Tour de France 2019 Stage 11 Highlights: Albi-Toulouse | GCN Racing

Tour de France 2019 Stage 11 Highlights: Albi-Toulouse | GCN Racing

welcome to our highlights of stage 11 here on GCN racing but before we get to today let's have a quick look back at stage 10 where after a ferocious running towards the finish it was a victory for yumbo bhisma's of WoW fan art in his first Tour de France just edging out Elia Viviani for the stage win on a run in where many saw their general classification hopes go up in smoke Julian ala Phillipe retained at the margin as a race leader after that welcome rest day the race would roll out of Alby 467 kilometer stage it's one category three climb the code Teutonic one cat for the coated cast around a Mont mirror and the intermediate sprint at Gaelic I've waited the riders before the run to Toulouse now a Philippe looking resplendent in the margin as they headed out of Alby a breakaway group going clear early on in the stage with 167 kilometers to go the riders no danger in the general classification Leon Cowell mahjongg of total direct energy Anthony Perez is Stefan Roseto of coffee decent a mead against of a one T group Gobert the highest place right it was Karma shown up one hour 16 minutes and 15 seconds over the top of the coke did tonic it was Perez that took the points ahead of its against the bunch behind we're being defended to connect Quick Step eunbok bhisma Bora hands Gaara and a lot to see down onto the cat for climb of the code to customer Dumont mere out it was Perez that swept up the only point on offer over the top of the category for climb they were being controlled nicely quite a thomas de Ghent and a Tony Martin on the front earth they hit with sprinter Gaelic at 80 kilometers covered it was Perez that outsprinted again in Cameroon were behind Viviani the points ahead of cigar and call brilli with many of the sprinters looking to try and wake up their legs after the rest day inside fifty kilometers to go and with the gap sitting at one minute it was looking very much like a day for the sprinters yumbo bhisma and dylan grano Aegon poised and ready at the head of the race though they were still dedicated to try and stay clear to the finish well he's nearly an ala Philippe was a very vigilant at the front a crash with 31 kilometres to go Nikki Terpstra the worst off but the crash delayed of both Richie Porte and nairo quintana port had lost a time in the crosswind splits on stage a 10-4 cantana he had gone into the stage in eighth overall two minutes and four seconds down unfortunately for Terpstra he would plate no further part in this year's a Tour de France Giulio Ciccone of Trek saying afraid he was at his team car he would also lose a time he had gone into the stage a third in both the king and mountains and that the best young riders of competition the gap was coming down all the time as they headed towards ten kilometers to go it was a meet again of one C group Gobert chasing after the combativity prize decided to go alone with just a 25 seconds gap I think for the peloton stefan Roseto was not a happy bunny with the wanti group go bear rider and showed his frustration he would have been hoping to keep the breakaway together for just a little bit longer unfortunately for Caleb Ewan a crash inside 10k to go took out yes but a voiced took a maneuver in to the ditch Caleb Ewan though would would make his way up back to the peloton 4.6 K to go and it was all over for de Ghent very few opportunities now between er here and Paris it was gonna be a bunch sprint the yellow jerseys of yumbo bhisma very much a to the front to mention data to bring through heed vamos and hagen on the technical finish bosun Hager just losing his wheel inside 500 meters to go Tennyson was doing a phenomenal lead out for groan awakened with Caleb you and Elliot of Viviani on a fat CEO on the wheels with cigar looking good in the green jersey Gruner wagon came off perfectly the wheel of his a teammate you and latched on to him as they hit it towards the finish it was the pocket rocket Ozzy and the Dutchman that through their bikes at the line with Caleb Ewan taking his first a stage victory in the Tour de France and joining that occlusive Club this one stages in all three Grand Tours human takes it from Grenier Aegon and a Viviani with second in fourth Julianne ala Philippe still in the miles John as race leader he still holds that one minute and 12 seconds advantage with ego and burn out third 116 unfortunately for Ciccone he now drops out the top ten with thibaut pinot moving up to 10th the mountains a wait on stage 12 as we head from toulouse to ban year to be or the cote du montolo the col de paris sword and the category one climb of the whole kit dances yak before that run down towards the finish

25 thoughts on “Tour de France 2019 Stage 11 Highlights: Albi-Toulouse | GCN Racing

  • I really miss the first few GCN racing commentators.
    This fella… needs to stop… over-enunciating… everything

  • Really enjoying these highlight packages, however please add the green and kom jersey leaderboards to the videos. Surely it's not only the yellow jersey that is of interest 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Hey. Announcer. Just speak like a normal person and dispense with the long drawn out words and absurd inflections.

  • Fantastic Production! Thanks GCN!!!👍👏💖😎So wonderful to see minimal Screen Graphics, to fully enjoy the visual Spectacle that is the TDF!

  • #AskGCNAnything Can you explain the rules for the final sprints? Ewan seemed to cut off Bonafazio but no DQ. Is there a certain distance from the finish where you need to hold your line? Or maybe a certain amount of swerving you're allowed? I am very confused why there wasn't a DQ as I'm sure if I did that at my weekend crit I would get told off harshly…

  • Fantastic win by Caleb Ewan who proves his value one more time. Yes, he is a "pocket rocket", but supercharged with raw talent and explosive energy. Will it make it to the Champs Elysees for the final sprint of the race?

  • Loving this coverage. Regardless of the few who tune in to critic announcers rather than enjoy the fabulous racing. Great work GCN

  • thanks – great clip! could not watch the stage in two cafes in france today cause of some horse betting gamblers…

  • 11 for 11, first time Yellow Jersey wearers, first time winners
    Dynamic stage wins and it’s still not “decided “ going into stage 12
    As a fan I could not possibly be happier with the race.
    I still mis Paul giving exquisite summarization of all the French landmarks but that the only thing missing

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