I just wanna [Applause] Oh Sammy you'll say will take me away I want you for myself every single day hey everyone welcome back to the Nicolas nook in today's video I will be doing a baby shower haul so that I can share with you guys some of the items that were received from our family and friends for our baby shower this past weekend my sister-in-law threw a beautiful baby shower for us it was co-ed and we had a lot of fun we played a lot of games the guys had a baby bottle chugging contest it was so much fun and we did actually have a friend videotape it for us so once she gets that footage to me I will definitely share that with you guys because we really had a blast and it was just absolutely gorgeous so be on the lookout for that video if you're new to our channel and you're not yet subscribed and you like those types of videos definitely hit that subscribe button and make sure your notification bell is turned on so that you don't miss that baby shower video we would love to have you as part of the Nick fam so first and foremost both Chaz and I want to give a huge thank you to all of our family and friends who have been so loving and so kind during this time and throughout this journey we feel so incredibly blessed to have received all of these amazing gifts we just feel so overwhelmingly supported and loved and we know baby girl is loved so much already she has no idea how much she's loved but when she comes into this world she is just gonna have so many people who just absolutely adore her and we can't wait to meet her either of course so right now I am currently 34 weeks pregnant she will be here very very soon my mom had me at 36 weeks so to think about the fact that my mom had me two weeks from where I'm at right now and that that is a possibility not likely but a possibility is just so surreal to think of it's so exciting to think that she is almost at that stage where we get to meet her and hold her and she's just gonna be ours forever and I just love it again we do feel so incredibly blessed and extremely grateful to all of the people who have given us anything which we do not expect but I just wanted to share with you guys some of the things that we did get to help us prepare for baby girl and this upcoming weekend we actually have a second shower we're actually going out to where we use to live for the weekend to spend some time with some old friends and catch up and so that's kind of like a mini little shower for us as well so that'll be really fun also I want to mention leading up to this point we have had a lot of people get us gifts that we already have here that we had prior to the showers so prior to our baby shower we received both the bassinet in our bedroom and the crib for her nursery from my mom and dad from some of my friends I've received tons of clothes and a nursing pillow which is the my breast friend nursing pillow I've heard so many great things about it and I can't wait to actually use it but she did give me that as well as a ton of nursing bras and nursing tanks so I'm set on nursing bras and tanks now which is awesome I don't have to go out and spend a ton of money on those and then we did get some other gifts already from some friends and neighbors so I'm not gonna show you everything that we've received of course but I will show you the items that we received from our baby shower and we do have some other things coming in the mail this upcoming week from some family that lives out of state so I'm just so excited to finally get her nursery done and see what we still need and just feel prepared for her arrive all right so the first thing that we received for our baby shower which I'm not gonna show you because it's just so much is we received a lot of boxes of diapers and wipes which will help a ton semadar shower we did receive a lot of clothing items I'm not gonna go through all of them but here's a lot of the clothes that we received so I'll just show you a couple of my favorites they're also so cute and they're all different but I'm just gonna point out a couple of my favorites just because they are so precious so we got all kinds of onesies this one is one of my absolute favorites it's so cute this is from my mother-in-law I will probably hang this one up in her nursery because I feel like it goes with her theme and her nursery so I thought it would be cute hanging on a hook or something in here it's so cute and I love the little tutu it's perfect again some onesies and then I love this one that my brother got us it says I love sassy pants and tutus and that is so perfect I think it's so cute so these are a little but it has it a little tutu on it how cute is that I love it this outfit is so perfect for where we live because we do live in Florida it's very tropical we live right by the beach and I thought this was just too cute like how cute is that for summer and this is three months so she will be able to fit in this right at the beginning of summer we got some sleepers and these ones I'm really excited to try these ones are some sleep sacks they have this open part at the bottom so that when we go to change her diaper it'll just be really easy to kind of slip over her legs and change her diaper and then pull right back down so I'm really looking forward to trying these I'm not sure if these are the ones that you tie or not we'll have to see how big they are on her and I'm not sure I haven't looked really into it quite yet but these are gonna come in really handy blends these and pants which are perfect she's always gonna need some of those so I think she just got a ton of cute little outfits and to the nice thing about most of these is that they are not newborn they are actually three months and up so that way she'll be able to grow into a lot of these clothes she did get a lot of different little hair bows so she's always gonna have some kind of bow in her hair I imagine it's so cute some little bits which is perfect because we only have a couple of bibs so we definitely needed those and then going along with the little outfits one of her friends gave us all of these little shoes for her and these are all from Puerto Rico so she's Puerto Rican and all of these shoes are from Puerto Rico how cool is that these are so cute I love them these ones are little knitted shoes okay so I will be working on washing all of those clothes this upcoming week even if she's not gonna be wearing them for awhile that way I just don't have to think about which clothes I've washed and which ones I haven't I can just have them all ready for her and packed away if they need to be packed away hung up if they need to be hung up and her dresser if they needs to be in her dresser so I'm gonna work on that this week alright so the next item is very very special it is honestly probably my favorite gift that we I've received four baby girls so far that's because there was so much love put into this and I just think it's so incredibly special so this is actually a baby blanket that my grandmother made for our sweet girl I don't know if you guys can see the whole thing but this baby blanket was hand-knitted by my grandmother and it has the alphabet on it can you see that so as you guys know I was a teacher before and my grandma knew that I don't know that I really liked teaching and that it just was very fitting for her to have valpha bet on a baby blanket and so she ended up making this baby blanket for our sweet girl you guys have seen another blanket that she knitted for me when I was younger it has angels all over it I had it out during Christmas time and actually it is still out right now it's just in our guest room but I've had that blanket for ever and I think it's so special that she made this specifically for her sweet girl I know that she's gonna have this for so many years to come and I know that she's really going to cherish the fact that her great-grandmother made this for her so anyway I love it it's so snuggly and I just can't wait to use this with her when she's here and then kind of going along with that is this little lovey it's so soft and cute I think that sweet girl is just gonna want to snuggle up with this all the time is so soft so for the next item I just want to explain a little bit about kind of what we decided to do for a baby shower so instead of having everyone bring a card we had everyone bring a book for baby girl and write a special message in the book we're on the back of the book wherever they wanted to for her so that when we read these books with her she will know who it came from and then we'll think of that person so it just makes it a little extra special and so I just wanted to show you guys this is just one of the many books that we received so this book is actually from my mother-in-law to her so this is from her gann and this book is from Nana which is my mom and grandma wishes both of these first of all I actually knew about this book before having our shower but this one was new to me this grandma wishes book oh my gosh you guys this book made me so emotional it just made my eyes well up with tears so beautiful and I just can't wait to read it with her and today when my mom's visiting she can read this with her and oh my gosh I just I love these books so much so yes we have a lot of books for her now which is great as a teacher I have a ton of children's books anyway but they weren't baby books necessarily they were for older children so I definitely I'm glad that we did this that way we can read these books to her while she's young all right so the next items that I'm gonna share with you include items that will be going in her nursery so this item is from my mom and dad and I fell in love with it it actually made Chaz's dad cry because he just got so emotional and it just it really touched him so I can't wait to share this with you this is a sign from Hobby Lobby it says your first breath took hours away so my mom and dad got this for us and this is perfect to go in her nursery you can see that we have the blush pink in her room we're adding touches of floral in her room so this is absolutely perfect and the singing is just so sweet and gorgeous and I know that this will be completely true 110 percent when she's born so yeah when we read this out loud and held it up for everyone to see Chaz's dad got all emotional it was the cutest thing and so I cannot wait to put this in her room next we got a set of six of these storage cube organizers these just go with the colors that are in her nursery and so these will end up being in her closet then we did get something that was so incredibly special from Chaz's aunt as well but I can't show it to you now because it has her name on it but I will tell you what it is so Chaz's aunt has actually been into glass work she makes a lot of stained glass items so she ended up making a beautiful stained glass piece with baby girl's name on it to hang up in her nursery window and it's absolutely gorgeous it fits perfectly with her decor and I cannot wait to show you guys once we do our name reveal which will be coming up soon because you guys it's almost February and she could be here at the end of February for all we know but once we do the name reveal and once that's up we will definitely show that to you and then kind of going with some decor this is actually something for Chaz that came from his mom it says there's this girl she kind of stole my heart she calls me dad so it's really really cute I love it I'm not sure where we're gonna put this yet but I love that all right so this next item is something that I'm gonna be taking to the hospital with me this is a memory book and ever since the beginning we've been calling this little one sweet baby girl so you'll notice that when we show you our shower video as well everything was kind of centered around her being our sweet baby girl so my mom got this for us so that we can take it to the hospital and get her foot prints done and we can just document everything I think it goes up to age five she said it has spaces for pictures and things just about mommy and daddy all kinds of things in here and I believe she found this at Hobby Lobby something else that I will be taken to the hospital is this mother love nipple cream I've heard a lot of really good things about this I've heard great things about the land snow lanolin cream as well so if you have used one or both of those and you like one better than the other I would love to know just kind of what your opinions are on both I've heard great things about both so I'm definitely going to be packing this in my hospital bag I'm not sure how long this is going to last if I'm gonna need it throughout the entire time in breastfeeding I hope not so this is a very natural product and that's why I wanted to try this one specifically but I can't wait to put that in my hospital bag all right and then a couple of smaller items that we received include this thermometer so this is a four head thermometer and by the way I don't know if I mentioned this before I don't think so but I will link as much as I can down in the description box below if you are looking for one of these items if I can't find it I'm sorry but I will do my best to link as much as I can the outfits will probably be difficult but things like this I can definitely probably find and link for you and then we did get an Amazon gift card which is perfect because there are things that we still need so this will definitely help with that and then we received this raspberry teether so this will be for when she's starting to teeth and it looks like it's raspberry flavored maybe maybe not I'm not sure maybe not maybe it just is textured like a raspberry so that it feels good on her guns but that I think she'll really like this next item I think is really cool we received this from one of our friends it is a proper pillar which is for tummy time and it helps her to sit up as well so this is really cool there are several different ways that you can put this together and this will come in really handy I think just for all kinds of different things so she can kind of lay right here for tummy time it has different features like a mirror this looks like a TV that's attached to it so I think she'll really like that it's really cute so that is pretty much it as far as all of the small stuff goes again we have received quite a few big items from our family before the shower and then we did receive a couple of big items for a shower so we received a swing and bouncer set from my aunt and uncle and it's gonna be so convenient because not only can you use it as a baby swing but you can pull off the part where the baby sits in and it can be converted into a bouncer which is perfect so it's like a two and one I'm super excited to show you guys that and then we also got a travel system so we have a stroller car seat and car seat base set which I will link down below as well originally we were gonna go with a Kiko travel system but I ended up finding a grey co travel system that was at a better price point it is the great go fast action fold I believe so I will show you guys that and that came from Chaz's parents it is so cool and it's gender-neutral which is perfect so that we can hold on to it if we have another baby in the near future and then we did receive a pack and play from Chaz's aunt and uncle as well so you guys we are pretty much set as far as all of the big items go we only have a couple of small things that she's gonna need as far as like different medicines I'm gonna get some vitamin D drops we still need a mattress for her crib but again she's not gonna be sleeping in there for a while she will be with us we still need a baby monitor again not right away but eventually we'll get that and little things like that that she doesn't necessarily need right now but that we will get for her you know within the first few months or so one of the things that I do want to still get before she's here is some kind of lounger you probably have heard of the docket ah or the snuggle me organic which is what I was looking for at the beginning those can also I guess be used as Co sleepers which we have the bassinet and that's what we're gonna be using for her to co sleep with us those types of loungers are more expensive but I did find something called a balk a lounger so it's by poppy and it's still a lounger but it's only like $30.00 and so because we already have a co-sleeper which is our bassinet I guess it's more of like a side sleeper she doesn't really need the smuggle me organic or the docket ah I don't think I don't know yet I may change my mind once we kind of see how everything's going but I think I'm gonna start with the boppie lounger just because it is at a better price point and it still has a lot of great reviews and if I don't really need the other things I don't think I'm gonna get that but if you guys have had any of those three I would love to know what your experience was with those and maybe why you liked something or why you didn't just because it will help me to kind of figure out what might work best for us and for our family I would really appreciate that just because I don't really know so definitely drop a comment down below and let me know if you've used any of those three all right so let me go show you some of those bigger items so that you can see what they look like alright so here is the baby swing that we received so it is a baby swing and a bouncer so babe do you want to show how you can take it off I am just grab the handle and there's a latch here that unlocks it can you lift it up what's a record yeah and there are some different features on the front to soothe there's a vibration setting and then when you're done you just put it walk on the swing and then it has some music features up here and different rocking settings I mean swing settings yeah so it can rock sideways I think it can go the other way too so depending on where we keep it that then you know she might like it one way or the other she might like to swing mm-hmm all right and then here is our pack and play so you can see that the height of the mattress is adjustable and we don't have any sheets yet and then this is a changing station on one side and a Napper on the other so it has some legs so if for some reason we wanted to let her sleep or just lay down in this on the other side we would pull this part out and put that on the floor and then it just comes with a mobile here and then here is our stroller so this is the Graco fast action fold stroller with the click connect car seat and I don't remember exactly what model but I'll go ahead and link this down below we got this off of Amazon or Chaz's mom got this from Amazon so it's really really nice it's gender-neutral it has the infant insert in here or the newborn insert and then you can actually have the car seat when it's out you can have the regular part of the stroller leaned back into a bassinet for newborns so you can see that this part is leaned back right here so yeah alright so this is our car seat that is attached in here so if we they're just the infant insert it's in strapped in right or something no it's just that but if we want to take her out of the car we don't ever have to really take her out we can just throw it right into the stroller which is really cool so the base of the car seat stays in the car right and this is this is actually lean back when a few strollers that we saw and before it a newborn infant you're supposed to have the downlink flutter and then as a reporter you actually you can sit them up and sit them up more yeah so it should last her all through her newborn and toddler years and then No yeah and then it just comes straight back down live it in the Kersey thank you easy peasy alright so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you enjoyed seeing everything that we received for our baby shower we're excited to finish the nursery and to get everything prepared for baby girl because again she's gonna be here before we know it and I still need to pack my hospital bags I'm getting there but I just want to kind of wrap some things up so that I feel prepared for her arrival thank you guys so much again and we'll see you in our next video bye

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  • FYI, the dock a tot is NOT an approved safe sleep space. It can be useful for supervised naps, but a baby should never be left unsupervised, especially at night. The sides are not breathable, and most babies tend to curl up into the sides.

  • P.S both of my sons did not like the halo bassinet which was really unfortunate but I really pray it works for her 😘

  • I bought the northwell baby lounger it’s from amazon and it was half the cost of the doc a tot.. if I didn’t have it I would have never gotten sleep ! You got some good stuff for sweet baby girl

  • Your video is very awesome !! I love all the things you got. I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and just posted a baby shower haul. Let’s support each other go check it out if you can

  • You guys really should look into getting an angel care monitor before she gets here. SIDS is a real thing and this baby monitor will detect if she doesn't move or breathe for 10 seconds with 1 beep and set off an alarm after 20 seconds. It saved my sons life and I wont bring home my babies without it on the bassinet! Please look into it it's a great product to have so you can rest peacefully. It works just like a regular monitor but with the movement sensors

  • we have all 3 loungers our baby is not here yet, due in May. If you watch dockatot and snuggleme on Instagram they have great sales, i got our dock about a year ago because it was on a warehouse sale for like $80 and the snuggle me i was able to get like 30% or 50% off (cant remember) by just waiting for a sale. We travel quite a bit and my deal was the dock is that i think it will be great for when we fly and don't want to take the pack and play so she will have a familiar comfortable sleep environment. And also when we go to family's house it will be easily portable. the snuggle me is softer and i like that it hugs the baby.

  • Honestly the baby could be in three months clothing by June or sooner it's going to depend on the weight gain from the time they are born. I know from experience because when my daughter was born I thought she was going to be in 0-3 months clothing, but she was in newborn clothing instead. Some babies are already in 0-3 month clothing from the time they are born, but it's going to depend on how many pounds they weigh. Boppy pillow is everything especially if you are breast feeding. The hair bows are cute! Yes you need plenty of diapers, wipes, bibs, and clothes. You will wash a lot of clothes due the baby spitting up or poop explosions. You will wash bibs or burp cloths a lot too. Also, I would be careful about baby soap, my daughter developed eczema because of the soap and be careful of what laundry detergent you wash baby clothes in as well. I bought my child so many books and started reading to my baby when she was a couple of months old. Yes take plenty of pictures. The Lanolin cream for nipples that are sore works really well I requested that in the hospital because they have a lot of samples. Ask the hospital for samples while you are there they do have them. They should have breast pads for breast milk leakage. Nice that you have a bouncer and swing all in one. I got my daughter a rocker she liked it sometimes, but not very much. Nice stroller!

  • We had a dockatot with our son and he actually hated it. I was so disappointed given the price. But luckily I could resell it for almost full value. I had a lot of friends absolutely love the boppy lounger! I’m 12 weeks with number 2, and that’s what we are planning on getting for this little beeb. ❤️

  • My baby loves her boppy lounger, up until she was about maybe 1 month old she’d sometimes nap in her boppy. She was most comfortable in there. Now she’s 2 months old and I still continue to use it to have her just slightly elevated and I use it to feed her. I hate holding her while giving her her bottle so I place her in there to make feeding her easier

  • The Boppy Lounger is AMAZING!!! My little guy loved it. Sadly, at 3 months, he is too wiggly for it lol. That's okay though. We will save it for the next baby 🙂

  • Good choice on the boopy lounger. My daughter was colicky and she slept on it next to me on the couch for the first 3 months. It helped her sleep upright to fall asleep before I could put her into her mama roo, swing or crib. She kept laying on it til she was over a year old and it was flat. She used it as a pillow at that point. We will definitely be buying a new one for the next baby.

  • I absolutely love the boppy lounger! I had one with my 2 year old and used it everyday for the first 4 months of his life (then he started rolling over! He had terrible reflux and because it sat him at more of an slant it was a life savor. I'm 30 weeks pregnant with a little girl and already bought a new one for her! 💕

  • I used the boppy lounger with my daughter and absolutely loved everything about it! She used it all the way up until she was like 6 months old, would highly recommend to anyone that is expecting! 💕 love the theme of your baby girls nursery too!

  • Our grandson (our first) was born on January 5th and he has a Boppy. His parents absolutely love it. It is portable so he can be in any room, it is lightweight, and snuggles him right in. He loves to be in it after feeding time. They have now been placing his play gym, with toys, mirrors, etc. right over the Boppy, so that he has items to look at, now that he is more alert. Best of luck with "sweet baby girl"

  • Aww I am so glad you guys had an amazing baby shower!! It looks like you got lots of amazing things. Thank you for sharing! Absolutely love your videos and am so excited for baby girl to arrive! 🙂 <3 The sassy pants and tuts outfit is adorable!

  • Mother love is a little thinner once its rubbed in, more oily and moisturizing. Lansinoh lanolin is very thick and more of a barrier like paste. Both can be helpful it just depends on what your nipples need during your breastfeeding journey! I honestly didnt like the boppy lounger because my son was very long and he didnt fit on it for long at all. I haven't tried snuggle me or doc a tot but my good friend has a snuggle me and her son seems to love it! I've considered getting one. My little guy is only 3m. My oldest is 3 yrs.

  • My cousin just had a baby boy and she uses the Boppy Pillow all the time. This also works great for helping support the baby when breastfeeding.

  • Wow you got awesome and useful items. I also got teary with the wall decor. Ahhhh no wonder grandpa got emotional. So sweet.

  • Love that stroller. It's so easy to use!
    Yeah the insert kinda flops like that.

    Boppy lounger is amazing! Like my #1 0-3 month item.

  • I loved the lansinoh nipple cream. It was great. Extra secret..use a nursing bra and leave your nipples exposed under your shirt to help them get tougher to try an avoid cracking nipples…..(very painful) after 5 kids I recommend it….
    Get yourself some of the good breast pads for at home, use disposable ones when your going away it is just more convenient, (forgetting them in the diaper bag for 2 days trust me very nasty) hospital bag- do not forget chapstick.
    My best to you…and baby girl!

  • I have never used it but I have seen others use the Dock-A-Tot , Ellie from Ellie & Jared loves their's and she even takes it when they go to her mom's house for her baby to nap in. Also Summer Whitfield she has a channel on YT , she is from NC she loves it for her little boy. She is expecting her 2nd baby and has a 14 m. old. A good book I always recommend is " I'll Love You Forever"!! It is such a precious little story but have a tissue ready! : – )

  • I have heard amazing things about the dockatot. I have a 20 yr old daughter. When she was an infant she didn't want to sleep alone, sleeping in a bassaet she wasn't having. I wish that I had known about he dockatot for co sleeping. Other bloggers on here have said that it has been a life saver for them and their babies. She will want to be by you, hear your breathing. I know that all babies are different but my daughter slept the best with me.

  • Aww, glad you had such a lovely shower! Such thoughtful and wonderful presents. I especially love the blanket! I still have my first stuffed animal and baby blanket, such precious gifts! Looking forward to the name reveal!

  • Instead of nipple cream you can squirt little bit of breast milk and rub it on, it has worked the best. The lansinol leaves grease stains on all your clothing.

  • I absolutely love the mothers love cream! I have gone through sooo many over the past year. It worked wonders for me, and has saved so many tears on my part! I used it during pregnancy too! Toward the end I was so sore already, and it helped out a lot.

    So excited for you guys, sweet baby girl is so blessed. ❤️

  • Im Puerto Rican and as soon as I saw the baby shoes I knew 😍 my baby girl had so many cute shoes when se was a baby they love baby shoes 😂 I loooove the decir style you chose for baby girl I can’t wait for baby girl to make her grand arrival! I’m 30 weeks with my 2nd I’m having a boy but I remember how excited I was to prep for all things girly with my 1st 💕

  • Just so you know the forehead thermometer is not the best thing to use my friends son had a 104 fever at 1 years old and was have seizures from it and there forhead thermometer was was it was under 100 the EMTs got there and took his temp and it was 104 they recommend rectal thermometers or ear thermometers

  • The boppy lounger was great for the first month or 2 for napping on the couch with us. We originally were given the Halo bassinest for cosleeping, but she HATED it from the first night home, so then we ended up purchasing the dockatot. She slept in that between us for the first 3 months. Absolutely loved it, totally worth the money. They feel so snuggled and cozy. I've heard Rock n plays are great but have also read articles saying babies have passed away sleeping in them.

  • Hey jess! Could you please add a link for the stroller?! I’m currently trying to find one for my baby in June and I love the ease of the one you received! 🎀

  • I want to get the boppy lounger too! I feel like I will use it on the couch when I’m watching tv. I had that swing with my first born and it did not turn to swing back and forth and I sure wish it didn’t because he wasn’t a fan of left to right so that’s a great feature!

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    She's going to be here so soon!!

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