Zombie Chevy Small Block on the Dyno – The Bride of Frankenstein

Zombie Chevy Small Block on the Dyno - The Bride of Frankenstein

next dyno room sees all kinds of engines classic muscle and serious racing hardware but this is the story of the smallest v8 to ever be bolted to Nick's super flow an old v8 like a 1962 63 283 v8 back in the day with a two barrel this block was supposed to make about 195 horsepower for the Biscayne or Chevy – and most likely power this is a legend we put together from a parts from here and there and because we just wanted a simple v8 for a rat rod not looking for any particular horsepower just get a small point V joining Rick already has a badass Roadrunner with a 440 that nick put together from bits and pieces that car is affectionately referred to as Frankenstein now he's putting together a bagged 49 olds and this is going to be the PowerPoint so we put in a I never gonna meet a metaphor I'll the bike that he had and then we put on a set of heads that we got from my own engine was a 290 horsepower crate engine 350 the camshaft also kick from the 291 power 350 we assemble it and this is what we got that's what the customer wanted that's what we did any one of these fancy green or some hard or green let's see how it goes man [Applause] even though it's just a 283 with a few hand-me-down parts from other builds this little green monster breaks in and runs like a champ no noise vibration or leaks and that can has given it a good idle to at random and we ask this what take a little one listen up we can't build a simple 283 v8 right without a get four horsepower you just wanted a rumble title there it even if this build isn't about maximum power Nick is going to test it all the way to the redline just like you would with any engine can yell out it with the door open and doesn't matter here we go let's visit without rumble the little guy tells me for a little mortars don't really mean he's gonna let that one fly up all right that's a small guy it's got a beautiful Idol by July Henry fumble [Applause] after testing nick is very happy with the little Bride of Frankenstein but before he takes it off the dyno he calls Rick the owner so he can take a look for himself wow what a beauty hey came up really nice beautiful for an engine put together from bits and pieces the 283 came out running just great and before the guys take it off the dyno they have just a little more fun with it the big one very red very red so 3300 almost 6,000 rpm to get our 251 horsepower but then again my clients are looking for spot we just want something to run and this is exactly what he wanted alright buddy great job I should have my pleasure thank you so much always fun this is our Clubhouse yeah Nick's kind enough to let everybody in we always have something entertaining down here the shelf

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