ISS itself, such as wilful destruction of vital equipment? There may be laws that cover some or all of this but I believe all nations need to consider space law.

  • Interesting fact.. it has been revealed that Yuri actually wasn't the first Russian in space. The first men that they sent up. that mission failed, so they covered it up.

  • No One:

    ….What? I thought we were gonna do some space crime today…

  • What the hell is in Antarctica??? Why are there so many treaties in Antarctic treaty with the U.S and everyone has to go by U.S law?

  • In this case since the party at fault is a U.S service member wouldn't the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) would apply in this situation?

  • 8:22 "In contrast to a lot of the civil law societies in Europe, where the law is codified, and judges just simply follow that and they never have discretion in terms of creating new common law on their own." Objection!

    There are certainly innumerable provosions in all the many codifications in Europe, but they do not cover evereything. E.g. in Germany, one of the most important fundamental rights that has been gaining significance for decades now, is the right of informational self-determination, which roughly means it is your basic human right to decide, which of your data to give (or not give) to whom. But you don't find that explicit right in the German constitution where the fundamental rights are enumerated, because judges created it, when citizens filed suit against the 1983 census. Essentially, there were new facts that had to be ejudicated for the first time back then, so they kinda made it up as they went …

    So, in conclusion: While case law is not the first and foremost source of law in civil law societies, there still is a substantial and profound amount of case law there.

  • Methanol and Ethanol are both produced during the process of distilling alcohol and is present in almost all distilled beverages. Methanol distills at a lower temperature than Ethanol , so the first liquid that comes out of a still will be toxic because it will contain very high levels of Methanol. A example with a medical case showing the dangers of Methanol poisoning can be seen over here:

  • you cant rely on galaxy police the one i met was this total airhead bimbo who couldn't even land her spaceship properly every time she did she kept crashing it into this one Japanese dude's house destroying it every damn time 0 stars wouldn't recommend

  • It an easy case from the Canadian Criminal code we have a section about the ISS:

    Space Station — Canadian crew members

    (2.3) Despite anything in this Act or any other Act, a Canadian crew member who, during a space flight, commits an act or omission outside Canada that if committed in Canada would constitute an indictable offence is deemed to have committed that act or omission in Canada, if that act or omission is committed

    (a) on, or in relation to, a flight element of the Space Station; or

    (b) on any means of transportation to or from the Space Station.

    Marginal note:
    Space Station — crew members of Partner States

    (2.31) Despite anything in this Act or any other Act, a crew member of a Partner State who commits an act or omission outside Canada during a space flight on, or in relation to, a flight element of the Space Station or on any means of transportation to and from the Space Station that if committed in Canada would constitute an indictable offence is deemed to have committed that act or omission in Canada, if that act or omission

    (a) threatens the life or security of a Canadian crew member; or

    (b) is committed on or in relation to, or damages, a flight element provided by Canada.

  • Objection: 4:16 there can be no intergalactic crimes until we reach intergalactic space, which is impossible with current technology.

  • So some.numb nutz is making videos calling you biased, for quoting law as law, because tRump. And stupid YouTude keeps recommending it to me.

  • Unlike you to get things wrong. The ISS was commissioned by President Reagan in 1984, development took nearly 14 years with the actual orbital build not beginning until 1998.

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