Airstream Killers? Tiny Compact Travel Trailer RVs will impress you!

Airstream Killers? Tiny Compact Travel Trailer RVs will impress you!

so guys I have been let loose at Tarrytown RV Supercenter here in Grand Rapids Michigan they basically said film anything you want look at anything we have they have a huge assortment of RVs in this warehouse and it's really nice to be out of the Sun and really being able to look at these units in an environment that is more conducive to being able to film as well as get all the information I want so let's start off with these geo pros these are really cool and you've probably seen very similar units on my channel already alright guys so we're gonna kick things off by looking at these rock wood geo pros these things are super cool they have a lot of cool floor plans but what I love about these are the fact that you can get them equipped pretty much any way you want them let me give you a good idea this one right here is probably the smallest it has this really cool flip up cover which covers this outside kitchen area has a really nice kitchen dual burner cooktop stainless steel basin sink refrigerator microwave everything back here is very very nicely set up for those people who might want to go out to the beach or might want to go on a small camping excursion now what you're not gonna get in a unit this small is a restroom or a shower so you're gonna have to have some other means of taking a shower or using the restroom which if you're let's say getting something like this after you've had a tent well then you're already used to that you just bring along with you your water supply and your portable restroom let's take a look inside of this unit because it's pretty cool so this specific one is a little different than the similar floorplan that I showed you a while back this one has a sofa on the inside which converts into a bed you can see that you have the TV directly across from it some storage above this one has a furnace and an air conditioner this is a cool little compact unit has a table right here so you can eat but this would be a perfect evolution from a tent so if your tent camping and you love tent camping you just don't like laying on the ground and you want a little bit more security from wildlife and other things that might be out there this is definitely something to look at because it's gonna give you more security more safety more comfort it's gonna be elevated off the ground if it starts raining you have a bad storm it's gonna be a safer place to be plus it gives you a really nice kitchen refrigerator microwave area that's covered so this is something that I think a lot of people would really enjoy if let's say your tent camping and you want to move up from tent camping into an RV but you don't want to lose you know some of that primitive tent camping you know experience you want to have essentially that same type of an experience but you want to have an an RV so this is a very very cool unit and the model number on this specific one is the Rockwood G 12 SRK rear kitchen very cool and I really like the fact that it has the bike rack up front two propane tanks double battery box and this can be wired for solar as well it even has the Wi-Fi extender built on the top this thing is a very very cool compact setup okay so moving on so we are gonna step up in size slightly this is going to be the G 15 TB Rockwood this is a twin bed unit and I really like how they actually put what the end means underneath the little sticker here that's really cool this is going to be a slightly larger unit than that one actually it's quite a bit larger but it's still ultra compact and this thing is only about maybe 16 feet long so let's take a look inside of this specific travel trailer and see what it's all about so I like the fact that it does have the solid steps on it walking inside this is a really cool little travel trailer I love the cabinetry I love the lighter tones you still get a lot of the features that you would expect in a larger travel trailer just in a smaller package plus this gives you twin beds on each side so you're gonna have two beds in this specific unit this is great for a family that wants to go out on a weekend but they want something super compact that's easy to tow as you can see you have your Dometic refrigerator/freezer Plus this minute has a wet bath so this is going to have a toilet as well as a shower stall combined and it's going to have a really nice front kitchen area so as you can see it gives you a microwave three burner cooktop stainless steel sink lots of plugs one thing that's really nice is all the storage locations that you're going to get on these units they just give you every conceivable area that they can to store things cabinets up here cabinets up here little nooks and crannies with Nets you got more storage here you got storage underneath these beds just all the storage you really need to make sure that you can carry whatever you need to carry with you plus you have your fury on entertainment center and your TV here as well this to me is really nice because let's say you are looking at a small compact Airstream but you don't have the budget for an Airstream this to me is definitely something that would easily fit in most people's budgets it's easily towable but at the same time it gives you that very open light airy feel that a lot of people are looking for and not only that Rockwood makes a very good product you get the day/night roller shades which is really nice lots of windows that surround this area so you have a lot of visibility outside this is just a very very well laid out tiny travel trailer very nice light flooring this has to probably be one of my favorite compact travel trailers now taking a look at the outside of this unit you'll see that it has kind of those aggressive westlake tires on it and again this doesn't have any type of a motor behind it so having aggressive tires aren't going to be that big of a deal however if you are going over you know rougher terrain and areas where you need a little bit more traction they will help dig in and give you a little bit more traction but they sure look great on the side of this trailer and something that's really nice about both of these Rock woods is the fact that they have these friction hinge doors and that simply means that they're not gonna move by the wind so basically if it's a windy day you don't have to worry about the wind catching your door and having it swing around and slam the door pretty much stays wherever you open it these are very very cool I absolutely love this floorplan though this is something that I could even get behind owning especially if you just want something for a quick weekend trip let's take a look at the numbers on the specific one so this specific geo pro has a gross vehicle weight rating of three thousand eight hundred and sixty-six pounds and it has a cargo capacity of one thousand two hundred and eighty pounds those are good numbers for this this is easily half-ton towable this is absolutely the type of trailer you could stick behind most half-ton trucks and really not have to worry about any type of major issues it's not super tall it's not super wide it doesn't have a tremendous amount of length to it or wait this is something that would be very comfortable to tow behind either a large SUV something like a Tahoe expedition Navigator something like that or even a half-ton pickup truck without any problem at all and while we're talking numbers let's take a look at this geo pro so this is that super compact one this has a gross vehicle weight rating of twenty eight hundred and ninety-eight pounds in a cargo capacity of eleven hundred and forty nine pounds so this tiny little unit right here is pretty much towable what just about anything with the tow rating over four or five thousand pounds you shouldn't have any problem at all which means this is something you shouldn't have any issue telling behind like a Dodge Durango Ford Explorer any full-size SUV or even minivans this is something that would be a great great compact little travel trailer if you're gonna want to tow it behind most of your conventional vehicles now taking a closer look at the outside of this rock wood you can see that all of your connections are gonna be here you have your 30 amp connection cable satellite city water as well as your antifreeze Inlet this is going to be essentially to winterize the unit and right here you're gonna have your portable water fill so this is gonna be your water tank inside of the unit to fill it up that's gonna be the back side of your hot water heater and behind here you're gonna have an outdoor shower plus you're gonna have sister Jack's on all four corners of this unit to help stabilize it and that's something you're gonna see on all of these Rock wood geo pros this unit also has twin propane tanks as well as a dual battery box so you can have dual batteries power tongue jack but what's nice about this unit is one it's got this great awning that runs across the side pretty much the entire length of this side plus you have a good sized AC unit your Wi-Fi booster and this one already has a solar panel on top I don't know if you can see it and it has a ladder on the back so you have the ability to get on to the roof of this unit if you need to and it is pre-wired for a fury on wireless backup camera and I don't have the price sheet for either of these units but you can definitely go on their website I will put Terry towns website in the description of this video so if any of the trailers that you see in the video you want to learn more about you can definitely click on the link and find that specific model but I love these two floor plans soo for compact super portable doesn't have a shower or bathroom which I do wish it had but you can always take one with you that to me is upgrading from tent camping this one right here gives you a wet bath using a shower toilet plus a really cool modern interior this to me is kind of like a budget Airstream this is gonna give you a lot of capability plus a lot of height from the ground you have a lot of clearance to make sure that you can take this just about anywhere both of these are easily half-ton towable this one right here would be ideal the toe behind a large SUV or half-ton pickup truck this one can even be towed by a midsize SUV or even a Jeep so these are two really cool floor plans guys I'm gonna be out here filming more travel trailers probably even taking a look at more of these geo pros I really want to give a big shout out and thank you to the folks at Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids Michigan they just have a huge assortment and I really appreciate that they invited me up here to take a look at these units anyways guys if you haven't had a chance please take a moment subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up and we'll talk to you again very soon you

26 thoughts on “Airstream Killers? Tiny Compact Travel Trailer RVs will impress you!

  • MSRP for the little 12SRK is 16,137(with gaucho couch) and the 15TB is 21,366 but they have those prices lined through so it's abit less than msrp.

  • Do these trailers have a spare tire? Must be mounted underneath these days. Nice looking trailers but not seeing a spare is the first thing that jumped out at me.

  • Those rigs are about as much threat to Airstream,as a KIa,is to a Ferrari.Don’t get me wrong they look nice,but Airstream has established a name,no matter how(in my opinion)Overpriced they are,plus what I’ve seen,Airstream holds it value.

  • Prices at my local RV super center are actually quite reasonable for the many floorplans. Thanks for the info.

  • I just picked up the Geo Pro 19FD. My tow vehicle is a 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport. Effortless towing even with the 3.5 V6.

  • I'm looking at this review of the smallest Geopros and I immediately thought of their great, full featured popup. Rockwood must have some really talented and thoughtful designers because once again we are treated to examples that at first glance makes one think, "Ah….more minimalist small RVs."

    But Mr. BTBRV shows us all that minimalist is more a state of mind than reality when it comes to what Rockwood can accomplish with tiny RVs.

  • So many reviews on massive campers the size of houses it's nice to see see something basic. Camping is about getting out in the outdoors and a camper is just a place to keep your stuff and sleep 👍

  • I like features on both, I’d like to be able to incorporate the outdoor cooking part of the smaller on into the larger one and get top and bottom bunks out of the switch.

  • Could you review the 25' Bigfoot trailer, both the one door and two door model. I'm looking for a better house is cold weather camper living in Alaska.

  • Great video. Thank you so much. There's only two of us so this is something that I've been looking for. Small easy to tow lots of features. I'll check out their websites for Price details. Please keep up the good work.

  • I wish the first one had a small window that would slide so that if someone is cooking outside they could pass food through that window above the sink and add just a little breeze or something

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