Mega Construx Halo 10th Anniversary figure series review

Mega Construx Halo 10th Anniversary figure series review

halo these are the mega construx halo
10th anniversary blind bag series figures and for a change I’m actually
going to try to go through these quickly and just show you the figures for what
they are and then any extra thoughts that I want to share how we’ll save for
later so you can easily just cut out if you want I’m gonna start with the common
rarity figures the ones of which there are the most in each case of these that
you open up this is a halo 3 Spartan and recon armored recon style I liked the
halo 3 style myself with every single one of these figures in this series
you’re going to see the 10th anniversary edition special gold color used for the
weapon like the SOCOM pistol here and it’s just a solid plastic color going
all the way through so not a paint application and also that same gold is
used for the stand that these are on you look at a different gold color as a
paint application for the visor on this one it’s very difficult to go wrong with
black and also has the dark-colored undersuit which is just a very very dark
grey so yeah this is this was one that was hard to mess up and they did not
mess it up this is a halo 3 brute captain with a plasma rifle and that’s
actually a different type of material because it’s softer so you may actually
notice that it’s a slightly different color from the normal goal that they’ve
used for instance you can just compare from here to here this is the standard
type of plastic and this is just a little bit lighter and also a little bit
more greenish in color the color of the armor here is in the right range I do
wish it was metallic though I really feel like this could have used some
serious metallic sheen getting a little bit more into the blue range just with
some iridescent but at least it’s in the right overall range the skin tone for
this figure is very very light though it’s a very light slightly big ish gray
color for the hands and also the head who this is a halo 3 elite minor with
the Covenant carbine there I don’t think we’ve ever gotten and elite in this
color before with that color for the armor it’s
kind of a yellowish ish a green color it’s a not a particularly good-looking
color but I don’t think it’s supposed to be it’s very alien that’s for sure and
this definitely has a lot of metallic sheen and a lot of metallic flake the
helmet piece also is showing a lot of marbling between some of the different
colors that are mixed together in the resin there this also has a pretty light
skin tone but it’s not as light as the brute not nearly so this is more of a
tan beige and the last common figure from this series is this classic style
of grunt but with the most modern style of build so the inner part of the tank
with the silver color there is actually a separate insert it’s a separate piece
and also the breather is a separate piece on this one rather than using
paint applications it ensures that you’ll always get a consistent look this
way and where one color ends and the other starts will always have a very
crisp edge and for the weapon this guy has the gold colored little plasma
pistol and supposed to hold it something like that that’s actually pretty
accurate these days the way they have these set up and that brings me to the
first of the rare figures for this series this is a Halo Wars style basic
spartan 2 with a DMR in the gold color I personally love DMR’s and this is the
most advanced style that mega does with the NATO rail on top so you can attach
various types of accessories as they make them you know so attach some
add-ons to the end of the barrel but this comes with none comes just as you
see it there the color scheme here is cookies-and-cream
for all the armor pieces and once again with the gold visor it’s just you’re you
know pretty basic arctic armor style for a basic Spartan and yeah let’s move on
this rare class figure is one of two Halo 5 representatives in this series it
is a Spartan stinger who comes with a saw their notice there is a little bit
of metallic flake and all the the red all the red stuff that you see here all
the right parts absolute aleck flakes so it’s not just a plain red makes it look
a little bit more special you might not notice the individual flakes until you
look up really close but it just has a bit of a just slightly subtly pearl
finish to it and it makes the the light bounce off it in different ways and
looks a lot better than just a basic read more toyish looking this part and
figure this one looks pretty good to me it really stands out it has a very
different style from most you know just with how much roundness it has and then
here’s a good medium to dark turquoise Helios grill or Helios grill comes with
a Grif shot a bruit shot in that nice gold color has a nice Sheen to it with
such a large surface on the side this color scheme really makes any any figure
really stand out you can see all the details you know really captures details
well shows you the highlights shows you the edges without adding in too much too
much contrast from part to part so this is really nice this does not have any
wash does not have any metallic flake doesn’t have anything special it’s just
plain you know it’s just the pure plastic color but it’s done well and the
visor has pretty good coverage too and then last amongst the rare class figures
for this series is this original Halo Wars flame marine so not trying to be a
hell jumper this time around just an original flame Marine officially by name
and comes with the the flamethrower of course which is a multi piece
assembly also has the silicone hose over here it’s that modern style of hose
which is very very flexible so not at all difficult or frustrating to try to
set that up in different poses you know it has maximum flexibility so it doesn’t
hold you back from creating poses that you want and this says just a very very
bright yellow color for the main base color at the dark gray color for all the
armor pieces and the visor of this one is not so great around the edges you can
notice that even from a distance that it’s a little bit fuzzy you know the the
mask just wasn’t very sharp around the edges it’s a little bit better on this
side so maybe there will be some production variation amongst these and
now we get to the ultra-rare figures in this series there are no secret rares
that I’m aware of this is an air assault Spartan I’ll go ahead and give you a
background so you can see that a little bit better a lot better hair assaults
obviously it’s just a clear active camo cat from Halo Reach on the website mega
mistakenly refers to the verse to this as a Halo Wars air assault but it’s you
notes its reach obviously gets the tactical shotgun and it’s just really
nice in my opinion to see the plain clear color for a figure and you know
it’s fairly attainable but not too attainable you know is still a good
level of rarity to it there’s supposed to be two of these in every case of 32
we have a one in 16 chance of getting one or you can just look up the codes
online by just searching real quick and find exactly what you’re looking for
very nicely done figure and you can officially refer to this as cat if you
want just you know in active camo form because all the armor pieces are the
same and her robotic arm of course lastly this is the all gold halo seee
Master Chief they just took the last one that they did and rendered it all in
gold with no paint applications so this is all actual plastic you’ll see a
little bit of difference in color from one piece to the next depending upon the
their exact makeup of that part what type of plastic was used starts to help
you to see just how many different types of plastic they do use on these figures
if you notice slight differences in hue it’s because of the different types
different levels of hardness and also surface texture and everything to make
sure that these pieces can be put together reliably they can be played
with long term and they won’t bind up and they won’t break easily so a lot of
a lot of science and experimentation actually goes into that it’s helps you
to appreciate it if you notice the slight difference is from a distance I
don’t notice a major difference myself I tend to be sensitive to differences in
color but this actually works out pretty nicely for me because most of the the
armor pieces that are front and and forward on this have just a slightly
increased saturation and they’re slightly more orangish or reddish
depending upon how you want to look at that and they just look a little bit
closer to you and it all looks within a proper metallic scale a range of values
and and hue and it just looks good to me as the the assault rifle which is the
type with the NATO rail on type on top so you can’t attach a scope to that if
you want attach a suppressor or bayonet or something to the to the barrel and
that does it so there’s there’s no special extra rarity for this figure
this one and the active camo cat have identical rarity between the two which
is one out of every sixteen or two out of every box of 32 so to slow down and
smell the roses a little bit I do feel like this is a pretty strong series I’m
very glad that they did choose to grab from a variety of different pieces of
source material different games throughout history I’m glad that they
picked from original Halo Wars rather than focusing on Halo Wars too just
because it’s the most recent thing although most stuff does get were used
for that as far as stuff that that mega has done with their molds I’m
glad that they were able to pick something from seee of course they had
to bring in something from Halo 5 because that’s current I’m glad that
they were able to get in a brute and a grunt also it’s important to have that
diversity and it’s it’s just a little bit of a shame that that they weren’t
able to bring in something from Halo 2 and also ODST I feel like a lot of
people would have appreciated one mem one ODST even if it’s not a named
character just some representation here I think that actually could have been
pulled off successfully removing one of the Halo 5 figures I feel like we’ve
gotten so much coverage of the of the modern stuff we don’t need so much of
that anymore there has to be some always of course but I don’t know I really like
that because I like the color it’s it it’s just you know it it’s it’s
memorable it’s something that that stands out in an entire collection they
haven’t used weird colors haven’t used secondary colors all that much in
general in this it’s it’s it’s good we’ve seen plenty of red Spartan just in
general but the styling of this one the shaping is different you know it’s it’s
one that doesn’t look like the others when you put it amongst a large
collection and I’m always glad always glad to get a plain active camel figure
I don’t care what it is just make it regular clear and I’m happy it just
makes sense you know it’s the most usable thing for actually putting
together your own little action dioramas you know settings even if even if you’re
just gonna have a single assassination kind of thing you know from you know
cloaked assassination a little scene that you’re gonna make one figure that’s
that’s clear it’s so much better than having them in like a trans purple or
trans bright green or something I like those figures I like the the classic
gummies but that’s the best way to do it these grunts you know gosh focus there
you go these grants are so good the more I look at on the more I appreciate just
how good this is and you know I’ve I’ve
historically kind of pooed on inclusion of lots of grunts from from mega and as
I get older and wiser I attend to to back away from that a bit because you
know we killed probably more grunts than anything else throughout the entire
series and they finally brought them up to the point where well I guess it was
it was halo 3 where they really brought him up to the point where they were
really really funny there was those when they were the funniest to me for they
dropped some of that away 5 they’ve started to bring it back hopefully they
will keep that in there with a serious like a respectable level of comic relief
for them but a really well-done figure glad to get a captain that’s in roughly
the correct color this really should have been done with a metallic you know
just something with a metallic flake in it I could have brought an a I think a
cyan metallic flake or even a a cyan clear colored resin and mix in the
purple solid with that and maybe some silver metal flake a pink you know just
to make it a bit more iridescent I think really would have helped and it doesn’t
cost them that much more to do that I mean they already did that over here
it’s a similar thing you know is one color flake and then different color for
the the main pigment for it I think this does not have a mix except just to get
to the main color this hasn’t mixed though so this has that different clear
color different filler color pigment color and then the metal flake in there
it’s it’s a weird-looking color it’s almost like a banana slug color almost
but it is different and I like that I wish this one had a darker skin tone
though personally we’ve gotten so many of these guys that this is the least
interesting to me personally I want to I would want to say that this is the least
interesting to me personally just because it’s you know it’s just black as
recon and it’s cool we’ve gotten plenty of recons we’ve gotten plenty of black
in the in the past but the combination though combination is proper and there’s
a halo 3 recon yeah I can’t complain about that
so those are my thoughts about this overall let me know what you think about
these let me know if you have any thoughts about the the distribution also
tell me which of these do you prefer I’ve said a lot about this
I haven’t said much about this at all I love getting them in gold it does
represent a seee chief you know there’s no substance
there’s no substitute for a seee chief and this is pretty well done except for
the helmet I don’t like the shaping of the helmet for this one and I didn’t
like it when they first came out with it don’t like it now looks good from many
angles but then from straight on it’s just too flat to flat on the top too
wide you just need to be narrowed up just ever so slightly I know it’s it’s
in the right direction but it’s just not completely right not everybody will see
it I’ve definitely seen a number of people who have seen the same thing that
I do but not everybody will and if you like the shaping then great I’m glad
that they’ve put out a product that you do like and wish you the best of luck in
finding these personally I found them all at Target stores Target stores have
actually been getting better again in the last a couple of seasons so this
year they’ve started to get better at least in my region I’ve seen pretty
regular stocking of fairly current mega stuff at multiple targets in my region
Walmart is a wash the well they’re no they’re just out of the game entirely I
don’t think Walmart is is carrying any new mega stuff I haven’t seen him at
least at a few Walmart’s in my region personally and I used to be a major
source after Toys R Us but yeah targets and ebay unfortunately
uh Amazon also has been pretty decent about the buildable sets but when it
comes to blind bags and stuff like that you can’t really rely on them for that
at all anyway those are my thoughts let me know
if you have any that you would like to share I’ll talk to you soon

100 thoughts on “Mega Construx Halo 10th Anniversary figure series review

  • Fun Fact: most of these figures were based on older figures:
    The green elite and yellow flame marine are based on their series 1 blind bag counterparts
    The helioskrill is based on the series one blue hayabusa
    The stinger is based on the series one red marine
    The brute is based on the old purple halo wars brutes
    The mark IV is based on the old artic halo wars spartans
    The recon is based on the old one from the elephants
    The air assault was chosen for active camo because of the one from the original falcon set
    The grunt and gold chief aren’t based on anything

  • Hey Jangbricks do you know why Mega Construx still doesn't want to give the Covenant Elites 4 fingers. It always bother me how they have 5. It's not game accurate.

  • These will probably be available in my area like in 4 months or more because I’ve been waiting since the last season for these

  • Yeah, the White mk iv Spartan could have easily been an Odst. We've already got the mk iv Spartan in that color twice, but the visor is a new color I guess.

  • Walmart as far as I know doesnt carry them anymore. They put all their random mini figs and sets on clearance and that was all she wrote. Target is decent but they only seem to carry a handful of stuff between halo, detective pikachu and now GoT.

  • I was lucky enough to find these really quickly and I dot the black recon the arctic mk5 the gold master chief red stinger and the blue heleoskril hope I spelled that right

  • I need them to rerelease ODST buck in the heroes and I need them the release a Mickey halo hero to complete my oni alpha 9 squad

  • I'm hoping, since Infinite will feature a return to the classic art style, that we get even more figures and vehicles inspired by the earlier games. 343's Spartan armors just never really grabbed me the way Bungie's designs did.

  • Really not a fan of these Golden firearms they're pumping out, not like it'll affect the UK anyway. I'm amazed Mega is still afloat with how much people from every nation complain about not being able to get thier sets

  • Jang, just as a recommendation, check out your local Dollar General toy aisles. I have found quite a few battle packs. Also Call of duty sets.

  • Many of these figures are actually updated figures from Mega's past, mostly figures from before 2013 with the new articulation.

    – The green elite and yellow flame marine are both from the very first series of blind bags, with the green elite previously being completely exclusive to that series and the yellow flame marine being one of Mega's first UNSC figures to not be in a green or red color.

    – The white Mk IV was one of the first Spartan figures to be released in a different color from white and a common figure with many of the early Arctic-themed sets.

    – The black recon was previously only in the Elephant, one of Halo's first major and expensive sets

    – And Kat was the first non-official character Mega released with the 2011 Falcon. Since she already got a re-release in the Heroes line, they decided to give her some extra love with a camo figure as well.

    The only figures that don't update/reference past figures are the Stinger, Helioskrill, gold Chief, Brute Captain, and the blue grunt, though the blue color previously in the Cobalt Combat Unit and Collector's Edition pack.

  • I really like this series, other than the red spartan, I really don't like that armor, but the others look great

  • JANG!?! do u happen to have a son named Aex who plays percussion? if so, he is in my orchestra class!! pls answer!! thx

  • Great review. I'm glad Mega has finally done one of the female Spartans in clear active camo (those will come in handy for customs and can be dyed to any other translucent color). Entertainment Earth has been good recently about having the cases of carded figures at retail price (if you buy the whole case, but that does qualify for free shipping and I had no problem selling off most my MCX Heroes series 5 extras) sadly they don't seem to carry the cases of blind bags (at least not currently on their site).

  • Good review, could not find these anywhere so I had to buy the whole set on Ebay for 60 USD, which isn't that bad but still… wish they would have better distribution…

  • I haven't found these at the Targets I visit, Walmart has no Mega stuff. I do find the blind bags at Walgreens, I picked up three from this series so far, a Grunt, Flamer, & Helioskrill with malformed armor. The only place I find the figure multipacks is Dollar General.

  • I have a silver master chief exclusive figure and I haven't played with mega in a while but after this video I went back and customized my mega sets so thanx Jang.

  • The gold Chief reminds me of the Platinum Halo 3 Master Chief that McFarlane Toys did for their tenth anniversary Halo figures. Also feel like this set has a very classic feel to it with the fairly plain Spartans and the translucent Kat.

  • I recently bought one of these in joy because I haven't seen these at target in a while, but when I opened it I got the golden Master Chief figure at 7:52. This was my 4th time getting an "Ultra Rare" Figure.

  • For peeps looking for these: check walgreens and dollar general. Dollar General charges a dollar over retail on all Mega Construx. But they're the only place i've ever seen the accessory packs and the "4 character Versus" packs in the wild.

  • I live your channel but sorry to be a hater but no one cares about mega constructions other than that you are the best

  • Halo is a fun game and I also had 2 of these mega blox halo minifigs both lost limbs and are lost

    U also played halo 5 but I ain't good any more

  • Good job jang super cool! the new grunt size is perfect i love them so much i take the blue grunt everywhere with me, i love your idea about making the brute have more iridescence quality figures would be nice from mega i like the secondary colors i too, agree with everything you say, detail makes perfect i feel like mega just pumps out figures sometimes without thinking

  • What’s the background music called it was really relaxing
    And one problem with the og halo 1 helmet is how flat it is on the top and I kinda like the elite and I like the editing of the recent videos

  • In my area, only Walgreens carries the blind bags, and of all the ones I've stopped at within a reasonable distance, I've found 2 Gold Mk Vs, 2 AC Kats, several Hellbringers, many Elites and only one single Recon.
    No sign of the Stinger Spartan, Brute, Grunt, Arctic Spartan or Helioskrill Spartan.

  • I sure hope that Flame Marine isn’t trying to be a Helljumper. Just seems like a bad idea IMO 😆 Him not trying to be a “Hellbringer” makes a bit more sense haha. All good though (eh, someone had to point it out lol)

    I’m not the biggest fan of this series, something about the colors just seem…off, or strange to me. But that might be largely to do with the Flame Marine’s colors, I really don’t like them at all. I do like the Helioskrill a lot though. I hope to get a gold CE Chief too and Air Assault is one of my favorite armor sets so I’m going to be searching for one of those too, even if active camo figs generally aren’t my favorite

  • 7:29 How do I look up the codes? Can you have a short little video about it or can someone send me a link?

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