Couples Explain Cheating | Couples Describe | Cut

Couples Explain Cheating | Couples Describe | Cut

– Cheating, yes. – Do you wanna go first? – Have we ever talked about that? – No. – Definitely more than
just a couple inches. Ya know, I mean–
– What? – (laughs) I’m kidding. – Nobody talks to her, period, that’s it.
– So stupid. – If she held hands with
a guy, kissed a guy, texted–
– Held hands? – If you texted a guy too much. – I text a lot of guys. – You know what I mean. – Sexually, like, you’re
getting off, it happens. But emotionally, I think
that’s like a whole different level. I think that’s worse. – Yeah, I would agree.
– That’s a lot worse. – If you can’t do it in
front of your partner, then, it’s cheating. – Yeah. – Have you ever cheated on somebody? – No. – ‘Cause I have and I never told either of the people involved. – Not really.
– No. – He’s friends with a lot of his exes. – I actually have an
ex-girlfriend that we’re both mutual friends with right now. – Yeah, remember when your ex texts you? His ex text him this love poem and umm– – I never got to see it. (laughs) – Yes, she does. I wouldn’t even notice she went through it until she brings up
something and I’m like, “How would you know that
and it’s in my phone?” “Oh, I went through your phone last week.” – Not flirting. – There’s been some
questionable about this girl. – There’s nothing. (laughing) – Remember those pictures
when you came back from your business trip? – No, I don’t remember any pictures. This is my business trip. (laughing) – He’s like in the middle
between these two girls, like these beautiful Hispanic
ladies, he was in Mexico. He had his arm around
one up here but then the other one he had like
around her waist, like this. – No, that was girls
from the office there. It was a sales branch down there. We’d go out and do whatever– – I heard this already. You don’t have to explain it. – Alright, alright. – Oh, I’d be– Probably. – If that ever happened,
it would be (ticks) gone. – [Both] Yes. – Hands down. Yeah. – If it’s a kiss like, happy birthday kind of a kiss, right? But if it’s a big, loving, (giggles), that’s grounds for breakup. – That might terminate the relationship. – For sure end my relationship. Like came home one day and I
found him in bed with ya know, somebody and I had no
idea that was happening. – If someone came home and was like, “Look, I slept with somebody.” – This makes me wanna throw up. – It was a mistake. – There’s no– – The thing about it is– – Doesn’t feel good,
my brain goes to kill. – I kind of just wouldn’t
wanna know if you did that. – Because we have a child
together especially, it’s just like how are you gonna do that to the mother of your child? Yeah, I would just be done. – I mean, I say this now,
but I don’t think that it would be the end all. I don’t know, that’s a hard one. – Why don’t you? – I’m very unproud of the
fact that I did have an affair and I never told Sally
and Sally never found out and then, once our daughter was born, I went to Sally and I said,
“Sally, I need to tell “you something and if you wanna leave me, “you have every right. “I’m really not proud of what I’ve done.” Told her all the girls
I’d messed around with and she knew some of them. Well, she forgave me
and thank God she did. That was over 40– – It was long enough ago to forget how long ago it was.
– 44 years ago. – And we’ve never done anything since. – Well, we’ve done a few things. – Well, I mean, nothing like that.

100 thoughts on “Couples Explain Cheating | Couples Describe | Cut

  • It is never okay to go through someones phone without permission, if your in a relationship or not and no matter what gender, that is controlling and people forget it is ILLEGAL!!!!!

  • My boyfriend almost cheated on me and that hurt like a bitch. He said he will never do it again but it's still very hard to trust him. I try.

  • how is it worse to have someone cheat on you because they fell in love with someone else rather than them just wanting to screw around? you can't help who you love granted you shouldn't cheat just stop being chicken shit and tell the person.

  • That older couple at the end was so uncomfortable to watch. You could straight see it in her face that she was so hurt about the cheating. When he said they hadn’t done stuff since the confession, I just knew the reason she didn’t leave him was because she was having a kid. A woman truly will give a man another chance but will make him work very hard for it. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • The last dude was kind of an ass he waited till she had a kid till she had a living bond with him to tell her he cheated

  • My brother cheated on his wife.. now he cheats on the girl that he cheated on his wife with. My brother in law cheats on my sister. Then to make it all better, i found out my dad cheated on my mom..

  • Women are so lame what are you doing in his phone, if you need to "MoNitOr" his leave break up, nothing is more of a waste of a time than a girl who does not completely trust you

  • Cheating to me doesn't involve sex
    Sex is just a physical human desire that actually means nothing ,it's simply entertainment.
    Caring about another person , enjoying time and conversation, and being emotionally connected to another(while in a committment is is cheating

  • That gay/bi black woman was hella smart.

    "Anything you can't do in front of your partner is cheating."
    That was short and on point.

  • Wow. That last man is absolute trash! Of course he tell his wife that he cheated AFTER she's birthed his child. He made sure he waited until she's trapped into motherhood before he told her that he was unfaithful. >:( He didn't want to tell her before she got pregnant because he was afraid she would leave him, which she probably would have. Disgusting!

  • My motto is if you cheating I’m cheating and we can cheat on each other 🤷🏾‍♂️ And live a happy life

  • The last dude told her AFTER they got a kid??
    Woah very nice "we are bonded forever but if you want to leave me leave me"

  • I appreciate the older couple the husband and his honesty. This is love. Sometimes it's painful and we make mistakes. I've been there.

  • 3:10

    this makes me so sad.

    i’m exactly like sally. no matter what, if i love you, i’ll love you forever. & it sucks. y’know? because i know how it feels :’))

    but i’m glad.. they’re happy. y’know? :’)))

  • I don't get it why is it worse when you "love" someone and that's why you cheat than when you just have sex because you were horny without feelings.
    I'm not saying that cheating is okay, there is NO excuse, but
    when you have no feelings for someone but you still can't control your dick/vagina, isn't that too pathetic? 😀
    cheating because you had feelings sounds better. (not like better better, but I prefer my partner to cheat on me because he fell in love, and not because he just can't control his dick. it's gonna end anyway so)

  • Lol the one at 1:45 bought a champagne room at a club i used to work at while on a "business trip" in portland. I feel bad for his wife. Anything goes in the champagne room. Just depends on the dancer. He went with one who is known for being nasty.

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  • Cheating is SO COMMON this day in age, that 1. I’m afraid to get close to someone because I know the cheating would hurt me. But 2. Maybe I can get close to someone if I just go against what I value and accept that people cannot be monogamous. 3. I don’t truly believe that but I’ll have to try if I don’t want to end up alone. Or 4. I’ll be alone and that’s going to have to be okay.

  • I could never be bothered to monitor my husband's phone or any of that kind of crap. If you have to do that then I think you should question your relationship. That being said if I ever found out he did anything behind my back I would leave instantly, but there's no way I'm going to spend my time trying to be some kind of two bit detective solving a mystery that probably doesn't even exist. if I ever feel the need to start looking through his phone, and I will pick it up and call a divorce lawyer because that's not how I want to live.

  • Honestly think it's weird if someone you're with doesn't want you to look at their phone. 🤷 I've used my boyfriend's phone multiple times and vice versa. Only time I've ever forbid him from a section of my phone was when I had a Christmas list with all his presents so I could remember what I got because I pick up stuff here and there throughout the year and hide it then I forget what I bought. 😂

  • I got cheated on by a girl I was with for almost 2 years and she was my first love.. and she cheated with my friend whom I introduced to her and they stayed fuck buddies. Needless to say neither of them are my friends anymore 💔

  • I've never cheated on anyone I dated, but I never understood why I got cheated on. If I make you that miserable, at least bow out respectfully beforehand

  • It amazes me how many of those young couples clearly haven't discussed with their partners what is or is not okay in the commitment they're in. Like I'm only 24, and I still want it to be brought up every now and then just in case a person's ideas change over time. Like that's part of your job in a relationship – I'm promising to protect your emotions and never to hurt you, and in order to do that job effectively, I need to know what would or would not be okay with you…

    3:40 Look in her eyes.. 40+ years later & her ❤ is still broken 💔
    Idiot! She should've left.. after 40+ years, then she might've FORGIVEN you. Once you TARNISH the relationship… its TARNISHED!!! Walk the fuck away, you CAN'T FIX IT, ITS BROKEN!! 💔🤕

  • did somebody seriously say they would end the whole relationship if the othet was drunk and kissed someone at the bar?
    doesn't sound like they actually care anout the other person too much tbh

  • That guy at 2:14 is the complete antithesis of the chump at 0:54. His gf was telling him straight on his face she texts a lot of guys and has been a cheater, apparently she has him by the balls

  • he cheated on her with MULTIPLE girls and then only decided to tell her until they started a family together lmao? manipulative scumbag

  • It’s super insecure if you have to sneak into someone’s phone without telling them. How unstable are you in the relationship. Jesus.

  • Ok, just no… you don't get to check your partner's phone, under any circumstances, it's just a matter of respect and trust for the other person intimate life and it really pisses me off that people think it's normal and that it's ok to do it

  • Don’t check his phone like come on. You’re just insecure and need to fix your trust issues, it isn’t your man’s fault for that.

  • I feel like the one girl that said she wouldn’t have want to known if someone was cheating on her cheated on her bf

  • Wow, how interesting wife of a Mexico trip guy, she knows being cheated on deep down so she said it's not a deal breaker in relationship. Must suck having kids and stay home while her unattractive husband buys Mexican sluts.

  • CHEEKY LAD, waits until his daughter is born to admit cheater, 'cuz you know she'd have left your ass if she wasn't pregnant/ with your kiddo.

  • The girl that said “held hands? I text a lot of guys”
    Please just leave her ass especially saying she cheated before 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Ik I can go through my mans phone if I wanted to but it’s something I choose not to do bc I used to be so insecure and jealous but he gave me confidence and helped me with self love and I can’t explain how tiring it is to be that type of girlfriend it’s not worth it , that trustworthy feeling and enjoying each other’s company is so much better and if anybody is dealing with that issue just give it your best and if your so chooses to go and do something dumb it won’t hurt you as much as it will them once they realize how great you really are

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