Why we moved to Mexico.

Why we moved to Mexico.

well I've been getting a lot of comments questions about how and why and did I move to Mexico and I've kind of hesitated to answer that because when I stop and reflect upon why we moved to Mexico many years ago I can get a little excited so I'm gonna tell you why we moved to Mexico but I may start to rant on this one you may see a side of me that you haven't seen before I'll try to remain calm please enjoy my stories or whatever else I'd be on my mind today as some of you know and maybe you've picked up on a little bit of it as I hint at it here and there Lin has medical problems she's been a chronic back pain patient for I think it's 37 years and she requires a lot of care and a lot of medications in 2001 Lin and I were 54 55 years old and the business that I had been in for 27 years I got out of well people always say well are you retired I've never gotten to retire they fired me that's another long story that was in the firing that was a cancellation of contracts but anyway we decided to come to Guadalajara because it was just sounded like an interesting place and we came to Guadalajara we spent a week walking around in the historical district and then we came down to aji cuz I had heard that a lot of retirees live here and we had plans to go to the tequila factories in tequila and we're gonna go to San Miguel one day and we were gonna go to Morelia to see the butterflies and we came down – ah he geek in the dark and got a place to stay up at the top of the hill and got up in the morning and took a look at the lake and said wow this is really beautiful it's uh let's just stay here another day so we stayed another day and then another day and after about three days we said you know we don't need to go to tequila and morelia and San Miguel because we're gonna be back here we'll do that some other time let's just enjoy this and on the plane ride home and we had this conversation and it was like wow we were we met a really bunch of nice people there you know I could see myself living there and spending time with all of those people that we met for a lot of years so that winter I found an old motor home and I told Ennis's you know I'm gonna buy that and drive it to Mexico and oh it took me a month to talk her into it and the reasoning went like this well first of all it's not enough money that's going to be a financial burden if it breaks down and I have to park it in the ditch somewhere between here and Mexico here was Oregon at the time and finally she said something like I think you're having a midlife crisis and it doesn't have anything to do with a Corvette and a blonde go get the dang thing so we did and we took off from Mexico in this 1988 Southwind motor some motor home 33 foot and in the meantime I have found that Suzuki Sidekick is a tow car and boy we were set we loved that thing we took about three months to get to Mexico and then we said stay here because we're on a tourist visa for six months and that seemed like a really good plan to live in the live in the States in the meantime we had put our house on the market the house that we were living in in Portland although wheel and some other rental properties and houses that if we wanted to move a tenant out we still had a place to live there that if that became the choice but it looked really like a great plan to live in the motorhome for six months in the states in the summertime and then come to Mexico in the wintertime and rent a place so we did that for three years we would come down in the motorhome and put it in storage and rent a place and with regard to Lynne's medical problems there were some complications one of them was that we had to have some medicines that she that definitely required a prescription in the United States but and we couldn't get enough for six months because they were only given to you for you know a month at a time and maybe once a year of vacation two months or something anyway that was a problem and we solved the problem by buying the medications here and then when we went back to Oregon we would file a claim with our Blue Cross Blue Shield and get reimbursed well that worked really good for three years and here's where I might start to rant a little the cost of those meds and our cost in Mexico at the time and this was 16 years ago was about $8,000 for six months and we would go back and and file with Blue Cross and be reimbursed for that $8,000 and it actually turned out to be a very good deal for us that we didn't anticipate which was that in the United States we had a copay which would be about a thousand dollars in six months but there's no copay when you buy them here and they're not fully reimbursed back in the States so we're saving a thousand dollars on our medical costs sounds great and the cost for Blue Cross Blue Shield in the United States would have been about twelve to fourteen thousand dollars and they're only paid $8,000 when when they're paying they're saving six thousand dollars in six months and I'm saving $1,000 in six months when when the third year we went back to Oregon and we filed our usual paperwork and you got to get special receipts here at the pharmacies and stuff and we're doing it right that worked great the first two years we did it the third year we filed and they denied the claim and they denied the claim and said we don't pay for any medicines that you buy in Mexico I said well you did it for two years why won't you do it now they said well we don't pay for anything that's not approved by the FDA I said well you got to tell me in advance you can't just like you know change my policy they said it's always been in your policy we don't pay for anything that's not approved by the FDA and sure enough it's in the fine print of the policy they don't pay for any drugs that aren't approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration the best BlueCross BlueShield policy you can buy an Oregon as an individual self-employed they refuse to pay and I fought I said look I'm saving you money I'm saving me money you should be paying my gas to go to Mexico no they wouldn't pay even though the same drugs manufactured in this same US manufacturing company they just changed the name when they market them in Mexico you know it's this name in English it's this name in Spanish well obviously the Food and Drug Administration they don't approve anything in Spanish it's all in English that's the only difference they wouldn't pay and that wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back Lin has a neural stimulator implanted in her back it's a machine about the size of a pacemaker about this big and it has electrical leads that go up both sides of her spine all the way up to her show and it gives an electrical pulse in there that interrupts the pain signal to the brain and gives her a different signal it's called a neural stimulator the battery it's an internal battery and it has to be recharged with an external thing so the batteries are good for seven or eight years so it came to pass that we needed to have the batteries changed out here in Mexico or go to the States and we weren't young we were old enough for Medicare yet at that time still had BlueCross BlueShield so we found a doctor a neurosurgeon we found a company representative for the company that manufactured the machine we found a hospital approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield in Guadalajara it's called san javier very nice private hospital she had the operation in the United States those operations are somewhere in the neighborhood of forty thousand dollars the operation here was about six thousand dollars BlueCross BlueShield agreed in advance to pay approve the hospital approved the doctor pre-approved in writing they didn't pay first of all when you do an out of the United States claim you're not dealing with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon you're dealing with an intermediary it used to be down in Kentucky somewhere you can't talk to the intermediary you can only talk to your Blue Cross Blue Shield representative in Oregon who will say let me get back to you after I talk to Kentucky wouldn't pay Kentucky says oh the doctor never said in the proper paperwork five times making sure we did it absolutely correct with the doctor and the hospital we sent it in we're talking about receipts doctors xsplit of the procedure whatever in addition letters from the representative of the company that manufactured it that's a US company he never paid never pay never paid never paid and finally I just cancelled the policy and I said I'm staying in Mexico that's why we live in Mexico well I took a break when had a couple of deep breaths you know that incident with our insurance not paying and it costing us thousands of dollars that was definitely a moment in our decision to make Mexico our home but I want to say something else about that you know we all have chapters in our lives like you know high school to college and then college which was wonderful out into the real world and then singled a married and then divorced and then married again and then a couple with no kids and then a couple with kids and then empty nesters and then retiring and whatever it has always been my conscious effort to make sure in my life that I am in these transitions from chapter to chapter moving towards something that's drawing me rather than running away from something that's pushing me my two cents on how to run your life but intense I'm saying that because I don't want you to think that we ran away from the United States because it was terrible and the cost of insurance medicines and all of that stuff drove us here it certainly wasn't only a financial decision to come here although that was a part of it there are many more reasons and that we moved to Mexico and it's never in life anything as simple as one single thing that leads you to do something and most of those reasons were things that drew me here not things that pushed me away from the United States I mean United States this live blue Passport and I'm proud of it I love America there are a lot of things about Mexico that I like better and there are a lot of things about Mexico that I would rather be in the United States about and my videos will be about those comparisons sometimes and I will talk about all those other really wonderful and positive reasons that I live in Mexico as my videos go on so please subscribe I'll do a little random I'll do a little Raven thanks for watching hey if you like me give me one of those thumbs up and please subscribe and hit that little bell so you know when I post next please share me with your friends on social media thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed what was on my mind today

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  • All agents should own an E&O errors and omissions insurance policy ¡ claim on the rep had to be made¡ I’m and agent and I know that for sure..

  • Mind Numbing: BCBS of Oregon, Kentucky and corporate, defy economic logic in their bureaucratic decision making process.

  • America is the greatest country on earth but the health system is third world and the president and congress is also third world corrupt!

  • I can't wait to move my family there. As an Irishman living in Thailand for 15 years I can't wait to get to a country of warm people and great food!

  • Good analogy at 2:20 .. I am going to take his advice on that one ..Thank you JC and thanks for sharing your story

  • I love America, love the Constitution but i've been saying for YEARS…… it's run & controlled by the Oligarchs, Corporations, Congressman, Pharmaceutical companies etc.. todays its reach the height of nauseating & disgust.

  • yes, insurance companies are good at taking your money and making it as hard as possible to get reimbursed, even doctors have to jump through hoops

  • Sure, on a personal level it's smarter. But you are also abandoning your country instead of fighting for change.

  • Welcome to Mexico, Mexican is not Criminal no Racist ! when they have seen Mexican shooting in USA 🇺🇸 in malls school college Never because this is not our education 🙏🇺🇸🇲🇽🇺🇸🇲🇽🙏

  • Blue Cross paid the claim it did not have to pay for two years. Why the hostility at the insurance company?

  • The U.S. is not the same. The laws are not what it was back in the day. Everything is a mess now its about survival or run for your life.

  • You needed a layer to invoke the "police and custom" clause. If they paid for 2 years a court will make them continue to pay.

  • I have issues with rental places to live and I get SSI. I love tropical areas and enjoy watching your videos.

  • Funny how folks point their fingers at the FDA as being corrupt – yet the Mexican government is one of the most corrupt government bodies in the world that has robbed its people of a humane quality of life and basic protections from crime.

  • They're thieves. If the private insurance system was not corrupt, it would be fine. But unfortunately it is corrupt. It's run by profiteers. So medicare for all is the only way to go. I had ObamaCare for a while and it was okay for a while. Then Blue Cross opted out and then CIGNA was the only option and they were worse.

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