A Private, Cliffside Elopement in Ibiza, Spain | Martha Stewart Weddings

Meghan Markle's Family: Thomas Markle Junior Talks about Prince Harry's Fiancee

hello meet again on our showbiz gossip video happy watching I would describe my extended family as a cross between married with children and Dexter probably his dukes of hazzard and the Simpsons versus the royal family being the older brother was a new sense of responsibility it was nice having Meghan around she brought […]

Filmstar Anjuman second marriage with lucky Ali | How & When marriage happen?


hi guys welcome back to a new video it's me your friend Anushka I hope you all doing really well so today we're going to be doing a Indian inspired wedding guests make up this really really nice outfit by ro UK on Instagram I'll link them in the info box it's not paid but […]


hether my name is Gabriel Morris I'm currently here in Varanasi India where I'm on the rooftop of my guesthouse on about the sixth or seventh floor with a spectacular scene of the other buildings and the maze of alleys of Varanasi stretching off in every direction at the end of this video here then […]

MY DESTINATION INDIAN WEDDING OUTFITS | Ekta Solanki, Aastha Narang, Este Couture, House of Masaba

hi my Angel's and welcome back to my channel today's the day where I'm gonna be going through all of my wedding outfits with you guys I actually got married last year and I did actually want to show you guys all of my outfits last year like kind of showing you in detail what […]

Patriotic Farmhouse Tour 2019: Priscilla & Chelsea-The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch 4th of July

here we go in the foyer we still have a railing but I still have the lantern something's different there's a couple of cross stitch pieces by the door with a little flag and a lantern on the little table and then in the living room the only real patriotic things I have are the […]

New Year's Resolutions & Holiday Traditions

hello I want to wish you happy holidays for the end of December and the beginning of January it's interesting in China they have the Chinese New Year which is 30 days long and of course there's Chanukah and there's other areas celebrations in life where people celebrate the end of the year the winter […]