Family Of Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed Remains Hopeful | NBC News NOW

22 hours of labor | the east family

Health Equity and Disparities Research at the Massey Cancer Center, Virginia Commonwealth University

– Now, the Massey Cancer Center is an NCI-designated matrix cancer center at Virginia Commonwealth University. Our mission and goal as a NCI-designated cancer center is to really bring the intellectual capacity of the entire university, focus it on developing new discoveries, and understanding of cancer. We have a very diverse population, both in terms […]

How to maintain a human connection in a digital world

– All right so, I’m out on the street of Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a beautiful state, beautiful city, this is Evan Carroll, we’ve just met. – Just met. – Introduced by Stan Phelps. Evan tell everybody what it is that you do, what do you specialize in? – Sure, so I help companies […]

The Truth About Agency Studios

What would you do if your entertainment lawyer’s firm was bought by Disney, or if you found out your nutritionist was employed by Pepsi, or if your doctor’s practice was acquired by Pfizer? Would you trust those people to give you good advice? Or would you be alarmed at such a blatant conflict of interest? […]