Wedding Photographers Share Signs Of A Divorce Before Marriage

28 thoughts on “Wedding Photographers Share Signs Of A Divorce Before Marriage

  • Weddings blow I despise people who invite me to them and funerals are fuckin stupid too no one gives a shit and even if they do the dead don't

  • I didn’t know the cake in face thing was popular. It just seems weird. You spent a lot of money on that makeup and hair, why waste for a gag?

  • Lol some couples like to do it for laughs and other dont. Then again…I've never met a couple who had said to me that they plan on smashing cake into each others faces on the day lol. But here's a question for other brides out there like myself, make up cost how much where you guys are from? And is it really worth it to smear cake over it? On average here in nz you pay around 150 to 250 just for make up. Lol it would be like buying a 150 to 250 sweater and then rubbing dirt on it lol. Idk…lemme know what you guys think.😊😊😊

  • What if we plan to use the cake smashing part to start a cake fight? I think a wedding that involves the word "food fight!" Sounds beautiful.

  • I wouldn't want anything big for a wedding, if I even have one. I say enjoy what I'm doing, don't expect much and see where life takes me. I think my family's had issues in the past because of expectations getting in the way. I'd rather be happy, thanks.

  • Cake Smash is the big one apparently. If anything, I think taking a little dollop of frosting on my finger and booping her on the nose with it would be a cute little silly moment that would get a nice chuckle, but no hurt feelings. Then if she wants to get back at me for it, I'd laugh and it would be a good time all around. But I wouldn't smash it in her face and ruin her makeup

  • fucking loled at "omen meadows"
    Also: i recognised some photogs i follow on IG, random but interesting to read their opinions

  • My husband joked to smoosh some cake in my face and I just shook my head and was like, "No, please don't, Love." The wedding day was simple, short, but special, our eyes were only on one another and we were both calm and happy (despite the underlying stress of the event, despite it being pretty small, only 25-30 relatives/friends total). When it came to the cake, we actually took a small bite sized piece in our fingers and fed each other a piece, we didn't discuss it before the wedding, it just naturally happened that way. And in the few photos I got from our family friend who was our photographer (as his house burned down before he finished editing and downloading all the other photos, to which I was fine with, since the experience was the most precious thing. We can always recreate photos in a "re-marriage" sort of thing if we wish) showed us smiling and giggling at the little tradition of feeding each other cake. Needless to say, despite my husband being gone for stretches of time due to being in the military, we are still strong after many years together (a decade if you include long-distance dating and then marriage). He's so honest, it's very sweet; he said that his friends dragged him into a strip club so they could drink and flirt, and he instead had to tell the women coming up to him to stop bothering him since he was married (this was in another country). He actually called me as he sat on the curb outside of the club and admitted where he was and that he felt so guilty having even gone inside (as to which I laughed lightly and thanked him for his honesty, and let him chat about other things he did that day to feel better and connected with me while I was back in the US). He's truly the best husband I could ask for, and I do my best to be understanding and compassionate as his wife (since I often am befuddled why women take advantage of their partners/don't listen to their partners/don't properly communicate with their partners, and then they wonder why they have a crappy relationship… <.<).

  • My boyfriend just likes shoving big bites into my mouth? It's not a kink ot anything hes just a dork and thinks it's funny. If I got cake smushed, I'd probably just laugh and eat it all

  • So many boring people in the comments who can’t handle the exciting wedding traditions of-certain cultures,groups or types of people. Smh 🤦‍♀️

  • I'll never understand the idea of getting into a relationship with the mindset of "fixing" your significant other; like you're signing up to be their girlfriend/wife, not their mother.

  • I’m a Wedding Photographer, just casually not my full time job, but when couples don’t want to kiss for the couples photos, even once or twice.
    Had a couple who refused to do kissing photos saying they were “tacky” & that “everyone does that”
    Yeah, for a reason 😂💍

  • aunt (wedding planner) says the biggest red flag is when one or both are reeeally into weddings, more than they’re into each other. it shows they just like the idea of getting married or simply the party.

  • Very unlikely many of these are accurate. Photographers would need to regularly hear from their old clients many years down the road to develop a "sixth sense" with who stays together and who doesn't.

  • May be just me but I HATE wedding cakes. They taste like shit with cream.
    If I would ever get married I would insist on to have no Wedding cake at all. I see no point in wasting money on something I dont want to eat.

  • The 1st one with the green flag being about wiping sweat from the other's forehead…. was that my photographer? We had to slightly stopped the ceremony to get something to wipe my husband's forehead cause it was hot af and he was dripping sweat in his eyes :')

  • It's the first time I hear about people having "cake battles" during weddings… It must be an American thing. I don't know what to think about it since there are already a lot of stereotypes in my head about Americans and food that I try to ignore… I just know that I would never participate in that sort of thing if I married an American.

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