Family Of Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed Remains Hopeful | NBC News NOW

Family Of Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed Remains Hopeful | NBC News NOW

19 thoughts on “Family Of Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed Remains Hopeful | NBC News NOW

  • Pitty this lady did not come forward years ago , the other boyfriend has got away with murder

  • Well hate to say it but he’s black and it doesn’t matter if he did it or not he’s going to get the needle and long nap. It sucks to say it’s our country these days!

  • I don't know anything about this case. The death penalty is flawed when so many are wrongly accused and wrongly incarcerated.

  • It looks like a few people who don't really know anything could not wait to comment on here and give their "opinion". This case is not to be determined by anybody's "opinion". It should be determined by facts, DNA, and actual evidence. Is anyone commenting here from Bastrop, TX and know any of the people involved? Real justice for Stacey Stites, Rachel Cooke of Geogetown, TX, late Detective Edward Lee Salmela, and late Officer Gary Joe Bryant. Thank you!

  • I'd just like to lend a kind word to his mother and let her know that another great Lady went through what she's going through right now. It was done a while ago, but it's perhaps the most famous case of injustice ever rendered by man against his brother. The powers that be 🏫 didn't want to listen to their 😶 prisoner back then, they just sought to railroad him as swiftly and with as much humiliation 😟 as could be rendered. Everyone he knew whom he 💖cared for, and who cared 💟 for him, left 💨 him in the dust. Except his 🙅mom. On 🌌 the night he was arrested 👲 there was such a rush🏃 to judgment he wasn't even granted the decency of a trial, as so happens for many 📜 advocates who strive to bring light💡to the darkness of a given people's dhimmitude. They were one powerful 👳 organization, and all they had to do was prove he was actively subversive to the presiding 🎩 governor and that would be the end of him. And without anyone 👨 who was close to him willing to stand by 👬 him they were 💯% certain he'd squeal 🐷 like so many others they'd condemned 🌚 to death row. They rather smiled to themselves when he was 😊 apprehended, prematurely enjoying a mental 😌 preview of their upcoming feature 💿 film. It would be a blockbuster. Pity it didn't turn out quite the way they'd hoped.
    As for the man's mom, she made sure that word got to him that she was right nearby and he'd see her very soon, that she'd be waiting outside till she could get in to visit no matter how long. And wait she did. It would be hours before they'd see each other face to face. Patience was for his mom almost second nature, so gentle a creature was she. She was there, the day they brought him out, the day they executed him. She'd never gotten much of a chance to speak at length to him, only a few words, the rest of their exchange was through each other's eyes. Love, and sorrow, and trust. The requisite nod of courage exchanged one to the other was made. But in the giving a marked deficit was expected in the other. Those who sought this in the givers face and attitude were disappointed. She was as strong as ever, and looked on with 💘 love, with 🍞bread, and 🍷 wine, yes…Her name was Mary. She carried the knowledge of her 👦son's ⌛ upcoming execution within her heart 💟 for thirty-three years. This is why she is known as the Queen 👑 Of Martyrs. She followed after him as he carried his Cross, praying that Almighty God, Lord and Admiral of ALL mamkind 💖 would see to his swift dispatch from this world 🌍 of pain and agony. But His ⏰time was not yet up. It would take take three more harrowing 🕕 arduous hours, with her Divine Son nailed 🔨 to His ✝ Cross before His Father in heaven would give Him leave to die. All the while, His humble obedient Mother 🙅looked on, mute witness to His ultimate ✨💧sacrifice for humanity. She had known so many years ago it would come to this, but no amount of mental rehearsal had prepared her for the egregious undeserved suffering her Son had gone through that Friday.
    Her Son had been innocent! He had done nothing wrong. Nothing against the law, Roman or Mosaic. He'd simply asked His Father for Grace before each time He assisted someone, then with the authority He was endowed with, told that which afflicted them to leave, or those who possessed them to depart. And it worked. Every time. WOW!! Game changer! And they, THEY had resented it. If they'd allowed Him to continue it would have started to cut in on their comfortable little lives, and eventually even made their positions obsolete. And they couldn't have that happen, now could they! The one thing they didn't count on, the one thing they never believed, was the one thing that was their penultimate downfall!
    He rose from the dead!! And His Mother knew ahe would. So this young man who's on death row right now, you know your Song is in the same position. And I know you believe in the Resurrection!
    Thank you, Jesus!
    Know this, dear Lady, His Holy Mother stands beside you all the way. You may not see or hear her, but rest assured she sees and hears you! And allow me to impart one more small token of insight, if I may. Jesus loves her more than He ever loved ANY other woman who ever lived before or who is yet to come. After all, she's the one who fed Him, and clothed Him, and told Him stories, and laughed with Him. She must have seen some incredible things with Him at her feet when He was just a toddler, don't you think? I mean, I can see Him at the age of 3 or so, sitting on the floor of their home in Nazareth, and Mary is standing right there making a Betanina salad. She reaches for the 🛢 oil and opens the skin (it would have been in a leather bag) and pours some over the assorted greens and nuts. Jesus is calling her attention, "Ima!" She hums back at Him. "Hmm-mM!"
    "No, Ima! See!"
    "I see."
    "No…see Ima?"
    Finally she looks down to see Him with His hand out. He's picked up a large black beetle. Mary crouched down beside Him to " oo" over it with Him.
    "That's a big beetle!"
    "That's it!"
    "No moving Ima."
    "No. Dead."
    "No. Live. Go. Go!"
    And RIGHT THEN the beetle's legs start to quiver. Mary's eyes grow really wide as the beetle turns over on His tiny palm, then opens its wings and flies off towards the light from the open doorway.
    Mary looks at Him, just gaping. And smiling. "Uh…yes! He is GONE." Jesus starts to stand up and she pulls Him over to herself and hugs Him very hard. "Oh my previous little Jesus. Don't grow up too fast!"
    "I won't. I love you Ima."
    "Oh My Jesus, I love too, so very much!"
    And at this she kisses His cheek and let's go, watching Him as He stands and walks that funny little 3 year old walk of His over to the table and chairs.
    "Yes, my little Messiah," she whispers.
    "Can I have a possum?"
    "Possum? What's a possum?"

  • Why did all this new information come out 20 years later? A month before he's set to be killed. That's not enough time to fight it. These things take years. Fishy.

  • I dont care what anyone say, if you find yourself in a position like that then you did something wrong. The court is looking at 20 years of investigation. If the courts are not sure they will not execute him then that will be MURDER!! by execution.

  • There is so much evidence coming forward from witnesses. No one is scared anymore to talk. It
    all points to the fact that Rodney was framed.

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