Would You Ever Get Married Without Meeting Your Spouse In Person?

Would You Ever Get Married Without Meeting Your Spouse In Person?

75 thoughts on “Would You Ever Get Married Without Meeting Your Spouse In Person?

  • The only information I know about the women I have sex with is their birth date, death date and a brief and positive summary of their life. Works for me. I enjoy it and they never complain.

  • Nope, one thing I feel is important before marriage is passing some relationship tests. Living together, travel together, watching movies, meeting friends and family, stuff like that.

    I dont want to find out after marriage he "doesn't do" laundry or talks through every movie, or find out he really hates my brothers or only likes expansive vacations.
    You can really get to know a person through the internet, even fall in love. But I do feel there are two sides of a person. The one you show the world (which is easy online) and the side you try to hide. (Which is also easy online, but much harder irl)
    And this is why I believe relationships online are definitively real, strong and passionate… They can also become distorted very easily

  • I dated someone for almost two years without meeting them. It's difficult to understand it without being in the situation, but you can fall in love with someone over facetime, phone calls, and texts.

  • Marriage is something I was considering up until 2014, then I found out it's more like putting a leash on the husband.

  • To start of, Fuck John where you at?

    Secondly I don't understand this concept, the majority of people in this comment section would answer with a Hell no to this question but will use a online dating website? This shows are hypocritical people truly are and idiotic ignorant dumbasses the majority of society is, sure marriage is longer with terrible consequences mostly for the guy because let's be honest, I'de rather take emotional pain like the women do any day over emotional pain and getting fucked by the justice system to give up half your shit… And women say they have no rights and want equality…. You don't trust me your just children selfishly wanting more not realizing you have more then men as it stands today, but this concept is crazy.
    Blind Marriage and online dating
    1) you don't know the person your involved with
    2) there's nothing but opportunity to lie about a person's life to seem interesting, let's be honest that's all a first date is other wise you can go with option be and enjoy being embarrassing and awkward the whole date
    3) you life is at a greater risk then meeting in person
    4) you as a human being lost all respect and credibility by accepting this stupid idea
    5) both use the same excuse (I don't have time to meet someone in person and get to know them) then bitch you don't have time to date idiot. If your gonna do something do it the right way
    6) there's a 80% chance your getting cat fished or the person is super ugly
    7) 40% chance your die within the first month
    8) your lie for the next 7-8 years about how happy you are, the hatred feeling comes around 6 months

    There's just to much that could go wrong that beats the good that could happen, I don't know but because I'm smart enough I'de rather create my own opportunities of happiness, if I fail I'll know it was on me and start again but some of your ignorant idiots are the reason Facebook memes about idiots exist

  • Wait what?! There are other people working at ThinkTank other than John and Hannah?! Y'all hire 16 year olds or nah? 😂 I'll make your coffee idc. Whatever you need i got you. Lol! I'm trynna get some behind the scenes looks. I'll work for free, come on now hook a brother up. Lmao!

  • My story goes beyond <i>My Space</i>. Does anyone remember when we used to hook up on AOL? Yeah, yeah, I know. What's AOL?

    Well, that's the way we did it back in the dark ages. You could post a profile. Anyone could read the profiles and if you saw a profile you liked, you emailed that person. And then…

    I. living in Portland, Oregon, met a gal who lived in Chicago. It got hot and heavy. We spent two or three hours every night chatting on AOL Messenger To participate, you had to get your Internet connection from AOL. But, many people did.

    after a couple of months, she came to visit for a long weekend. That relationship was consummated almost immediately. Then, after four days, she went back to Chicago and the online chatting continued. Then she came out again, for six days. then she moved to Portland. Then we broke up. It must have been a better relationship online.

  • So i dated someone i met on myspace however we did eventually meetup and were quite happy in a physical relationship for a short time

  • I have several really deep friendships, that started online.
    With more than one, when we did meet in RL, it was like we really knew each other.
    Best example was some years ago, when I shared a house with 7 friends, we came from 5 countries (USA/Netherlands/Australia/UK/Germany) and met in the fanclub of an artist. we wanted to go to their concert together. It was crazy, it felt like family, we went shopping together, cooked together, teased each other and laughed together. We are all in contact and try to meet, but it's difficult. I actually met two of the guys 2 months ago and it was just great.
    One of my friends had a friendship starting over comments on LJ( AGES ago), then this friend had a free flight which lead her from the US to Germany. After this meeting they became best friends. 1 year later This friend from the US is back and at the end of the trip tells my friend, that they are in love with my friend.. 8 1/2 years later, still LDR, they are still going strong and are one of the sweetest couples ever. They do see each other, just not enough.
    I had 4 friends, who dated musicians and for them, it all started online, too. Myspace, the musicians msg board…weird things can happen. One of the couples actually lasted 6 years, still best friends.
    Everything is possible nowadays…you might find online your best friend, you might find family you never knew existed, you might find a soulmate or just a fling for some months..you never know

  • I've emailed thinktank about this before, my boyfriend and I met on thinktank comments! We did meet though, in May. He's coming to my country, my home town, for three months next month :D. I wouldn't be willing to be in this relationship if we couldn't meet relatively soon, though (we've been together for 6 months).

  • I have "dated" someone who I never met. He lived 6 hours away and We called each other boyfriend and girlfriend, talked on the phone every night. While it was happening it felt real. It was a really nice experience to just be able to connect with someone and honestly not feel judged. I was very awkward and shy at the time (which I still kind of am 😉 but he helped me open up and realize who I am as a person and not to be afraid to put my self out there and just be me. I honestly don't know who I was truly talking to because we never actually video messaged each other. However I didn't mind because I felt so happy when talking to him that it didn't matter to me who he was. Now that I'm older I don't really consider what we had as a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, I think we were just good friends but to this day I really appreciate the bond we had. It's not for everyone. But it's amazing how much of a bond you can truly have with someone who's voice is all you hear.

  • I would not go romantic on it without meeting IRL, but I have found friendship and just like Mason said, if you connect well, and stay connected for a long time, then it is easier to open up about deep stuff that you might not open up about in one of your face to face friendships.

  • I've met 3 really good friends online. One I recently met in real life. It was honestly rather awkward to meet in person because we are both so quiet haha so we didn't really have much to say. But I wouldn't give it up for the world

  • This is a stupid ass title question. If you ever got married without meeting in person then you're retarded

  • I am talking to this awesome Iranian girl on instagram, she was like can I date you I am like ok sure, it is weird yet cool

  • Don't forget that in some parts of the world arranged marriages (arranged by family) are still acceptable — and are largely successful.

  • Getting married without meeting the spouse is the future of the Islamic state of America, and TYT is supporting the Muslim invasion.

  • Yes. Yes I would PROVIDED I could at least see a picture and a brief bio. In a way it takes a lot of pressure off, you can spend your time getting to know each other rather than worrying about where you two will end up. Of course it wouldn't mean crap if you weren't physically together. You aren't together if you can't touch each other. All of this is provided it is a straight up volunteer decision.

  • I met my best friend online when I was in grade 6 or 7. Didn't meet her until I was about 24! Still best friends!

  • Mail order relationships were pretty common at the start of the country. Of course, people did not have the same expectations of marriage that they do now. It wasn't to make you happy but rather to form a partnership where both parties had a rather well defined job to do. So long as each did their job, were reasonably polite, and did not abuse each other, it was considered a satisfactory union.

  • I once dated someone for 2 years without ever meeting them I. person. it's very difficult and frustrating. and you can't really fully understand what it's like until you do it.

  • I would never marry in the 1st place,but if i had a choice i would have to meet the person. Because marriage is something that i
    feel is over do in the wrong way!! I would also never support it,it's wrong!

  • I have.
    Meet her in youtube back in 2011.
    I'm from America, she is from Germany.
    Meet her in person and break up 2 months after we meet in person.
    Something beautiful, but it didn't work out.

  • He is the most awkward person I have ever seen in my entire life….he should be the last person on the planet to ask about relationship related things – – once again, Hannah here to fuck the quality of the content up….

  • I've met friends on certain online games and Facebook .. but at the end i guess that being single until my financial situation changes is a great idea to me… but it would be great to find a funny and joyful other half … i met someone from Myspace that i still Skype with today.

  • I met my best friend in the whole world online and we've never met. We have video hatted and she's friends with my friends and she's completely integrated into my life. We always talk about getting married as friends because we don't really care about or want a real marriage. I know her so much more than any one else I've ever met and she's a better friend than anyone I've met irl. I would commit everything to her I love her. (I'm a girl btw). In many ways it's easier to have a relationship with someone online because I personally don't have to worry about losing touch forever because we lost touch for many months and then got back together and we go through these dry spells but once we come back we have experienced so much more and we can talk for weeks on end without giving up and over the internet you don't have that boundary of "oh maybe I shouldn't tell that person they might use it against me or maybe they don't want to hear it" or the typical 'it's hard to talk about this'

  • I definitely would marry my current boyfriend, whom I met online, have been dating for 10 months, and who I haven’t met in person yet, if I felt we were both ready.

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