TOP CHOICE for compact Travel Trailer RV! Flagstaff Micro Lite

TOP CHOICE for compact Travel Trailer RV!  Flagstaff Micro Lite

what's going on guys so we are out here at Bishop RV in Corpus Christi Texas taking a look at this Flagstaff microlight now if you've watched my channel for a while you probably realized I'm a big fan of these Flagstaff travel trailers I think that they have really good build qualities to them they have a lot of really cool features and I think you're gonna like this one so I'll be right back so taking a look at this FLT 25 fks from flagstaff it has a gross vehicle weight rating of 68 80 as well as a cargo capacity 1561 pounds runs on three thousand eighty pound axles and d-rated tires so this is at the extreme edge of half-ton towable i know a lot of times people are gonna say well you say 6,000 pounds as the max now 6000 pounds is what i suggest but if you have a truck with the max tow package and you feel comfortable doing it then something you know right under 7000 pounds isn't too far of a stretch in terms of what you can tow this specific trailer is gonna have a total length of about 26 feet now the reason why I like these micro lights is because they're constructed a little bit better than a lot of them in this size and price category you get your frameless windows you get a really nice front window here as well regardless of which model you have you can see several of them down the line here and they all have that front window there could be different things on the other side of that from a bed to a kitchen to a sofa and they really do a good job of adding extra light to that front part of the coach this has a front power jack as well as compartments for two batteries two large propane tanks it has manual scissor jack style stabilization again this is the 25 F KS going down the side here it has a small outside kitchen nothing huge but in a lot of ways I think people really appreciate these smaller kitchens has a nice micro refrigerator as well as a cooktop and some storage up here coming around back LED lights are standard here's your city water connections as well as LED clearance lights and it's pre-wired for a fury on backup camera with a ladder to go on top plus you have a really really cool spot here that can act as storage as well so you simply pull this out and check that out you got more storage in here this is also where your cables are going to be as well as your jacks and other accessories very thoughtful use of storage spare tire off to the back coming around this side you have your 30 amp connection here cable satellite connections this specific coach comes with Castle Rock tires there's a 226 series and this runs on the tour flex suspension from Dexter so it's an independent suspension system and it is actually a good system for this type of travel trailer but you do have to make sure that you're towing it level simply because there's no equalization here so if you put too much weight on the back that weights going to go directly to the back tires so you want to make sure whatever hitch system you're using is set up properly so you're towing it level you can see underneath here it runs on rack and pinion slide and this is a full-length slide so this thing extends out 3 feet versus some of these more compact travel trailers which have like a 2 foot slide here your dump areas coming around to this side because of the relatively small nature of this specific trailer it rides on 8 inch Eyebeam frame I do like the fact that they put this really long awning which covers pretty much the entire Park side of this travel trailer so it's going to give you a lot of good shade especially when it's super hot outside another thing you'll probably notice is this door is just barely flapping and it is incredibly windy probably 25 mile an hour winds right now the reason being is because it's on a friction hinge which means wherever you put the door is essentially where it's going to stay even though it's very very windy outside right now this does have the more I'd step above system we'll go ahead and climb into this travel trailer I really like the lighter tones that they've put in here nice light flooring nice neutral sofa neutral cabinetry the wood looks really nice and what you'll notice is this is a front kitchen model so you have a tremendous amount of cabinet space countertop space and storage up here as well it gives you everything you're looking for dual Basin stainless steel sink as well as a stove and oven up in this area and it's a good sized stove an oven it actually looks almost residential in nature even though it's going to be a little narrower plus lots of storage Flagstaff they do a really good job of essentially making sure that any area where you could put storage has storage as well as a nice microwave up top this specific coach has a twenty seven thousand nine hundred dollar asking price you can see they put nice balances on everything this is a fold-out sofa so it actually turns into a bed nice 32 inch TV freezer a refrigerator fireplace some storage above it as well you also get storage above the TV entertainment center you have a charging station up here with USB and a standard 12 volt jack it has a Coleman Mach system for the air conditioning and it is ducted going a little further back you'll see in the bathroom area here you have a really nice tall shower porcelain toilet as well as a lot of countertop space it's a nice bathroom area especially in a travel trailer this short coming back even further queen-size bed you have about thirteen fourteen inches on this side and about a foot on this side plus you have a lot of nice cabinetry up top a lot of good storage it is a good sized bedroom for a relatively short travel trailer coming up here you can just see how open this area is right here this is just a very nice compact travel trailer and I think a lot of people would really like this type of travel trailer simply because it gives you a lot of residential amenities and it feels very homey considering most of these kind of feel cramped in claustrophobic I really like the interior of this trauma anyways guys I just wanted to give you a quick walkthrough of this flag staff microlight because I know a lot of people really enjoy this type and size of trailer plus it's very easy to tow with a 3/4 ton truck and this is a reasonable size even if you have a max tow package on a half-ton truck guys if you haven't had a chance please take a moment subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up we'll talk to you again very soon

37 thoughts on “TOP CHOICE for compact Travel Trailer RV! Flagstaff Micro Lite

  • I noticed it had a Forest River tag on the body. I have a 22 foot Forest River micro lite and and have had numerous issues when brand new.

  • I have this trailer (Rockwood version) and it's pretty great. Mine has the U shaped dinette which works great and is plenty big enough for 4 adults to sit around and play board games on if it's raining. (6 adults is you use a couple camp chairs too)
    We also found there is enough floor space to set up a twin inflatable bed for when the kids come camping and they are getting cold and wet in the tent.

    My only complaint is the lack of outside storage. It's pretty minimal when compared to other trailers in this category.

    I am surprised you didn't mention the aluminum construction for the bed and other parts of the trailer.

  • I would seek the Rockwood alternative to a Flagstaff product. Similar layouts and quality, and the Rockwood trailers hold their value slightly better as I've been told.

  • I am not so sure that a trailer without a table in it is a good fit for a family, or anybody else for that matter. Maybe I missed something but the closest thing I saw was the kitchen counters.
    Anybody want to stand up to play cards next to the sink?

  • Great video! Hi I'm looking for my first trailer I was wondering if you have done a video on a good towable fifth wheel for a ram 2500 single rear wheel in your opinion for being safe towing I have looked threw your other videos and didn't find one or I missed it, reason I ask I would like to purchase a 5th wheel vs a travel trailer but I want to make sure my calculations are right for the weight of the trailer, my gvwr is 9000 tow rating is 13,000 and pay load is 2140 my gcwr is 20,000 any info will be greatly appreciated thanks for your time!

  • Trailer is nice. . . not sure I like the placement of the dump valves. Looks like you need a creeper to get to them!!!

  • was there no dining area? I guess you can eat on the sofa or the outside table under the large awning

  • Flagstaff and Rockwood same campers made by Forest River. Different names/Same Campers. We love our Rockwood 2507!

  • Check out the Lance 2185. At 4000 LB dry it is an excellent tower for a 1/2 ton truck. Just purchased one and after a week of camping with it found it to be one of the best RV trailers available in all respects.

  • Thanks for your channel. I was thinking about getting a hond pilot and I know allot of people have SUV's with a 5000lb max tow raiting could you review some TV's for those auto class.

  • Very nice. My only critique would be to make that couch a nice double recliner with drink holders and armrest, since that’s the only place to sit.
    Great floor plan for 2 people.

  • It's hard to believe this 26' trailer is called a compact microlite with a slide. 40 years ago this would have been called a park model…………. well maybe not, but you get my point.

  • I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT GVWR(6900) GAWR FRT(3650lb) GAWR RR (4000lb) can I pull this travel trailer with no problems

  • Hey BTBRV Hows those Sailun Tires you put on Your Rig Doing & Do you run them at full 110 lbs. I just bought a set last week. Luv your Channel.

  • It would be interesting to see what that interior looks like with the slide in I was curious if you could make your way to the bathroom with the slide in if you're parked along the side of the road or at a rest stop just wondering

  • This is a nice trailer. We have an older trailer about this size. Ours has better storage overall. A couple of things I didn't like about the Flagstaff: don't need a fireplace (rather have storage), don't need an outdoor kitchen (rather have storage). I didn't see electrical plugs in the bedroom area next to the beds. A $5 add-on that many manufacturers forget.

  • It’s a great layout for a couple. But if you have kids the 25BRDS is a great half ton towable option. Might make a good video.

  • We liked this model but ended up with a Coachmen Freedom Express 233RBS. It's lighter and has dual opposing slides which gives us a ton of floor space. Tows easily with my Grand Cherokee, too.

  • Have you ever made a video on the purchase process of buying a travel trailer?
    Is it much like a car where negotiating is involved?

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